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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My 21st Birthday Celebration! :D (At Shanghai Brewery)

I'm a horrible procrastinator. 

You should know, because I always update my blog posts after 1 week or 1 month. LOL. What to do, December is my exam month. T___T So I have no time or energy to write some long blog posts with tons of pictures.

Finally I'm having my winter holidays now!!!!!! So I have more free time to blog and I'm going to update as much as I can!

I'm going to start with the 2nd post of my birthday celebration. :) After the satisfying Italian dinner at Fat Mama, we continued the party at Shanghai Brewery! It was Wednesday so there was Salsa Night! :)

Most of the girls left already because they had classes tomorrow. Only 4 of us left! :) (Xing Xing, Jiu Yi, Yiguo and I)

Salsa night started at 9.30pm. We got there around 9pm so there was nobody there yet, perfect for picture-snapping! :D

Furry jacket borrowed from Rena :D
Dress from Forever 21
Tutuanna socks
Wedges from H&M

Pictures with the girls. :)))

Xing Xing looking gorgeous as always. :)

Jiu Yi! :) She's an ABC!

I forgot what was the name of my drink already. T__T

Xing Xing was a bit upset with the shape of the glass of her cocktail. LOL. Coz it's different from ours. XD

Yiguo darling! :)

Telmuun and Jimmy came afterwards! :) The 2 best guy friends of mine in the dorm! Hohoho! They're like my babysitter, because I'll go wailing into their room and ask them to help me fix this fix that. And they're super nice they help me all the time. T___T Ex: Jimmy helped me to take care of my bunny last summer holidays! Telmuun helped me to open my room door whenever I forgot to bring my keys, and lending me his Iphone 6. LOL LOL
  Thank you dudes, you guys are the best!!!! :)

Pictures in the ladies room because there was this really nice Shanghai Brewery label on the wall. :)


Salsa night started! :) It was really cool because a lot of professional Salsa dancers came! :D They kept spinning so fast I wondered how the girls could do it wearing such high heels!

Xing Xing is super talented in Salsa and she was the teacher of the night. :)

A funny uncle photobombing us. 

Say hi to Jimmy's girlfriend, Lily! :)))))
The guys are getting crazy already. When posers meet camera, you know what will happen. LOL.

Girls on the dance floor. :) Jiu Yi is a fast learner! Yiguo and I are struggling to catch the steps. LOL.

Telmuun came up with the glassy-eyed stare pose first.

Then Jimmy got infected.

And they infected the funny-uncle-photobomber too. LOL.

Lily also speechless already. Haha.

 Yiguo 表示很无奈。。。

Haha, after spending an hour plus at Shanghai Brewery, we went back to the dorm. 
Rena asked me to knock on her door when I got back, so I did. And she gave me a RING! :DDDDDDDD

Somemore give me like this. *heart flips* awwww~~~

Haha it's actually a cup with a ring-like handle! Super creative! Thank you Rena dear!!!!!!

With my 2 dearest girls in the dorm.  Xing Xing and Rena!

Love this picture of Rena. :)

Some pictures of the bangle and necklace given by my babes!

In love with the dress's lacey detail. :)

 I took the pictures of all the presents I got but accidentally deleted them. Sob. Lazy to take again so yeah. T____T

That's all for tonight! :) Hope you enjoy reading! :)

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