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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Afrosonic Orchestra @ Shanghai!

One of the activities that we girls love to do when we hang out is to watch jazz performances in Shanghai pubs or clubs! :) And there was this awesome Jazz band called Afrosonic Orchestra that we really love! :) Already watched their performances for a few times and their energy and upbeat songs really made our day! :)

Here are some pictures from the 2 Afrosonic performances that we watched last month! :) First one was at a club near The Bund. Forgotten the name of the place. T___T Failed memory.

Pictures in the cab! I just came back from a gig and I didn't even have time to comb my hair. So yeah. :'(

The place was really awesome! And we ordered this cherry-flavoured cocktail each! :)

Afrosonic Orchestra! :) Awesome music! :D

My camera was always over-exposed when taking flash pictures in dark places. T____T Can someone teach me how to deal with the flash setting???? 
I can only use photoshop to change the exposure and curves. T____T

The one and only decent picture of the night. :)

Over-exposed again. T____T

The saxophone player danced with Xing Xing! :D hahaha!!!! XD

Pictures with the x'mas tree before leaving!

Rena and the poster! :)

That was around x'mas time! :D 

And these are pictures from 12th January, the last day we hang out with Rena! T____T
The venue was JZ Club.

And that was the day I got my hair trim. Hehe.

Love Rena. :)

The 2 gorgeoussss.


Since most of the flashed photos were all over-exposed. Rena came up with the idea of putting 2 fingers in front of the flash and see what happened.

The effect is like this! :D A bit pinkish and not over-exposed! Pretty nice actually! :D

We watched from the 2nd floor! :)

They're super awesome! :) Will go to watch their performances again when I go back to Shanghai! :)

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