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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Greetings Malaysians.

I'm browsing through my FB homepage and I'm so so so proud of my fellow Malaysians for standing out for our beloved country! Despite the forwarded messages that warn everyone that we SHOULDN'T go for the gathering because it was a trap the XX Government made so they could catch the Chinese, it doesn't really work to stop everyone from fighting for a better future! Way to go Malaysians!!!

Btw some updates about Shanghai condition. Just got some messages on WeChat today regarding some gathering in Shanghai prior to this 508. However sadly, the embassy here seems to control the students and sent out forces to catch any Malaysian students that wore black clothes and gathered near the Mercedes Benz Arena. And we were threatened to be sent back to Malaysia and our studies might be jeopardized too. Hmm. So much for democracy huh?

I'm so disappointed with our "beloved" PM who uses the racist topic on this election. What Tsunami Cina? What Apa Cina Mau? Excuse me, I thought you just made a very "heart-warming" *puke* Gong Xi Fatt Choy advertisement last time, and saying all those "1 Malaysia" slogan. Now you're the one starting all this racist issue. Salute you. (Can't find any more disgusting person anymore, seriously) 首相大人, 做人不可以这样子的.

Well, who knows I might get thrown into jail for what I blogged today? LOL. Who cares!

Some pictures from 2 days ago. Exactly on 5th of May (505), when I still have high hopes for the election result. 
The weather was amazing that day.

Went to a gig at a beautiful hotel with my girl, Jie Wan. :) We took lotsa nice pictures together!

LOL I sucks at posing. *facepalm*

Here's Jie Wan! She's like super small size and pretty! It's especially funny because she plays viola. So the viola looks extremely big on her. When you see a tiny little girl with a huge-ass viola case walking on the street, that'll be her. Hahahahaha.

I asked her why does she learn viola since she started to learn violin first. She said she changed to viola around highschool, with the hope that she would grow taller, but 竟然没长高!!!

Hahahahahhaaa it was actually a very sad story but I laughed like mad. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!! So funny the way she said it. XDDDDD 

Btw she recommended me a camera app called CYMERA. Which you can take pictures and they will immediately be made into collages like this! Super nice!
Though you'll have to change your poses pretty soon because it takes the pictures continuously itself after you pressed on the snap button.

So you can see on the 2nd picture I wasn't even ready hahahaha.

4-pictures-collage! :)))

Or like this! 
Super love this app coz no nid to waste time making collage anymore! :)))))

End this with my favourite picture of the day! :) Amazing sunlight!

Till then! :) And stay safe everyone in Malaysia!!!

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