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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome to The Cosplay World.

I was walking on the street one day when I saw some kinda anime character walked past me. 
I blinked my eyes and checked again, it was not my imagination! Someone wearing anime costume walking on the street. She had really purple hair and wore very knightly costume. I was still mumbling to myself about how brave the girl was wearing something like that out on the public, then I saw the whole troupe in Xiang Yang Garden.O____O

Welcome to the cosplay world.:D

It was like you've just fall into some kinda cosplay fantasy land. Everyone's wearing anime costume and being really Japanese.
There's even this goldfish catching thingy that I often seen in Japanese drama. Haha.

Cute girl in Pikachu pajamas. It reminds me of the Doraemon pajamas Telmuun and Jimmy gave to Paulina! Hahaha!

And of course pictures with some really cool cosplay people! 
It must cost a lot to get the whole costume (wig, clothes, accessories etc). 

This one looks like ancient Chinese costume? Super pretty! :DD

More anime characters with colorful wigs! :D

Saw this uncle who wrote amazing caligraphy. He was practising writing it with water on the ground! :D I think I saw him there everyday! :D

Right, continue with more cosplay peeps! :D
This costume is pretty cool!

The girl wearing it also very cool haha! She doesn't like to smile. XD


White hair wow! :D

Then there were people dancing Oppa Gangnam Style and everyone was recording it. This was the best shot I could get after tiptoe-ing. Haha.

Oppa Gangnam Style has just gotten popular in China, though in Malaysia we already knew it more than 3 months ago LOL. I blame the stupid block China government put on Facebook and Youtube.

Anyway, now everyone is dancing Oppa Gangnam Style here and even on some weddings, the bride and bridegroom made a video of themselves dancing it too!

I heard some bridegroom danced Oppa Gangnam Style on his wedding as a performance, and the bride's mother got mad and thought that he was a useless unreliable person so she called off the wedding! O.O Poor guy. Must be thinking what he had done to deserve this. 

Then I was really excited to see these 2 green people! HAHAHA!
Look at the guy on the right, he even got green hair omg!!!

End this with another white-haired guy! Haha!

It was a pretty interesting day! I hope Miki's here, I'm sure she'll get really hyper to see all these cosplay people! She loves cosplay herself too! :DDDD

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