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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Qingdao The Rainy City (Day 1)

Sorry for dragging this post until now. I have like 400 plus pictures in my Qingdao Trip folder and a lot of them are actually repetitive so I was EXTREMELY lazy to sort them out and choose the best pictures to blog about. LOL. Bloggers you will feel me. T_____T

Anyway I don't want my blog to go rusty so I painstakingly chose a few nice pictures from that crazy lump of photos and now I'm going to write what I remember about that beautiful island. :)

To be honest, when I first stepped on it. I was not impressed, at all. Ridiculous as it may sound, I have always imagine Qingdao to be a really out-of-the-world place. Beautiful beaches, breath-taking scenery. Well, blame the name (Qingdao in mandarin means Green Island), I automatically pictured a fairy-tale-ish island that is green in colour hahahaha wtf I know right. :D I just like to imagine things sometimes. :D

So you will understand when I stepped onto the island after the 2 hours flight from Shanghai. I was disappointed.

It wasn't green. It was actually not much different from any town/city that I've been to. The weather that day was cloudy so the whole island looked grey-ish. It was just too....... plain. :'(

I put down the luggages in the hostel and went out to have lunch. Btw, I'm staying at a hostel where I share beds with some other girls I don't know. It was quite fun. There were like 4 double-decker beds in the room and the sad thing was, I got the upper bed. O.O Will tell you guys about that later lol.

Lunch venue: 船歌鱼水饺
It was pretty easy to find the place because I'm using the famous website in China:
Lol lol. And this restaurant is like top on the list. :)

Spicy clams! Love this the most because it's so fat and juicyyyyy. It is really funny because we just keep ordering this everyday because it's too good. You'll see in the coming-up posts. :DDDD

Here comes the highlight of the day. Squid dumplings!!!!!!
I was like "ARE YOU SURE THIS IS EDIBLE?!" when it was served. 
It just looked......... disgusting......... and  black.

I've never eaten anything black before. Lemme see, yeah, none. So I was kinda worried about putting this thing inside my mouth.

So I cut one open cautiously and heyyy it's fish filling inside! :DDD It actually looks good like this.

And then I popped one inside my mouth and I was like.........


Then I spent the next half an hour feeling blessed and happy and finishing that huge plate of dumplings. LOL. Each time I popped a dumpling inside my mouth I can feel that fireworks-flowers-everywhere kinda feeling again. It was amazing. T______T Oh shit, now I'm craving for it again.

For beer lovers, you will love this! :D Hah!

In almost EVERY restaurant in Qingdao, there will be seafood on display and you get to choose them and how you want them to be cooked. :) Very convenient. And the seafood prices is wayyyyy cheaper than Shanghai!

The restaurant we dined at! :D

Just For You And Yo?

Varieties of Qingdao beer. :)

Next Stop: The Olympic Sailing Center! :)
 It was constructed for the 2008 Summer Olympics. It hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Sailing competitions.

It was hot that day, but considered cool compared to Shanghai scorching heat. :) I just recovered from my heat stroke at that time, so I made absolute sure that I had a bottle of drinks with me all the time! I don't want to get sick again. :(

I feel really sad for the horse because for the 1 hour I stayed at that place it had to keep working and walking non-stop. :(

Chok face. Hahahahha! I know you want to slap me, I want to slap myself too. :DDDD

Back to a more normal mode hahahahaha! I think I like my current hair colour. Somehow the black roots aren't that obvious! :) I guess I'll leave my hair like this and keep growing it longer. :)

I love this place with all the international flags! 

Malaysia! :D

As you can see the weather that day was really foggy. :( But somehow it makes the pictures look more artistic. :)))))

And some silly stories about my night at the hostel. LOL.

Remember I was saying I got the upper bed because the other girls got there earlier? Oh yeah there were like 7 other girls actually. So I had no choice as I was the late-comer. And the thing was the air-cond was just like a few inches above my head!!!!! In the end I switched the position so my legs are facing the air-cond instead. LOL.

So I fell asleep and in the midnight suddenly I woke up after getting a horrible nightmare. I dreamt that I was sleeping and I rolled over and fell down the double-decker bed! MAN THAT'S REAL SCARY NO KIDDING. You imagine, falling down when you sleep from a double-decker bed!!!!!!!! You get the picture?!??!?! Plus the barrier that protected me from falling down was just like 5cm high and it was kinda old already so when I shook it it wobbled. WTH!!!!!!

In the end I just twisted and turned in my bed and somehow fell asleep in tears. LOL LOL LOL.

Okay that tears part is exaggerated. :D But I really am scared of falling down in sleep okay! T_____T
I've never sleep on a double-decker bed before and somemore on the upper bed. LOL.

Well, that's for the 1st day! :) Will update again soon! Stay tuned! :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Love You!

