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Sunday, December 30, 2012

X'mas Presents + Birthday Lunch with Rena!

This is the 2nd post about my birthday, LOL.
Since my birthday is on 26th, I have the privilege to get both x'mas presents and birthday presents together! :DDDDD Awesome to be an after-x'mas baby! :DDDDD

The x'mas presents that I got this year! :)

Cute + yummy + colorful Macaroons from Sunflour! :D And also a really adorable santa chocolate with bright red hat. Both from Hirai san! :) Thank you so much! :) Finished them both in no time. Too yummy!

Winter-must-have: Electric heating bag in the form of TOTORO!
Guess who is this from? :DDDDDD

It's from Rena! Ultra mega useful to me because my room's heater sucks big time. I already set it to 32 degree, and my room feels like 10 degree. T___T I'm wearing winter jacket when I'm typing this. T_____T

So cute! Just need to charge it for 8 to 12 minutes, then it can last for 2 to 8 hours! I can stuff it inside my blanket when I sleep too, and also bring it out to school to warm my hands. :)))) Thank you Rena!!! :DDDD

I was so astounded and over the moon to get this from my baby Yiguo! O.O OMG, a pair of jackboot from ZARA!

I have been searching for this kind of boots for a long time! The good quality ones are too expensive, like RMB 1000 plus, so I can't afford it, plus most of them are high heels. If you don't know, I'm not really in love with high heels because it's too tiring to wear and I'm too tall to wear it. T____T

I remembered complaining to Yiguo last time when I was searching for the boots and can't find any nice ones. She actually kept it in mind and made my wish come true on my birthday!!!!!!!!

Thank you darling!!!!!! I'm soooo happy! :DDDDD
I'm wearing it like EVERYDAY now. :) The quality is awesome and everyone has been asking me about it when they see it. :D

I slept around 2am after x'mas eve. Rena had been real awesome, helping me to think of what to wear on my birthday and she even lent me her furry jacket to match with my birthday dress, plus giving me a Tu-tuanna tattoo socks that have butterfly prints on them! :) Will show you guys in the next post! :) Thank you Rena! Sorry for keeping you awake for so long!!!

At 7am plus, Ellen suddenly called me and she said she wanted to tell me something, so I opened my door. After a while, these 4 darlings popped in with a cake!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDD

Actually should be 5 person, including Kloy! :D But Kloy the camera-shy went back to her room when she saw my camera. Hahaha!!! :DDDD Thank you Kloy too! Muaaaaah!!!

L to R: Ellen, Jiun Hui, Irene and Imelda (and Kloy in her room :P)! Thank you darlingsssssss for the lovely morning birthday surprise!!!! :DDDDDDD

They give me the super cute snowman hat to wear when I take picture with the cake. :DDDDDDDDD 
My just woke up face. XD

Pretty cake with reindeers! It's cheese and cappucino flavour I think! :D Yumminess!!!!!!!

At noon, Rena and I went to BoDuoXinJi (Guang Dong cuisine restaurant) for a birthday lunch date! :D 
She insisted to treat me lunch because she couldn't join the birthday party in the evening. 
Thank you darling! It was a really yummy lunch, we chatted a lot and it was so much fun! I really wish Rena can stay in Shanghai longer, so sad that she will go to Italy next semester. :'(

Chicken Rice #fingerslickinggood

Rena babe! :) Both of us had very puffy eyes, because yesterday night slept too late. *my fault sobsob*

Puffiest eyes ever omgggggg. T____T Why I look like this on my birthday sobsobsob.

Tried my best to open my eyes bigger but still look the same. T_____T

Other dishes! :) Some kinda seafood. Cold dish. Jellyfish???

Minced pork with salted fish. :)

Brinjal with salted fish and minced pork. After the dish came only we realised we ordered 2 identical dishes of the same taste. Super failed. LOL. Anyway we finished all of them! :D

Stay tuned for my next and last post of my birthday celebration!
Till then, XOXO!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank You, Miki! :)

I had a totally amazing birthday on 26th night, and I had been dying to blog about it but no time to do so! :'( Finally found some time tonight, and I'm going to do 3 posts altogether to summarize my birthday.

First and foremost, I just have to create this post to show you guys one of the most touching and awesome present I got this year, shipped all the way from Japan to Shanghai, from my most beloved, most awesome, dearest ex-roomie + bestie, MIKI!!!!!!!!!

I got the parcel on Christmas eve's morning. I was going to school when the dorm teacher saw me and told me, "Xixi, did you collect your parcel? The one that Okuyama send you." 

I was like, "Okuyama? Who?" And then I was yelling, "OMG, from MIKI????!?!?!"
Then I ran out to the guard room to get the parcel, happy like a kid, and I decided to open it that night after all the crazy classes and exam. 

On the parcel it said that its contents were "book and snacks", so I was guessing Miki sending me some latest popular manga and some yummy snacks. And I was happy throughout the whole day, anticipating the night when I can snuggle in my warm room and open the parcel.

After 10pm, I finally settled down in my room and cautiously open the parcel and there was this beautiful soft pink package with musical notes printed on it.

Inside, there was a really Christmassy present and a photo album.

When I opened the first page, I gasped. 

