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Friday, October 31, 2014

Hi, I'm the Worst Blogger On Earth.

Just like what the title says!
I need more time. More and more time!

Too busy to even get online fml. T_T
So here are some pictures with no caption! I... shouldn't promise to update my blog coz I never keep them. Hahaha. So no promises!

I do miss blogging a lot!

Lemme see what I can tell you, hmm...

1) I'm earning my own living now (stable salary every month yeay!)
2) I hope there are more than 24 hours in a day, 48 hours a day will be ideal.
3) This year's autumn is pretty late. :(
4) I'm not feeling very well right now.
5) Tomorrow a big event is coming up!
6) I spent my Halloween in my room, practising. :(
7) Now I really need to get some sleep.
8) Oh yeah, and I'm getting fatter everyday. :'(

LOL. Good night.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Life!

My blog is alive!!! Hahahhaaa! :) I've bought VPN for 1 year so now I don't need to worry about not being able to access FB or Blogger anymore! Though sometimes the connection is still very unstable, but at least I'm now sitting and blogging! :)))

So, ahem, I've moved to the new dorm. Now I literally live in a hotel. *cue applause* With me are my two wonderful roommates, Ellen and Kloy! :))) Malaysian and Thai yeayyyyy! Go go South East Asia! LOL!

However, living in hotel may not be as fancy as you think. Coz everyone is given the double-decker bed. Like this:


 I spent hours unpacking my stuff and tidying everything up. So I think these two pictures are worth showing off hahahahahaha! Now it's all messy again though. :/


The bathroom is my most favourite part!!!!! A very standard hotel bathroom with bath tub!!! :DDDD And the lighting is perfect, so is the hot water bath system. Major loveeee.


The only pain about living in this new dorm is probably this. Climbing up and down every single day. The worst is during the wee hours, when suddenly I want to go to the bathroom, I have to climb down and feeling extremely drowsy at the same time. Luckily so far no accidents happen yet. *touch wood*


This is how close the bed and the ceiling are!!!! I knocked my head several times during the first few days! T____T The woes of being a tall girl.

And the mattress they supplied us is super thin. Like only 2cm thick? So we pretty much just sleep on the wood. I have backache every morning I wake up. T____T But if you think on the bright side, some old people does that too for healthy purposes, right? O__O *self-consoling*


 Oh yeah, and we live RIGHT NEXT TO a construction site. How nice. It is like the perfect alarm clock every morning at 7am. 

Probably the most annoying alarm clock ever. And the loudest. =.=

Again, think on the bright side, I will get to wake up early everyday and won't waste time snuggling in bed (coz I really can't sleep while it's THAT noisy!! No choice!!), so I'll go to school to practise instead. :)


The very convenient thing is, right behind the hotel is our Chinese students' dormitory, and I can just go to the school canteen there to eat. 

In the school canteen, it has the coolest courier system ever!!! Anything you buy online, all the letters go right here!! :)))) Super duper convenient. Just key in the code and voila, you get your courier! :)


 I've attended a lot of gigs after I got back to Shanghai! Here are some that I took pictures of! :)))

This is a TV show recording in process! :))) It's called The Queen.

Now I know how everything works behind the scene! So interesting! :)))) And actually the artists on TV show they are just very normal people in real life. You won't feel like they're star or whatsoever. Coz when I was younger I sort of feel in awe when I see the stars in the TV, and I dreamt about meeting them in real life. But once I met some of them in real life, I realise they're just very very very normal people like us! :) Charming and talented yes, but still, just normal people!! :)

Do you get what I mean??

Borrowed this white gown from Micky coz mine is too dirty lol lol.Went to some gig on the lawn last time, and the mud ruined the lower part, can't wash them away no matter how hard I tried. T_T


All we need to do is just play one song. Hahahaha.

A beautiful flower-themed wedding I went yesterday at Shangrila!


And I went to become a hair model again. LOL. Wasn't planning to cut my hair this short! I already told the hairstylist I want to leave my hair long. And he said okay, he made a gesture that he would cut a few inches off, and I wasn't really aware of how much that is. LOL.

So uhm, now the length of my hair is something like this. Middle long hair. Hmm, I think I like it. Coz my previous hair is soooo dry at the end it was horrible. Now it is much more refreshing and healthier!

Btw this picture is before hair-dyeing!


Since my dark roots are growing out already, I requested for hair-dyeing too! And the hairstylist ponder for a long time about what color is suitable for me. He wanted to give me blonde hair, he said. And I was horrified. LOL.

I told him, nonono, I've never tried super light hair color, I don't think it suits me. Though he says light color hair will make someone looks fairer. 

So in the end I let him do whatever he wants but my principle is I don't want colorful hair or too weird ones.


 So in the end he sticks to brown, lol. Probably scare I get a heart attack or what. But he played with highlights!!! So now I have a few blonde highlights in my hair! :))))

Hairstylist always like to style hair into those Karipap fringe-do. =.=

Look funny on me lol.

So I change it back to my original middle-ish parting. Yeay, feel more like myself.


Can see the blonde highlights?? :)) Not very obvious in this picture. Hmm.

This picture is taken today! :) No that curled anymore after I washed my hair! :))) The highlights are very obvious here! :)))

I think I really like it, it's just something very new to me. :)))

So yeah, so far so good! And I passed the orchestra exam yeayyyyy! :))) Can't wait to play together with Mischa Maisky in October and November!!!!!!!! *excited max*

Till then!!! Xoxo!!