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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Green Summer.

Hello babes! I'm trying to update more here and be a better blogger but I got sicked yesterday. T_____T Summer in Shanghai is crazy. The sun has no mercy and the ground is boiling hot you feel like you're walking on hot coals!!! I'll get all sweaty after getting out for 5 minutes and when I got back to my room it's too cold! So the extreme change of temperature knocked me down. :'(

Anyway now I feel better after sleeping for a whole day yesterday. :) Going to update about the casual photoshoot I did with my baby girl, Astghik(Xing Xing) a few days ago! :) Huge thanks to our awesome photographer, Oliver! :) He's very professional and patient. :)))) I can act naturally in front of him so I really love the photos this time! Very candid and natural! :))))) I used to hate those photoshoot pictures that are like too posey. You get what I mean? Like you look at the picture and you feel like it's all a made-up picture. Not moments. :/ 

Now let's check out the pictures! :DDDDD
Btw I almost got my bum burned sitting on this. Hahaha it was noon time!!!

Really love this picture! :) Xing Xing was trying to talk to me and get me to relax. I think she said something funny and made me laughed! Haha!

When I start thinking about life. LOL. 

Trying to find the prettiest leaf to pluck. Hahahaha!

Requested Oliver to take this pic so I can update my facebook cover picture, but that guy in white shirt ruined it. =.=

Sorry. I have no image when it comes to laughing. HAHAHAHAHHA!

Okay let's think about life again. *serious-faced*

Keep calm and smell a lavender. (Is it a lavender???)

Jump! Sometimes I'm curious why only Chinese rocks look like that ar? I mean we always saw that kinda rocks in Chinese paintings right? :D 

Plucking leaves again hahahahaha. The park manager must hate me. LOL.

Here's our superstar! :)))) She looks amazing as usual. :))) She got a lot of nice pictures too but I'll let her update herself in her fb. :)

Heyyy Oliver! :)))))

We were trying to take candid pictures so Xing Xing asked us to talk. And I suddenly came up with the idea of dancing. Hahahahha crazyyyy! XDDDDDD

Anyway it worked. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA! Love this pic!

Next it's our turn! LOL.
We started with "I dunno what we should talk about?" LOL!

And ended up like this. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!!!!!

Ignore my retarded face hahahaha! I think Xing Xing looks sooooo cute here I have to post this! :D

After staying in the park for like 2 hours. We decided to go back and we walked around the area for a bit and found this huge mansion!

*knock knock* Anyone home?

Btw we also found this pretty cool antique store! It was totally hidden. I just accidentally stumbled upon it and we decided to check it out. :) So many old stuff and the music there is old too! Really cool! :DDDD

So much fun! I love photoshoot! :)))

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