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Friday, February 15, 2013

Oops! Fire In The Cinema!

Just like the title of this post, my 2nd day of CNY involves cinema & fire! LOL. Continue reading to know more! :)

My outfit of the day was the pink lacey Forever 21's dress I wore on my birthday, didn't bother to take the outfit picture LOL, please read THIS if you want to see the whole dress! :))) My mom says she likes to see me in this dress. Haha. :)

Here's my dear cousin, Wen Shing sis! :) So happy to see her after so long! :) Still as pretty as always! :) We made picture collage and posted it in FB, and her friend commented that we looked like twins. Do you think so too? :)

My date of the day is Mr Yong! Hahaha! He's my cousin who's just 1 week older than me. Yo cousie. :D

We decided to go watch Journey To The West. The movie directed by the famous Stephen Chow. :) I'm really looking forward to the movie because my favourite Chinese actor, 文章, is the main character in the movie!!!

I've fell in love with Wen Zhang after watching several of his Chinese dramas and movies. He is a really amazing actor and he can always act out the soul of the characters given. :) 

My grandma super cute one, she knows I'm going to watch movie in the cinema so she asked me to bring this huge warm YSL sweater there. :D She worried that I might catch a cold or something. :D So niceeee. :)

Flashed picture in the cinema before the movie started! :)

The movie was crazily funny and awesome, I laughed like mad in the cinema. My poor cousin got beaten by me for a thousand times. 
I'm like that when I get excited, anyone who is sitting beside me in a cinema will get beaten up like crazy. *slap his/her shoulder x 1000 times and scream/yell* 

Hahahahahaa. Everything was great, we were munching on the popcorn, sipping our coke and watching the movie. Suddenly, the movie PAUSED. And everyone was like "What's wrong?"

Then the fire alarm started. Nobody reacted at first. Then a kid said, "Mommy... I think there's a fire."
That was when everyone started screaming and run. LOL.

So I dragged my cousin out and at the same time imagining a big fire outside, building falling apart. All those horrendous fire scene you watch in a movie.

When I got outside, I could smell something burning, and I saw smoke coming out from the cinema. Everyone was evacuating and gathered outside. A lot of them took out their camera/phone and started taking videos & pictures. 

So I did the same. LOL LOL.

Anyway, turns out it wasn't really serious. I'm guessing some popcorn machine went crazy and burnt itself. Hmm. Anyway, I left the tickets on my seat when I came out so I couldn't get the money back. T____T I was so sad because I didn't get to watch the ending. :((((((((((((

There goes my 2nd day of CNY. Haha. Pretty exciting day! :DDDDDD

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