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Monday, December 3, 2012

Farewell Lunch with Yurina. :'(

Did I mention the air-conditioner/heater in my room is currently down? Now I seriously dunno what to do and how I can sleep tonight, it's freezingly cold! I think I'm going to wear like ten layers of clothes and socks and furry trousers for pajamas already. T_____T Why oh why it breaks down during winter? T_____T

Yurina texted me last week, saying that she quitted her job and would fly back to Japan after 2 days, and before leaving, she wanted to have lunch with us (Ellen, Irene and me). 
It was so sudden, but she didn't enjoy her workplace in Yuyao and she was really unhappy there. She wanted to work in Shanghai but it seemed impossible if she continued staying in the company, so she made up her mind and quitted the job.

Anyway, she would try her best to look for jobs in Japan, hopefully some company that have branches in Shanghai can fly her over here to work again! :)

Ellen and Irene had breakfast with her, but I had violin class in the morning so I had lunch with Yurina instead! :) We dined at Colabo, a very nice Italian restaurant!

Yurina!!! :) There were lunch set so we got ourselves some really yummy food! 

Chicken salad!

:) Happy girl. 
I really wish she'll come back to Shanghai soon! I didn't really talk to her last time when she was still studying Chinese in our conservatory, because I shy. Haha! I always get shy when I see pretty girls. LOL. And Yurina's a pretty shy person too, so yeah, we didn't get to know each other well before.

Some of you who knows me in person must be saying "cehhhh you where got shy wo? Very thick face and crazy one 好不好?" LOL I know I know, but I need time to warm up with people, I'll only show my true colours after knowing someone for a longer period. Hahaha!

Anyway, I got to talk to Yurina more this semester and I found out that she's not only pretty, but she's also a very kind, sweet and thoughtful person. :)
She is very patient to listen to my problems and encourages me a lot! Love her lots!
What's more? She's my shopping buddies because both of us are shopaholics muahahaha!

:) Happy me!

Vege soup! :)

Pizza! Forgot the name, I just remember pointing it out on the menu to show the waiter because the name's too long. Hahaha!

Yurina couldn't stop laughing because she couldn't "saw" the pizza apart! LOL!

Pizza, why you so 麻烦 one? LOL.

The pizza was beyond yummy, and we also ordered crab pasta!!!!!!!
This one really nice! You'll understand just by looking at the picture.
*cute crab staring*

I was trying to say, "How to eat the crab?" T_____T Haha, I sucks at eating crabs, I just think it's too much trouble! XD

I'm really happy to have lunch with Yurina before she went back to Japan. 
Yurina dear, do your best to find new job to come back to Shanghai okay? :D Looking forward to seeing you again! :) Next time when I go to Japan please bring me to the place where I can get Kimono photoshoot yeah! *I'll keep in mind to bring enough money just for that. T____T Yurina said it needs at least RMB 2000 plus for one Kimono photoshoot!!! If you want to buy a Kimono it's at least RMB 20000 and above!!!!!* 

All the best to you! Loves, hugs and kisses!

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