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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pink! :)

Being in a holiday feels great! I can sit in front of my lappy and update my blog as much as I want! It's a luxury I can't feel when I'm studying. :) So I'm really going to enjoy myself throughout this 1 month and a half winter hols! :)

Since I didn't get to update last month, I'm going to dig up all the old forgotten pictures in my lappy and update it here! :)

I have been a very black person this whole semester. :) I usually wear black and white, or all kinds of dark colour. LOL. My friends also complained that I should wear something else more colourful. I don't know why, but I really like Mode style better. :D

Anyway, I'm getting tired of all the blacks and greys in my wardrobe, so I started to look for other colours! :) Found this simple pale pink cardigan in the boutique nearby our dorm and decided to buy it! :) It is not a very striking colour, just plain sweet. I guess I'll start buying colourful clothes soon. :) My black clothes can last me for the whole summer already. Speaking of which, I didn't get any new clothes for CNY. Hahaha. Don't want to waste money lah, so I'll just recycle my old dresses. :D

The only thing I'm worrying now is the dresses I own are all black. T___T And my grandma hates black clothes. Her face will turn black as coal when she sees you wearing black on CNY. T____T What should I do???? T____T Hmmmm... Have to figure something out with it. The only colourful stuff I have is colourful t-shirts, but I don't want to wear T-shirts on CNY. T____T LOL LOL.

Some pictures of me in the pink cardigan! :)

And that's the new bag I got from Olive des Olive. :) Love their bags because the price is reasonable (RMB 170 for this bag) and good quality! :)

With beige brown coat!


Scarf from roadside LOL
Coat from Klein Plus
Pink Cardigan from Shanghai Boutique
High-waisted shorts from Tapenade
Lacey grey top from Honeys
Bag from Olive des Olive
Furry shoes from C&A

:) XOXO :)

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