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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

世界再大也要回家 - Touching Comic About Our Parents.

世界再大也要回家 is a series of comic created by a girl who's studying Year 3 in Si Chuan University, China. At first it is just one of her projects to draw out the difference between the time when she is not at home and when she is at home. 

During the process of creating this comic, she thought a lot about her own parents and was really touched by every little thing they had done for her. This resulted in this incredibly touching comic which can easily relate to every one of us.

This series of comic has gone viral on the internet and touched millions of people. I just read about it in today's newspaper and immediately search it online to share with you guys. 

Looking at the comic makes me aware that our parents will not ALWAYS be here, we need to appreciate them, take care of them, and express our love to them before it is too late.

For those who can't understand Chinese, I'll do the translation.

Dad: Honey, no meat again today?
Mom: I leave all the meats for our daughter. Come on, eat more veges! It is good for the body!

They don't bother to eat well themselves when you're not at home.


Dad: *salivating over all the delicious dishes*
You: Mom! There are enough food on the table! Come over and eat with us!
Mom: One more dish and it's done! Both of you eat first!

When you're at home, they serve you all the delicious food everyday because they don't want you to go hungry.


Mom: Did our daughter update anything on her FB?
Dad: I thought you just check it? It's the same with just now...

They refresh your FB page again and again to check your updates.


They love to stick with you and chat endlessly with you. There're always things to tell you about.


Dad: Hey, Zhao! Check this out! This is the watch my daughter bought for me! I asked her not to buy but she insisted, she said it's because she got promoted! Aish!

They always mention you/brag about you intentionally/unintentionally in front of others.


You: Thanks mom for peeling the apple skin for me!
Mom: How will you ever be able to get married if you're so lazy?

However when you're at home, they always pick things to say about you.


You take up your own responsibilities.


You: Why are you guys looking at me like this? I only wash the dishes.......

They will be really touched when you do some house chores sometimes.


You're the capable and competent self.


Mom: What are you doing?
Dad: Shhh.. Let me pull up the blanket for her.

You'll always be the kid who needs to be taken good care of.

Mom: What's wrong, honey?!?! Why are you crying???
You: Nothing mom... I just miss you a lot...

They are always the first persons you think of when you are hurt/upset. 

You: Mom, I broke up with my boyfriend..
Mom: Come on, it's no big deal, I'm here for you! Just stay beside me and be my little girl, how nice is that? Mommy doesn't want to give you out yet!

They are the only ones who you're not afraid of showing your weaknesses.

Mom: Baby, what do you want to do when you grow up?
You: Earn a lot of money for both of you!
Dad: Haha!

They are the source of energy that pushes you forward.

But one day, you'll realise a lot of things that used to be easy for them, have become really hard.

Their health, memory and hearing are getting worse.

When you finally realised it's the time you should repay them, will it be too late?

You have gotten too used to the days when they are always around. And you have forgotten that they might...... leave you one day.

So, when you still have time, GO HOME!
Expressing your love, start from accompanying them!

I hope this comic series will inspire you guys and increase your awareness about how important our parents are to us. Don't wait until it's too late to repay them.

Never yell at your parents, whatever they say to you (even during heated argument), it's always for your own good. No parents will want bad things for their kids.
Never do anything to upset them, even when sometimes they don't let you buy the things that you badly wanted. 
Sometimes, just stop thinking about yourself and think about them.

They will not always be there. You might think that you'll always have your parents to be there, who will give you money to spend, who will give you food, comfort, and love. When one day, they suddenly leave you, that'll be the time you suddenly feel like you have lost everything.

There was something that I have heard somewhere. It's something like this.

There are 3 kinds of love: Love, Friendship and Family

When you lost Love, you'll cry like it is the end of the world, but after 3 months or a year, you'll forget about it and continue happily with your life.

When you lost Friendship, you'll feel upset and down for a long time, but you'll be able to find new friends soon and get on happily with your life.

But when you lost your Family (in which case, it means your parents), it leaves such pain and emptiness in you, that you'll feel like you've lost everything, even until a long long time.

So I hope everyone out there, go back home and see your parents more, take good care of them, listen to them and talk to them. These simple gestures will touch them deeply and make their day. Nothing is more precious than our parents in this world. Cherish them!

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