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Friday, February 15, 2013

CNY's Eve & CNY Day 1! :D

Hello everyone! How's your CNY so far? And what about your Valentine's Day? Celebrated it with your special someone?

LOL, my Valentine's Day was only celebrated in the form of 6-hours-travelling-back-to-hometown and eat-sleep-practise-violin&piano. Just another usual day for me. Haha. 

Anyway, here am I, back from the 5-days-Johor-CNY-Trip! :) Still haven't fully recovered from the exhaustion of long travelling. T_____T Still! I decided to update my blog before it goes rusty! Haha!

I'm going to talk about my CNY's eve first! :D That was the day I rushed out my make-up tutorial. LOL. And I was surprised and happy to receive this super awesome belated birthday gift from San all the way from Thailand! :D

Thank you soooooo much! :DDDDDDD

It arrived in a big box. :DDD

Inside is a pink box with a cute note and these awesome skincare products from Oriental Princess! :) I was like WOW when I opened it. Haha!

After 2 years, FINALLY I get to have reunion dinner with my beloved family and relatives! :D
Last 2 years I was stuck in Shanghai having the super stressful exams. T____T So this year is truly a relief! :D


After the dinner, my cousins, brothers and I went to watch the CNY concert in our hometown, we were pretty excited about it because Sheila Amzah was there too! :D

She has a great voice and her performance is amazing! :)

The crowd. All of them came for Sheila. :)

Btw my uncle and aunt from KL came to my house for a stay-over after the reunion dinner, and they brought their adorable pug with them! :D 

That was all about my CNY eve. And the next day, we all woke up at 8am and departed for Johor (my grandma's house)! :D 
The journey took 6 hours so we reached around 2pm. :) Dad and mom was exhausted and didn't want to go out anymore, but I thought it would be a great waste if I did nothing on the first day of CNY, so I showered, changed and went shopping with my 2nd bro! :D

Wearing the mint dress from ZARA that have a really sexy back. LOL LOL LOL. Mad love the dress because it's sweet and proper in front, but the transparent part of the back makes it really interesting! :D

Shots in the car! :)

Hi bro! :)

Hang out with my bro at Starbucks and treated him Green Tea Frappucino because I didn't get him any birthday present from Shanghai. T______T Sorry bro.
At first I wanted to get a Samsung Galaxy Note's cover for him, but turns out the Samsung center already stop manufacturing the Note's cover. Now they're all selling the Samsung Galaxy S III's covers already. T_____T Haih.

Bro, I'll get you something else next time I come back kayyyy?

Went to Topshop to check out the clothes there! :) Really love Topshop because everything there is super chic and of great quality! :)

Using the changing room's mirror to get a nice picture of my dress of the day. XD

Decided to try out something I never try before. Hahaha!
Mad love the golden pleated skirt, matched it with a black bralet. :)

Fell in love with this dainty maroon dress! Didn't get anything that day and I posted these 2 outfits' picture on my instagram and facebook. Most of my friends prefer the maroon dress so I went back the next day to get it, but NO MORE MY SIZE. T_______T So sad.... T_______T

Picture with the super cute Nando's chicken mascot! :D

The broken-neck pose with some CNY-feel background! :)

All picture credits to my darling 2nd bro, Hang! :D He's very nice one, he even suggested me which background is good to take pictures with.
For example: This background. (picture below)


Looking at this picture, I actually feel kinda alien because I'm too tall. :'( I mean for Malaysian girls' standard. Can't wear high heels in Malaysia or else everyone will be looking at me like I'm some freak. LOL.

In Shanghai is better because Shanghai girls are mostly pretty tall. :)

My bro and I were too bored so we even went inside the Jusco market to take picture. Hahahahahahahahaha!

Basically that was how I spent my first day of CNY! :)))))
Stay tuned for my next post! Mwah!!

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