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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Malaysian Food Tasting with Korean Babes! :D

Going to blog a lot today because it's like the only free time I have considering the coming up chamber performance and impending exams. T_____T

3 weeks ago, Ellen and I decided to bring our Korean babes to try out Malaysian food! They had been asking us about it for a long time and so we brought them to Fusion restaurant after class! I asked Tuya along too because she loves Malaysian food hehehe!

Some self-indulging pictures of me in my Metersbonwe's dusty pink knitdress! 
Love this shade of pink because it makes me look fairer and rosier LOL LOL.

And include the cutesy pink and white stripes bed sheet I got from IKEA. :D

Some dishes we ordered that day! 
The must-have chicken curry! *drools*

Beef Rendang! My camera has this soft-focus effect so it's always blurry at the side and clear in the middle. Don't know how to change the setting. T____T

马来风光!!!! Yumminess!!!

AND ASAM FISH. My fav of all! :DDDDDD

They are all busy taking pictures of the food hahaha! Notice the empty curry pot. XD Everyone loves curry!!! :D 

The other side: Christina, Jin Soul and Tuya! :)
Christina and Tuya loves chicken curry most. And Jin Soul loves Asam Fish. *high fives, Jin Soul! LOL*

My side: Me, Chae Won and Ellen!
Ellen and I love Asam Fish and Chae Won votes for chicken curry. XD

Such a sumptuous dinner! I'm always happy to bring my foreign friends to try out Malaysian food, first of course can promote our country's cuisine and 2nd is can order a lot because there're a lot of people muahahahahaha!

Oops, feeling hungry already. T____T Gotta go get my lunch. Byeeeee!

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