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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Photoshoot with my Violin Bae :D

I've always wanted some simple photos with my violin. No fancy hairdo, no super thick make-up that makes me look so much different than my usual self, and no fancy outfit too. Just something that is everyday-me.

So this time I collaborated with my photographer friend again, Liaw Wooi Lun. We took three different sets of photoshoot on the same day, I will post up the other two sets soon. So far this set is my favourite because I've been wanting something like this for such a long time! :D So I can't wait to share it out!

I told him I wanted something with clean background. A wall will do, and he dug out his studio tools, and both of us just try out different lighting and poses. It was so much fun! Everything is like spontaneous and we threw out ideas now and then.

I really like the result! :) Here goes! :)

This is now my blog header. Haha I like that I'm placed at the side of the picture.

The famous half-face pose. LOL LOL. Almost everyone take this shot when they have violin portrait shot.

Some standard poses? :D

This is one of my fav pic because it seems like I'm conversing with the violin, transferring my thoughts with our foreheads touching. LOL. I always think violin is something alive, you see. It will get happy or upset. I guess all the musicians out there feels the same. :D

And the prop we have for that day is a Yamaha piano stool. Hahaaha. So we tried different ways of using it in the shoot.

Hahahahaaa running out of poses to do!

And last one!

Really love this set of photos! Maybe next time I'll try to shoot something like this again, let's see if we come up with more ideas! :) Stay tuned for the next two sets! :)


  1. will stay tune for sure! To be frank, looking at the pics is a bit plain at the first time, but as what you said, being too fancy, too colourful is so much away from your everyday life, I like ur ideas, and therefore this shoot!

    1. ^0^ mwahhh, thanks dear! because sometimes I need photos like this for my gigs or performances, and if it's too fancy, then later when the organiser will be like "is this the same person as the picture?" hahahaha so I'm so glad I took something casual-me!

  2. mei nv gimme phone number please hahhahhahha!!