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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Selling my dress! :)

I love shopping online. There are always a lot of gorgeous items that are really special and you don't need to worry about bumping into someone on the street wearing the exact same stuff.

The thing is some of the shops might have rules like "not-refundable" / "not-returnable", so sometimes I got some amazing stuff which sadly doesn't fit. 

This time, I brought back this super cute dress I got. Everything was perfect down to every single detail. I fell in love with it on first sight. The colors of the flowers are vibrant. The fabric, the criss-cross back design, and the fairy sleeves are just too pretty to be true.

I purposely got M size, hopefully it will be long enough for me, but evidently, I'm too tall for too many dresses, considering I have a longer upper body lol. T____T This dress is too short for me. It just barely covered my butt. :'(

So all the babes out there, this dress is completely brand new, with the tag still hanging on it. I just wore it for these pictures below so you guys can see the effect. I bought it for RMB 290, approximately RM 170 plus, but I will just sell for RM 100. :)

It is a Chinese brand designer brand from Shenzhen. The quality is amazing, and I bet you can't find anything the same in Malaysia! :)

Here are the pictures! Side view, back view and front view.

The flower print is super pretty, you just need to see it in real life.

The lower part of the dress is a wide A, so when you twirl around, the dress will catch the wind and go in a pretty circle! The material is the heavier kind, so you won't need to worry about the wind blowing the dress up easily.

Love the top part of the dress especially! It is a heart-shape bustline, and check out the criss-cross design!

Inside there is double layering! Told you it is super good quality! :))

Love, love, love the fairy sleeves!

M size, with the tag still on!

Here are the measurement! I got the M size. And I just realised the model in the online picture is just 158cm. No wonder it is so short on me. T___T I'm 174cm. I guess M is good for girls below 158cm.

If any of you are interested please PM me on facebook! :) I will cover the postage fee, and I can ship to any states within Malaysia. :))))

Till then, XOXO!

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