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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Beaten Wooden House and The Golden Field.

Three more days to go and I'll go back to Shanghai! So I decided to post up my last set of photoshoot up before I leave! :)

We were on the way to go to the place Wooi Lun decided early, and then we went past this really wide deserted ricefield with a completely abandoned-looking wooden house on its right. And we were like, "Why not go check it out?" So we ended up shooting here instead! :) 

The wooden house has so many "holes" everywhere, I was scared that it might collapse so we walked very slowly. I wonder how long it has been there and who has been using it for what.

The missing wood in the wall allows us to look at the magnificent view of the whole piece of ricefield below. It was mind-blowing.

I can see the sun, the view, the horizon :)

Happy with the dried flowers :)

The sun was really strong at that time even though it was already 6pm plus. So I have this really fierce look on my face, not because I'm mad, it is just that I can't open my eyes since the sun is too strong. LOL.

I swear I got a few tones tanner after that day lol.

Did I mention the wooden house is actually built on the second floor with super long "legs". How do you call this kind house in Malaysia? :D Rumah Panjang? Pondok Atap? Lol. I lost all my Bahasa Melayu. T_T

We spent around half an hour shooting in the wooden house. And we were waiting for the sun to set to shoot at the ricefield. We waited until 6:30pm yet the sun has no sign of signing off at all! In the end we were like, "Whatever! Just do it!" 

So yeah, I'm like getting the sun-tan enough to last for a whole year. T____T Anyway, the sunlight does make everything looks amazingly positive and nice! 

I got super happy to see this wide beauty of nature and I started posing like mad hahahaha!

Okay I'm tired. *sitting down* LOL. Nah, it was actually too hot so I'm trying to find shelter hiding within the paddy.

The dreamy blue flowers! :)

Actually I'm kinda dreading the time to go back to Shanghai. I heard it is crazy hot over there. 39 degree celsius, omg! I already felt suffocated here around 35 degree. T____T I guess I will try to stay indoor all the time.

Till then, XOXO!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Breaking Dawn

I guess this is the first time I woke up so early for a photoshoot. Wooi Lun's idea is to catch the sunrise at the beach. Thank god Malaysia's sunrise is not as early as Shanghai. Shanghai's sun already comes out probably around 4am? 

We departed at 5:30am while the sky is still dark, and slowly the sun starts to come out around 6am. I'm still feeling pretty sleepy with my bed hair lol. So do excuse my puffy eyes and messy hair.

Everything was blue-ish and pale. We are surprised to see some foreigners already swimming in the sea at this hour! The water must be really cold then.

The best thing about Cherating beach is that they have these shallow "lakes" on the beach so we get to take some reflection shots like this!

I'm completely mesmerized by the colors of the sea. It was so beautiful. The mixture of blue and grey and silver. I just feel like painting it! And the sky has a tint of pink to it that looks like those in Rome paintings!

Happy jump shots! Always feel blessed to be born in a city nearby the sea!

And then the sun starts to peek over the clouds.

Btw, I want to apologize to the owner of this building because we went up there without permission! We didn't see anyone there so we assume it was okay, but after that he came out and nicely asked us to come down. So sorry about that again!! 

I'm thinking I probably need to re-dye my hair. Hmm.

Cherating beach has all these really nice and laid-back pubs with tables and chairs out on the beach. It must be nice to enjoy the sea breeze and have some drinks at night chatting with friends here.

Catching the sunrise at the beach is always a great idea to start a day! :) It just makes you feel completely in awe with the beauty of nature.

One last photoshoot to post! :) Till then, XOXO!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Photoshoot with my Violin Bae :D

I've always wanted some simple photos with my violin. No fancy hairdo, no super thick make-up that makes me look so much different than my usual self, and no fancy outfit too. Just something that is everyday-me.

So this time I collaborated with my photographer friend again, Liaw Wooi Lun. We took three different sets of photoshoot on the same day, I will post up the other two sets soon. So far this set is my favourite because I've been wanting something like this for such a long time! :D So I can't wait to share it out!

I told him I wanted something with clean background. A wall will do, and he dug out his studio tools, and both of us just try out different lighting and poses. It was so much fun! Everything is like spontaneous and we threw out ideas now and then.

I really like the result! :) Here goes! :)

This is now my blog header. Haha I like that I'm placed at the side of the picture.

The famous half-face pose. LOL LOL. Almost everyone take this shot when they have violin portrait shot.

Some standard poses? :D

This is one of my fav pic because it seems like I'm conversing with the violin, transferring my thoughts with our foreheads touching. LOL. I always think violin is something alive, you see. It will get happy or upset. I guess all the musicians out there feels the same. :D

And the prop we have for that day is a Yamaha piano stool. Hahaaha. So we tried different ways of using it in the shoot.

Hahahahaaa running out of poses to do!

And last one!

Really love this set of photos! Maybe next time I'll try to shoot something like this again, let's see if we come up with more ideas! :) Stay tuned for the next two sets! :)