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Saturday, December 22, 2012

When I Blend With The Table.

This is going to be a silly post with lots of crap talks and silly pictures. HAHAHA.

Mainly I just want to complain about the cold here, and my incredibly frizzy hair due to the super dry air and the static electricity grrrrr. 
The winter in Shanghai is totally unbearable even though the coldest it can get is just like -2 or -3 degree, not like my babes in Russia who might experience -30 plus degree. BUT, the difference is Shanghai's cold can get right into the fabric of your thick layers of clothes and sip straight into your bonessssss.

I'm not kidding. Even in the room with heater and stuff, and you're wearing socks and everything, you will still feel the cold. T____T I guess it's the humidity here. 

Found some pictures in my camera taken last week when I was having lunch with my cute friend, Mei Ling! :)

She's from Cheng Du, Si Chuan. The hometown of pandas! ;) Just in case you dunno, Si Chuan people can really eat spicy food! Mei Ling told me she ate chilis with rice since she was a kid. O__O

#suddenly feel that Malaysian curry spicy level are not even up to kindergarten standard T___T#

I was wearing a light brown top that day and realised the colour was the same as the table fml. LOL.

With Mei Ling! :D
LOL, it's kinda odd to spell her name Mei Ling here because I have too many friends with the same name! 

EEEKKKK why you so fair?!?!?!

Used the camera's timer setting and forgot to put the stack of tissues away. LOLOL.

That's how we spend our time waiting for our food. LOL.

Oopsie, should go to sleep now! Bye guys! :D

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