And I was amazed, ooh-ed and ahh-ed flipping through the album.
The effort of making this album!!!! Imagine!!!!
Collecting all the pictures, sorting them, planning which theme it is for each different page, cutting them, arranging them, and all those cute decor-stickers!!!!!!!!!

The album started with September 2010, when she first came to Shanghai and became my roommate. :) We were the volunteer dancers for Xing Xing's singing competition. And we went to some music camp together. :) It was loads of fun!

Next page, it was Halloween 2 years ago! We bought lolita costume and cosplay on that day! LOL. 

A page of me blogging, arranging fruits on the table, selling champagnes etc.
"Good Job". Hahaha!

Paulina's and Yurina's birthday, the Na-Na day!!! :) Joyous celebration with all the friends!!!

The page of all my stupid faces and funny poses. LOL.

Random pictures of me taking on the phone, riding a bicycle, eating tons of buns, taking picture with a shy bulldog, shopping and kissing the santas.

X'mas 2 years ago!!!! Celebrated at Pauline's house, and also party in the school!

Spring trip 2 years ago. :) We went to a really beautiful place full of yellow flowers. :)

Then baby bunny came in! :) In case you dunno, Miki's the original mom of the bunny, I'm the bunny's aunt. Hahahahaha! Or stepmother. :)

See how cute little bunny is when it is young???? Last picture is the most hilarious. It actually can stand like that on the food packet and stuff its head inside, eating its heart out. O.O

Us baking a cake for Tar's birthday! Also one of the saddest moment because Tar has been such an amazing amazing friend. He's like the kindest and most gentleman person I know. :) And also one of my best friends in Shanghai. It was really sad to see him leave. :(

And Julia, our crazy and adorable Indonesian friend! The awesome singer who is always so sweet, kind and jolly. We always remember her way of greeting us, "亲爱的~~~~~~~~"! Haha, we still imitate her until now because it is so cute! :D

Summer concert 2 years ago, when Hoang, Fang Fang and Viki were still in the conservatory! :D

My 19th birthday last year. Super awesome too because Miki handled everything and all my sweet friends were there to celebrate with me. I feel so blessed! 
Missing Tina and Louise! 2 of the sweetest and kindest persons I know! And Meier too! She went back to Indonesia last month, can't wait to see her next semester!

Some pictures from my previous photoshoot. Loving the one that I took with bunny! :)

Lastly, Miki put our pictures at the end of the album! All the moments we spent together cannot be summarized into these 2 pages. We were like twins last time, going everywhere together, doing everything together, sharing the same sweet tooth, loving cute stuff and love shopping, and most of all, we are both very messy person, so nobody cares nothing when the room is upside down with clothes hanging on the lamp. Hahaha.

We bought the same bunny-ear hat, playing dress-up together, taking purikura together, eat ice-cream together. :) 
Everyday we were screaming and yelling like 2 crazy people in our room, saying jokes that is not funny but still both people laughed like mad. LOL. 
So many memories, so much friendship and love! :)

Our favourite picture from the photoshoot we went together last time! :) 闺蜜照!

The last one is a picture of me waiting for Miki when she was trying out her Cheongsam in a gown shop in Su Zhou. LOL.
I have no idea why she put this as the last picture, my friends guess that maybe this means something like "To be continued" or me waiting to wear a bridal gown and get married. LOL. What do you think?

The other Christmassy looking present was Chocolate Marshmallow!!!!!!! SO CUTE OMG! I don't even want to open it!!!!

This is the just one of the most heart-warming presents that I have ever received in my life. :) I showed it to all the friends I met the 2nd day and everyone was totally astounded with how much effort Miki put in making this. :)

Rena said, "She really loves you."

Yeah, I know, I love her so much too! After she went back to Japan, I missed her sooooo badly and sometimes wondering how she's doing there too. 

It's not easy to find a best friend, and when you find it, cherish him/her! :)

Thank you Miki for the present!!!!! Love you so muchhhhh!!!!!!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

When I Blend With The Table.

This is going to be a silly post with lots of crap talks and silly pictures. HAHAHA.

Mainly I just want to complain about the cold here, and my incredibly frizzy hair due to the super dry air and the static electricity grrrrr. 
The winter in Shanghai is totally unbearable even though the coldest it can get is just like -2 or -3 degree, not like my babes in Russia who might experience -30 plus degree. BUT, the difference is Shanghai's cold can get right into the fabric of your thick layers of clothes and sip straight into your bonessssss.

I'm not kidding. Even in the room with heater and stuff, and you're wearing socks and everything, you will still feel the cold. T____T I guess it's the humidity here. 

Found some pictures in my camera taken last week when I was having lunch with my cute friend, Mei Ling! :)

She's from Cheng Du, Si Chuan. The hometown of pandas! ;) Just in case you dunno, Si Chuan people can really eat spicy food! Mei Ling told me she ate chilis with rice since she was a kid. O__O

#suddenly feel that Malaysian curry spicy level are not even up to kindergarten standard T___T#

I was wearing a light brown top that day and realised the colour was the same as the table fml. LOL.

With Mei Ling! :D
LOL, it's kinda odd to spell her name Mei Ling here because I have too many friends with the same name! 

EEEKKKK why you so fair?!?!?!

Used the camera's timer setting and forgot to put the stack of tissues away. LOLOL.

That's how we spend our time waiting for our food. LOL.

Oopsie, should go to sleep now! Bye guys! :D