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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hair Trimmed.

Just a super short post with an ultra-over-exposed picture of my face. Hahaha.
I want to show you guys my current hair! :) Got a nice hair trim at Eleven before coming back to Malaysia. Happy to see my hairstylist, Rose again! :D

My current hair colour is this shade of yellow-reddish brown, but I don't really like it because it makes my skin look yellowish than fair. :( So I am going to dye it to a darker shade soon! Wait until February woohooo! 

After this hair trim, I'm not going to see my hairstylist for another 3 months! :) Hehe. Going to keep my hair really long before seeing her and that time I'll do something nice about my hair colour! :) 

Till the next post! Ciaoooo! :)


  1. wenxi~~jingmei here. your hair trim hor, the structure originally like this?

    1. ;) the hairstylist help me to blow it into this shape! :)