This post is basically going to be a love-craze post extended to my baby Fion Paris Jackson  who had sent me an adorable "love letter" all the way from Aussie to Malaysia! T_______T

This is probably my very first time receiving a love letter and pressie from a blogger friend. LOL and I wasn't expecting it at all. Well, Fion did mentioned about getting me a souvenir from Sydney last month and I was like, "Really?? Thank you!!!" And then I forgot all about it. *me being forgetful as usual* LOL.

So today after getting my lunch outside with my mom, I checked the mailbox and there were like a whole bunch of mails there. I took it without looking closely because I thought those were all my parent's bills and stuff. Nobody will send me anything since most of the time I'm in Shanghai. 

I was busy with my phone when suddenly my mom was like, "Hey I think this is for you."
I was like, "What???". And I saw the bright red square envelope lying there on the table, with super cute handwriting on it. O.O

You know, it has been a really long time since I last gotten a snail mail. I used to have a lot of penpals back in my teenage years. I think snail mails are really amazing thing, because the effort and time people make in composing the letter, and their unique handwriting, it makes everything so special and precious. I still have all my penpals' letters stacked tidily up in a drawer in my room. So many of them it's crazy!!!!

Nowadays I don't really get letters like this anymore. Usually my friends and I just contact each other using FB or email. So the excitement of getting snail mails slowly faded away. Lemme see, I didn't get letters/pressies like this since a longgg time, just from a few sweet friends like Frank and Miki who sent me really amazingggg pressies, letters and postcards last year. T_____T *gandong max again* Thank you guys!!! So you would understand if I get mad excited when I get letters like this. :)

So I carefully opened the letter..........and.......

TADAA! :DDDD There's a cute card and necklace inside!!!! :DDDDDD

Well, I'm not going to share with you guys the content of the card since it's our love letter hahahahhahahaa! I'm going to show you guys the necklace she got for me!!!

2 doves with a Lucky word in the middle! :))))) SO PRETTY!!!!! T_______T


I whatsapp-ed her the moment I got the letter and Fion was like, "Do you like the necklace? I scare you don't like le, coz our style so different."
LOL darling, I love it really much! :) I basically love all kinds of beautiful, dreamy, simple and delicate accessories. So this is totally my thing! :DDDDDD

Yes I think we should come up with a hashtag too. LOL. We'll discuss about this real soon. :DDDD Thank you so much my darling!!!! T__________T
Hahaha I think my post will just be full of crying faces T________________T T_____________T T____________T because I'm so happy. :DDDD


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Is In Your Bag? (Vlog Collab) by Xixi. :)

Hey peeps! This is my very first Vlog collab with 3 other bloggers (Fion Paris Jackson, Daphne Froggy and IvYan), oh no, should be 4 bloggers if Smiling Eyes have time to join us too! :D Hahahaha. We've decided upon the title "What Is In Your Bag?" so there goes!

I think it is a really fun thing to record a vlog because I've never really try to talk to the video alone. Like nobody's there and I just keep blabbering non-stop, it felt so funny at first! Anyway after that I just imagine there are a bunch of people in front of me and I'm trying to tell them what I have in my bag (ridiculous as it sounds) and the video is out! Hahahahaa!

So I hope you guys enjoy watching my stupid video and bear with me. LOL. Oh yeah remember to change the video quality to 480p so you guys can watch it clearer okay? 

Oh and remember to watch my 4 awesome blogger friends' videos as well!

Daphne is an amazing fashion blogger who's staying in Japan right now. So if you guys love Japan/Japanese fashion and all the pretty cute stuff. Go read her blog. :DDDYou guys can watch here video HERE! She's so pretty I love her dimples and the tiger teeth when she smile! :))))

2) Fionism a.k.a Fion Paris Jackson

And Tadaaaa here's my crazy darling, Fion! :DDDD Her vlog always make my day one coz she's super funny LOL. Go watch her video HERE! She's a huge Kpop fans and if you check out her video you'll see that huge-ass Korean stars poster wall behind her hahahahahahaha!!!!! I think I'll slowly turn into a Kpop fans too under her influence because she sometimes show me some cute Korean guys' pictures. LOL LOL LOL.

3) Ivy Liew

Here's our sweetie pie, Ivy!!!!! I die every time I listen to her voice! Super cuteeeeeee! And the way she speaks is super gentle and sweet one and she got dimples too!!!!! *I want dimples perleaseeeeeee* Hahahahahha! Now you guys can watch her video HERE!

Alright! Now only Vincci a.k.a Smiling Eyes's video is yet to come! Stay tuned peeps! :D Cheers! :D

Monday, July 22, 2013

What's In My Jewellery Box?

