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Saturday, December 1, 2012

We Are One Big Family. :)

Hellooo peepo, there's a masterclass thingy impending tomorrow and I gave up practising already. So I decided to update my rusty blog to release some stress. XD

My school organised an event specially for the Malaysian students in the conservatory a week ago. Actually teacher already thought of doing something like this for a long time, since there are students from all over the world here so she hopes we can have events like once a month, highlighting different country each time. We Malaysians get to go first! :D

The event consists of a powerpoint presentation of Malaysia's interesting facts, several performances and ends with a Malaysian delicacies sharing session. :)
We performed dance, and chinese instruments playing some piece composed by talented Malaysian composer and also Malaysian traditional songs too!

I'm in the dance group! :D We practised a lot to get all the steps right. :)
Here're some pics taken in the school gym's yoga classroom during the dance practice. :D

Love yoga ball Haha!

5 of us!
Yong Jing and Alex, Ellen, me and Jiun Hui! :D

These guys are real fun! :D Love them lots!

Oh yeah, put in some random shot of the HUGE poster of our event put outside the school building.

On the day! 16th November! :D We were prepping in the class. 
Teacher got us a really big classroom so we could perform in the middle. All the students and teachers in the conservatory were invited. :)

Snapping a picture of Yong Jing. Caught him unguarded.
He was saying, "Hey I wasn't ready! Take one more!"

2nd picture, he's sitting so straight up and trying his best to act macho. LOL.
I almost die laughing. XD

Girls in costumes! Haha!
Ellen the Indian and Xixi the Malay. :D

Alex in his Kadazan costume. 

Add in the pretty Chinese girl, Jiun Hui! Hahaha!

A picture of us dancing, stolen from our conservatory's official site. Looks weird I know, but I think we did a pretty decent job LOL LOL. XD

And there's this small chinese orchestra thing playing Burung Kakak Tua! Super nice! 

I took a video, watch and listen! :DDD It's pretty amazing! :D Ze Chuan, the MC of the day, told us that it was composed and arranged by a Malaysian Chinese composer, I forgot his name. T___T

After the performances, we had durian cakes!!!!!!!
Teacher bought 9 durian cakes from Fusion restaurant to let everyone try out the Malaysian famous delicacy.

Hmm actually I never eat any durian cake before in my life. =.= 
So it was pretty new, and I think it tastes good. 
High praises coming from a person who's not so into durian. LOL.

With my Vietnam baby, Ming Zhuang! :D

Our new Malaysian member this semester! Zhen Xiang! He played 笙 so well!!!! :D

And my adorable babe, Rena! After taking this pic she complained that I shouldn't hide behind her because my face is smaller. LOL.

So yeah, 2nd take! Hahaha!

With Elsa and Mohad from Africa!

Wheee more friends!

Dance group pics!

Then teacher asked everyone to gather and take a family picture! :D
Some random blurry self-snaps HAHAHA!

We are one big family!

Telmuun and I pulling off the America's Next Top Model Face. XD #phailed big time

Ellen the cutie! :DDD

All the Malaysians! :D

The event was quite a success because a lot of Chinese friends from the conservatory came to watch and asked us a lot of questions regarding Malaysia's culture, language, food and tourism places.
Most of them are interested in how to say "I love you" in Malay. HAHAHA!

So yeah, it was fun! :D

Till the next post! Ciao!

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