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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dessert Time! :)

Just finished the masterclass thingy in the morning which lasted for 3 hours. It was STRESSFUL. =.=
Anyway, must play better next week! And violin lesson coming up later at 4.45pm and string trio practice with my friends at 6.30pm! There goes my Sunday. T____T

Tomorrow our trio has to perform on the stage already, nervous max. T______T
So here I am again, releasing some stress on my blog. LOL.
I dunno why but typing makes me relax hahaha.

Btw, today, 2 of my darlings are having their important time of their life too. Tuya(my roommate) will get her HSK 5 exam and Yiguo will get her TOEFL test. Good luck to them both!!!

Speaking of Yiguo, she has been complaining that I seldom blog about her in my blog. Hahaha! So now I'm going to do one post featuring her....... and desserts. LOL!

Some pretty old pictures a month and a half ago. Which explains why I'm still wearing sleeveless because it wasn't cold at all indoor. :D

Another reason was we just finished a HUGE POT of Szechuan 麻辣香锅 (spicy hotpot) so my tummy was burning with all the spice. T____T Seriously if you like spicy food, go try out szechuan food you'll be dying and asking for mercy. LOL. Malaysian curry is like totally MEH compared to it in terms of spiciness. 

We were in great mood that day so we spent a lot on eating. Haha.
Desserts also ordered 4 types. Haha.

Yiguo! :)

My 杨枝甘露. It was supposed to be one of the highlighted desserts in the shop but for me, it was just so-so. I guess it's because I don't like the sour taste of the grapefruit inside. :(

榴莲班机, haha! Very cute name in Chinese! Durian flight? XD It was crazily yummy, so creamy inside and the durian is awesomeeeee!

Yiguo's 芒果白雪黑糯米甜甜, such a long name. This one is amazing. My all-time-fav dessert from the shop! :D

香蕉班机!! Hahaha! :DDD I love banji! :DD

Going to bomb this post with tons of picture of us together, so she cannot complain already! Muahahahaha!
Shots in the taxi!

T____T Chinese girls have such fair complexion it makes me so jellyyyyy. T_____T
They say chinese girls' skin is 白里透红, and Malaysian girls' skin is 黄里透红 or 黑里透黄. T_______T

LOL that's all for now! Bye peepo! :D

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