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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Counting Down to 2013! :)

A perfect post to show you guys how crowded Shanghai can be when it comes to celebrate BIG DAY like the NEW YEAR'S EVE! :D China never ceased to amaze me with its massive amount of human population.

Anyway, let's start with the peaceful Indian dinner I had with Hirai before the crazy crowded night. Haha. We dined at Little Indian, it served the best Indian cuisine ever! :)

Appetizers before the main dishes. With the yummy green sauce. Craving for it now!

I'm not an alcoholic person, but on  New Year's Eve, there was this buy-1-get-1-free thing for beers that day, so why not? Haha.

Though I pretty much wasted the whole glass. =.=''' 

Playing Angry Birds while waiting. The picture in memorial of my lost phone. T____T

Tadaaaaa! My favourite!!! Tandoori Chicken!!!!!! CRAZY YUM.

Nasi Briyani! Indian rice is the besttttttttt! And it's so special, it's so much longer than the usual rice we eat. Like really longgggg.

Can't wait to dig in!

The most spicy curry in the house! Beef Curry! :) Super rich taste omg...

Beer is good to go with spicy food, coz it washes away the spiciness! :D

Some pictures at the bar before leaving to The Bund to meet up with Rena and Nina! :)

Took a cab there, but had to get down halfway and walk for 20 minutes because it was such a waste of time and money sitting inside the cab during this awful traffic jam! 

Picture taken on the bridge. The traffic was totally not moving at all. O.O

Rena and Nina, sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long! My stupid phone got out of battery, and so was Rena's, so in the last call before our phone died we decided to meet up at Forever 21. In the end Hirai and I took like 20 minutes to get there. And Nina and Rena were waiting all the time. T_____T I'm so sorry!!!!!!!

In front of Forever 21! It's really memorable because Nina and I are both 21, and Rena is 21 years old and 21 months! :D Such a coincidence!

It was like 11.30pm that time, and we started to walk towards The Bund. Usually from Forever 21 to The Bund it was just like 15 minutes walk, but..........

The police made roadblocks. T______T "Do not continue your way to The Bund. This is for your own safety. I repeat, do not continue your way to The Bund." 
It was because there were already like 200,000 people at The Bund already. (I knew about this from the newspaper the next day! O.O)

However, nobody heeded the police's warning. LOL. Thousands of us continued to find our way to get to The Bund.

Someone found a small alley, so all of us flocked in! Like thousands of us, pushing ourselves into the small alley!!!!! LOL!!!

Some pictures taken when we kept moving forward. Haha!

When we got out. Hahaha! It was totally crazy!!!

BUT, the police force was there AGAIN. T_____T
What a bummer!!!!!!

*Sad faces*

So we could only be in the crazy crowd like 500 meters away from The Bund. T_____T So close, yet so faraway, now I perfectly understand the meaning. T___T

Can you see the pearl tower at the very end??? T_____T That was where we wanted to go. T____T

Stuck in the crazy crowd, couldn't even turn around!

Anyway we watched some really awesome fireworks and everyone was screaming like mad and wishing everyone Happy New Year, it was like hundred thousands of people were one big family. LOL.
All the crowd dispersed after the count-down so we finally could move around. PHEW.

Rena and Nina got some beers to celebrate the brand new year 2013! :D

We walked to The Bund and gee there were still so many people!!!!!!!!

A lot of people were putting up these Wishing Lanterns up into the sky! It was such a beautiful sight.

We decided to put up our own Wishing Lanterns too. We got 2 altogether.

The first lantern we got fell into the river after we let go of it for 5 seconds. T____T
The 2nd one got a big hole at the side so we gave it up.
Then we decided to buy a new one and we vowed to get this into the sky.

Look at how focused Rena was lighting up the lantern. LOL. This time must succeed!

Slowly letting go of it....

If you know what happened to our last lantern, watch this video. LOLLLLL.

Despite all the failures of putting up the lanterns into the sky, we decided to keep ourselves positive. :) Rena told me about her story 2 years ago when she got the highest score in bowling on the New Year's Eve 2010, she thought she would be lucky throughout the year since she had such a good start. However, the whole year was pretty much a disaster. What she was trying to say was, even though we had a bad start (referring to the wishing lanterns failure) but it means we will have a great year ahead because we haven't use up our luck! :DDDDD

Happy girls with the all the wishing lanterns in the sky! :) Super pretty view! :D I bet that night there were like hundreds and thousands wishing lanterns flying in the sky! :D

We finally got to the Bund. :) I wasn't ready yet! Haha!



Beautiful night-view of The Bund!

The girls getting crazy hahahahahahaha!

I got these 2 cute keychain and hairpin for purchasing the strawberry ice-cream. So I gave them to the girls. See they so happy. LOL.

Awesome NYE! :DDDD

End this post with a cute picture of Rena eating cotton candy and Nina looking tipsy. HAHA!

We couldn't get any cab that night, because all the cab driver was like, "Oh you want to go? Give us RMB 100 or 200." We were like WTH??? From The Bund to our dorm was just like RMB 25 the most! 
So annoying, and it was super cold and windy that day, we decided against walking back to the dorm just in case anyone got sicked. 

So in the end, we found a hotel and rested on the lobby sofa until 4am. O.O
Finally managed to get a taxi with the reasonable price! :)

What a crazy New Year's Eve! :DDDDDDD
Happy New Year 2013 everyone! (Although 17 days belated, but still!) :DDDDDD


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