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Thursday, May 2, 2013

From Toronto.

Guyssss, remember last time I took some pictures on a really sunny Spring afternoon at a beautiful green field? :) And I was telling you guys there was some street photographer taking random shots of me and promised me to email me the pictures afterward. :)

I didn't hear from him for almost 1 month and I kinda think he wouldn't send the pictures to me already. BUT HE DID! :) And I only know that he's actually a photographer from Toronto, and he was spending his holidays in Shanghai. :)

Chose some of the pictures and update here. :) Really love them! Make me wanting a DSLR camera again. :D Hahaha. I swear if I do own a DSLR, I'm going to spend time learning how to use it, I mean, in a professional way, and take all sorts of artistic pictures of things! :DDDDD

Say until so excited, but no money to buy. T_______T

Here goes some pictures taken by the photographer! Thank you so much! :)

Hahaha all totally random pics when I was posing for my own phone. XD 

Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates recently. Piano exam coming up on 6th of May, and I kinda regretted choosing such a crazily hard piece. T_T Still, I'll try my best. :)

At the mean time, masterclass with Ning Feng coming up on 13th May! Really excited about that because he's like the gold prize winner of International Paganini Violin Competition. O.O Violin god. So you will understand how nervous I get. LOL.

Just finished the concert with Peking Opera 2 days ago. I realised Peking Opera is actually really interesting. I used to think it is a super dull thing because I don't really understand why everything is so slow. 

Now that I've performed with them and saw all those behind-the-scene rehearsals, Peking Opera is totally cool. It requires a lot of training and skills, everything is so precise. And I really respect the main performer of that day too, he won the 梅兰芳金奖 and went to Vienna to perform about 2 months ago and got tremendously good feedbacks from the audience there. :)

Life has been hectic and good so far. :) Still trying to go to more gigs to keep myself surviving LOL. Wish me luck.

Till then peepo. Will update more after 6th of May I promise. :) Ciao!

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