This is going to be a very pink post. Mainly because I'm trying to match the colour of the bed sheet, so I edited everything in a pinkish mode LOL! :)

Oh yeah just in case you guys didn't understand what's going on here. This is my first blog collab with Fion Paris Jackson! She's my very first blogger friend, I mean like really virtual blogger friend that I've never met before. I never really go to get to know any bloggers before even though I read their blogs and like them, because I too shy hahahahaa. However Fion is just so sweet and out-going it's really easy to warm up to her and chat with! :) She's just so genuine and adorable and most of all I love reading her blog posts. All so long and sincere one. T____T Which also makes me want to blog longer posts hahahahahaaa! Thanks darling! She also makes me realise that I can actually have blogger friends too. *funny thing that didn't occur to me before lol*

We had been chatting almost everyday on Wechat/FB and one day we suddenly came up with the idea of making a collab post! :) And since Fion wanted to know what's in my jewellery box (I bought a huge black jewellery box recently to fulfill my sudden craze for accessories LOL) so we decided that we would blog about "What's In My Jewellery Box?". :D

I used to be a really "plain" girl. I don't wear necklace/bracelets or whatsoever. I guess I'm just too lazy hahaha! And when I play violin I don't feel comfortable if there's something on my neck or on my wrist so yeah. The funny thing is my friends always give me accessories on my birthday and I ended up putting them into my drawer and the poor accessories laid there in the dust, no chance to see the light LOL.

Then I don't really know since when I suddenly fall in love with accessories because it gives more character to a certain outfit so I starting to collect them! :) Thank god to Taobao I can get lotsa cute stuff at super reasonable prices! :))))

Right, enough crapping. Let's see what I've got. :DD

Golden rome leaves necklace! So bold and shiny! :DDD When I got it I think it's too big for my taste. LOL. I want something delicate and nice but turns out it's much bigger. Anyway I wore it once and I decided that it is nicer this way too. :) Totally depends on the outfit. Have to keep it very simple. :)

The very "rad" ring-bracelet! :) Super love this, I'm going to search for more ring-bracelet soon! :))))) Though it's kinda hard to find. :'( If you guys find some really pretty/cool ring-bracelets lemme know okay?? 

The headbands I got from Forever 21! :) The brown one always give me headaches when I put it on my head hahaahaha. Too tight!!!

Most of the time I don't use the headband the usual way. I prefer to twist them onto my wrist into some kinda handswags LOL.

The more vintage stuff! :) The beautiful necklace given by Kathy and Pau as my bday present on the left, I think it's more suitable for dinner elegant events haha! :) And the cutesy purple necklace on the right I got from OPA. Very loveeeeee. :'))))

These 3 triangular necklaces are from Taobao. Mad cheap, only RM 2 to 3 only, can't believe it. Hahahaha. But I don't really wear them so I think I'll give them to my friends who want them :DDDDD Anyone?

Another piece that I loveeeeeee. T____T Also from OPA. :) It's so delicate and sweet it's easy to match with anything with collar. :) Simple is the best!

Ze blings! All presents from other people except for the one in the middle. I actually spent RM 75 to buy that thing in the middle can you believe me?? Dunno what's wrong with my brain that time hahaha or maybe it's the lighting, it looks extremely shiny and pretty. I bought that like 3 years ago but I've nvr worn it out once. =.=''' Waste of money.

Fun bangles and bracelets! :) All from Taobao. There was a time I think bangles are real cool and I started collecting them LOL. Now I seldom wear them though because I think they are too heavy and make too much noises hahahahaha.

These two are my love because they are presents from my best friend, Miki! :) She knows what I like best! :) Simple, pretty and delicate things. :)

The matchy-matchy one set! :DDDDD Still thinking how can I ever wear them out hahaahhaa very chunky accessories!

These 2 are from Forever 21. Almost the same design but one is longer and another is shorter. :) Btw the weird thing is I prefer silver accessories than golden ones. I just think golden ones are more suitable for older people? LOL.

Signature necklaces! I don't really know how to wear them out yet. A bit too big for my taste hahaha I prefer smaller and more delicate accessories. So anyone who're interested in these necklaces let me know. :DDD

Another 2 big necklaces that looks pretty cool but way bigger than what I expected. That's why you can't really trust online shop. LOL. I thought they should be like half the size!! Again anyone who likes signature necklaces lemme know. :D 

Well those are everything that are in my jewellery box right now. :DDDD I said right now because I'm going to buy more until my jewellery box burst. Hahahahahaa! Just like what Fion said, next time I'll probably have to get Milo tins/Tupperwares to put my accessories ady. :DDDDD

Till the next post! Hint: it'll be a vlog next time, stay tuned! Hahaha!!!!

