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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back In Malaysia & Being An Aunt. :D

Lemme see, I've already been back in Malaysia for 8 days.The feeling is surreal, because despite we have a lot of Chinese people in Malaysia, it's still really different being in Shanghai compared to Malaysia. 
Well, the surrounding is different, the language is different (kinda, because people there can't understand our rojak language LOL LOL, you need to pronounce everything exactly like the pinyin we learned), the weather is different and basically everything FEELS different.

Maybe I should do a post on the difference between China and Malaysia. :D Haha.

It is winter now in Shanghai. When I was packing to come back to Malaysia, I desperately fumbled in my wardrobe to find summer clothes, summer shoes and putting in sunblock lotion. LOL. It did felt really weird. I was wearing my furry winter coat when I was on the plane, when I reached Malaysia, it was 31 degree celsius. My first instinct was to throw that coat somewhere else, it was just too hot! XD

Anyway, 4 days ago my mom brought me out to the beach to take a stroll and take some pictures. :) It was cloudy and windy but luckily not raining! :D

Still thinking when I should dye my hair to a super dark brown. Maybe 1 week before CNY. :)

Saw this rope that came dangling down a tree. :) Think that it would be interesting to take some pictures as it it comes down from the sky. :)

*Tug tug* Can this rope takes me to the castle in the sky? :)

Beautiful tree bark! :) One of my dreams is to travel around the world and explore all the beauty of nature. I'm not interested in the big cities like NY, Tokyo whatsoever. Cities are just concrete jungles. I want to go to places like Tibet/Niagara Falls/Vienna/Great Canyon. :) 

I never see any coconut trees in Shanghai. Probably because there are no beaches around and coconut trees are tropical trees. :) I really missed them! :)

Oh yeah btw, I got a baby nephew! :) Couldn't say he's my first nephew, I already got like so many nephews and nieces last year I lost count of them. :) There're so many babies coming into this world, I think I'll be able to see them during CNY when everyone comes back! :) Can't wait!!!

Here's my adorable chubby nephew in Kemaman, Xi Xuan! :) Superrrr cuteeee man! :))))) And he likes to smile and laugh all the time. Such a happy baby! :)


Btw Xi Xuan looks totally alike with his uncle, who is now 30 years old. 
Picture above is the baby picture of the uncle, and below is Xi Xuan's picture.

Haha, anyway I'm looking out of the window right now and the sun is shining!!!!!!! How awesome! :) It has been raining for the whole week. Finally the sun is out! :) Will figure out something to do outdoor. ^.^ The point of getting back to Malaysia is get tanned! Hahaha!

Till the next post! :) Ciaooo!

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