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Monday, January 7, 2013

I Lost My Phone and Gotten Iphone 6! :D

Decided to rant about the super ultra mega sad I-left-my-phone-in-taxi-and-it's-gone-forever post now. Feel like it's something I must do before I sleep today. LOL.

Finally something up-to-date. PS: I lost my phone YESTERDAY. T_____T

It happened like this. I just finished a violin gig and was talking on my phone and absent-mindedly got a cab to go home. I didn't even remember the taxi company wth. T___T

I was carrying like 2 bags, a music stand and my violin, so once I got in the cab, I put my phone aside and started arranging my stuff, then I totally forgot about it. :'(

When I arrived at my destination, I recalled the taxi driver asked me, "Hey miss, do you want the taxi receipt?" And I SAID NO, THANK YOU. Now I think it's the stupidest thing I have ever done. T_____T

I only realised my phone was gone after 10 minutes getting down from the cab. Then I used my friend's phone to call my phone, nobody picked up. I kept calling for half an hour, like calling 50 plus times already, STILL NOBODY ANSWERED. 

THEN AROUND 7.36pm, dunno it was the gazillionth time I called, an operator's voice telling me my phone was turned off. O_____O

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, THAT MEANS NOW MY PHONE IS OFFICIALLY STOLENNNNNNNNNNNNN. Before that I was still hoping there will be some kind person who will answer my phone and return it to me. I even sent a text message saying, "If you found my phone, please kindly call this number, thank you very much!" 

When I heard the operator's voice, I could feel my belief in this world crumbling and I was yelling inside, "WHERE ISSSSS ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE IN THIS WORLDDDDDD?!?!?!?!!" LOL. *dramaqueen*

So I spent the night feeling extremely sad and awkward because my phone had been my alarm clock, my social media network, and everything! I'm especially sad about the Angry Bird application in there where I have unlocked almost all the levels and almost getting all the stars!!!!!! Now they are all gone. T_____T And I can't update my instagram and Wei Xin already. My friends if you're reading this right now, you'll understand why I'm not replying your Whatsapp or Wei Xin messages. Sob.

Anyway, I immediately went to the China Mobile centre this morning after my ear training exam. My friend told me that I could still retrieve my phone number by bringing my passport and 10 contact numbers that I have called within 2 months. So I did and got my number back! Phew!!!!

Then Telmuun lent me his big China brand mobile phone for temporary usage. LOL! He bragged that it was the latest Iphone, Iphone 17th because he stuck an Apple sticker at the back. HAHAHAHAHA!

I had real fun playing pranks on my friends using the so-called newest Iphone LOL LOL!
I was telling them about how I lost my phone, and everyone was like really sad for me, with those sympathetic faces.
Then I immediately told them, "It's okayyyyy, my friend lent me his newest Iphone!"
Their first reaction are all, "Ohhhhh Iphone 5?????"
I said, "NO. It's Iphone 6."

Everyone was like, "What??? Already got Iphone 6??????" 
And I said, "Of course lemme show you."
Then I swooped out the big black fake Iphone and everyone laughed so hard it made my day! Hahahahahaha!!!!

All my friends told me, "Gee, you're like the first person I know that can be so happy after losing your phone!" Hahaha! Thanks to Telmuun's fake newest Iphone LOL! One of my friends even said it looked like a remote control! XD

The picture of the famous Iphone 6. LOL!!!!!!!!

Actually it's from some China brand called HUAWEI. XD

Btw the friend who said it looked like a remote control was really kind to lend me her old phone! :) A cute pink Sony Ericsson! Thank you so much! Am using this now because Iphone 6 cannot type Chinese character. LOL.

Though both of these phones cannot use wifi/whatsapp/instagram/wei xin, kinda sad about that, but really THANK YOU Telmuun and my cellist girlfriend for the phonessss! They save my day! :)))))

Alright, now really have to go to sleep! LOL! Ciao!!!