Ciao peeps! :D

PS: You guys can read Fion's post on What's In HER Jewellery Box? too! :)))))) Just click HERE! :)

PS(2): I just read her post and I was like SERIOUSLY OMG HER COLLECTION SO CRAZILY AMAZING, mine is like totally newbie compared to hers hahahahahhaa! Plus her blog post so super informative one, including how she got it, where she got it and who inspired her to get it. T______T Now I feel like my blog post super cincai. Hahaahaha. Sorry readers. Now you guys faster go read her blog. :DDDDD

Alrighty, good night peeps! :)))

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Crazy Sunday.

You know, I nvr really fancy any celebrities. I mean I like to watch dramas/movies/tv series but I wouldn't go all fan-girling at a celebrity. LOL. So this is going to be a story about how I actually waited for the Taiwanese celebrity, Ariel Lin for freaking 2 hours! T_________T

Trust me, I don't want it.

LOL anyway let's start from the beginning of the day! I hang out with Gift, a lovely Thai girl I knew from the Thai festival last time! She's going to leave Shanghai for good so she wanted to spend time with me and take a stroll around Shanghai and visit some places she hasn't go yet. :)

The weather that day was crazy. It was so super hot, like 38 degree and both of us felt so tired from walking under the sun. We actually walked all the way from HengShan road to Xu Jia Hui. LOL.

I have a thing for buildings that have plants crawling all over the wall. :)

We were thankful when we got to Xujiahui and there are lots of shopping malls with air-cond inside. LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!
It was already noon time and we wanted to get some lunch and......... Gift saw something she really excited about: an event where the Taiwanese celebrity Ariel Lin (林依晨) will attend later at 2.30pm!

So she was like "Can we please stay here until 2.30pm because I really want to meet her!!!!"
I was like, "Uhm but what should we do here for 2 hours????" 
So in the end we went to get some lunch at the pizzahut nearby the entrance so we can make sure the event didn't start earlier. LOL.

THE FOOD IN PIZZAHUT HERE IS WAY SHITTIER THAN MALAYSIA'S. T_T Totally sucks. Not going to eat there anymore.

Anyway around 1.30pm. The crowd seemed to get crazy outside so Gift was worried that we wouldn't get a good place out there later to watch so we went out and waited outside.


Did I mention? I hate waiting. 

I only have patience for the things that I'm interested in, like practising or drawing or waiting for PEOPLE THAT I ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN. LOL.

But you ask me to wait in this heat for some celebrity I don't care about? LOL. I DON'T WANT. T_______T

So I told Gift, "Darling, I think I'm going to wait inside and when you finish taking pictures and everything you just call me ok?"

But she held my hands and said with pretty big eyes, "Oh please, wait together with me!!! It's kinda weird waiting alone here."

So yeah, I stayed. Sweaty and unhappy. LOL.

Everything was okay until a fat guy came along and stood beside me. He has a very fat tummy and he purposely pushed people forward just to get a good place to take pictures. He pushed me so hard I almost fell down and I got really mad and yelled at him. "CAN YOU JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE AND TAKE PICTURES THERE?! STOP PUSHING ME!!!"

I guess I can get real scary if I want to and the guy squirmed. LOL.

Well, finally, at 3.30pm, the star appeared. =.=''' So you see we actually stood there in the heat for freaking 2 HOURS!!!!

Anyway, think positively, at least I DID tried to be a fangirl once in my lifetime???

Here goes pictures for the fans of Ariel. LOL. She's very pretty in real life. 

After taking the pictures, I thought this madness was finally over. So I was like PHEW. 

BUT HOW WRONG WAS I!!! Ariel continued to move to the shopping mall next door and the fans are like running to the next shopping mall!!!!!! And Gift, my Thai friend, was like holding my hand and started running with them too!


But she just continued running, dragging me along. T______________T


But when I think back it's actually kinda funny. Hahahahhahaa! I was so sweaty, desperately trying to escape and on the verge of breaking down. 

Finally at 4.30pm, Gift was satisfied with the celebrity-meetup and we moved to the next destination. Thank god. LOL.

We decided to visit the highest building in Shanghai, Shanghai World Financial Center! :)

There's this number showing on the ceiling indicating which floor the elevator is now on.

Looks really futuristic inside. :) We paid RMB 100 each for the ticket and we got to go up to the 100th floor! :)

If you go on your birthday you can get a free pass!

It's really cool to see pearl tower and Jin Mao tower from this height! :) Usually they are like so tall!

Funny picture taken using the reflection of the ceiling!

The coming up pictures are all taken using Gift's camera. :)

We are at 474m!!!

We stayed there until 7pm where the lights all came up! :)

And we had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. :) Nomnomnom! :)

It was a really crazy day but fun! :) Thank you Gift and take care!! :)))))

I'm leaving to Qing Dao tomorrow! Will blog about it soon! Till then! XOXO!