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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photo Diary: Imma Beach Girl! :)

I always feel blessed to be living near the sea. Kemaman is a small town, but it has all the beautiful beaches that you can't find in other countries! :) One thing I can tell you, the sea in Shanghai is really ugly, yellowish water, super coarse sand and no coconut trees nearby. :( DISLIKE.

My mom promised to bring me to the beach today and my spirits were dampened when I woke up in the morning and found out the sky was full of dark clouds. :( I thought the beach trip will be cancelled but lucky me, the sun showed itself right after my breakfast! :)

Happy girl in the car. :)

Tied up a Korean bun today! :) I spent the whole day yesterday watching hair and make-up tutorials on Youtube. LOL. This is one of the hairstyles I learned! Might try out other hairstyles soon too! :)

We went to Awana Kijal, which is the most beautiful beach (in my own ranking XD) nearby my hometown. :)
Jumped into these cool mini cars for some cool pics! :D *Okay I shouldn't have that teethy smile if I want cool effect* #failed

Really love this yellow car/bike thingy because looks like Bumblebee from Transformer hahaha!

The only slightly-cool pic because not smiling. LOL LOL. 

A series of pictures of me sitting on a dead tree trunk. I find the dead tree trunk really artistic! :) And besides, if you're my friends in facebook, you'll realised I really love to take landscape pictures lately. Not so much into those big-head-selcas already.

I really love landscape pictures that portray certain feeling/story! :D

Anyway, big-head-selcas still love la. XD

When I was in secondary school, I always don't understand why people always say that I'm tall/my legs very long blablabla.... 1st because I don't have a full-body mirror in my house, so I can only see my own face and the upper part of my body, 2nd because when I turn my head down to look at my legs, what I see is this. LOL. 

Very short what. =.='''

Maybe like this slightly longer. Haha.

More selcas. :D

Very proud of myself that I did this successful Korean bun. Haha. You see, my hair volume is like really thin. So last time when I didn't learn how to make the Korean bun, my hair look pitifully little and can't have this puffed-up effect. :) 

Might do a tutorial soon! Though it's actually super easy. I choose not to use hairspray because I don't want to damage my hair. :)

Decided to get into the sea and played with the water! :D All photo credits to my mom! :D

This one obviously taken in the LADIES. :D

Giant Chess area.
Happy me getting the Golden Horse Award. (金马奖)LOL LOL.

Cotton-on criss-cross tee
MURUA shorts
Vincci sandals
Music notes necklace (gift from Erika)

Actually I don't know how to play congkak, just posing for picture. LOL.

Till the next update! :D Byeeee!


  1. Nice photos ! like so much :) especially those u sat on the wood one.

    1. Thanks pretty for the comment! :) Nice to meet you! :)