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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hair Tutorial: Korean Bun! :)

Hi peeps! My darling Sean came to visit me today and she brought her awesome Nikon Semi D! :) So I asked her to help me to take some pictures to do this Korean Bun tutorial! :)

It's super easy and only take like 3 minutes altogether. :) Hope you guys will like this tutorial! 

The BEFORE hair. :)

Separate your hair into 3 parts. 
Take out the first part like this.

Pull the hair straight up and tease it with your comb. It will create more volume for the hairstyle.

After teasing, put the hair down in front.

To the same to the 2nd and 3rd part of your hair, keep teasing!

It will become something like this in the end.

Then gather all your hair into a ponytail.
You can decide how high you want the ponytail to be, it is where the bun will end up as.
I usually like it to be higher, because it's cuter that way! :)
Notice how it has the puffed-up effect? :) This is perfect for those girls who don't have enough hair volume, like me! :)

Then start twisting your hair into a bun! :)

*cover the awkward space in my hair with a bowl of cute ramen hehe*

Here's the bun!

 Take a black elastic band and tighten it around the bun! :)

Done! Tadaa!!!! :)

Super easy right? :) You can pull out a few strands of your hair to create a messier look. Korean bun looks better when it's messier! :)

Will update another hair tutorial tomorrow! :) Stay tuned!

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