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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rena's Farewell Party!

When I'm writing this, Rena's already in Japan preparing to fly to Italy already. T____T
She had decided to further her studies in Italy, I couldn't help feeling really down and unhappy even though this should be a really good news for her. Imagine the beautiful European environment, perfect for a Soprano singer! I'm totally sure she's going to do great there, because she is so talented and hardworking! :)

Anyway, that also means I can't see her happy face already. T____T Hanging out with her is basically the best thing ever! She's always very bubbly, very considerate and a real fun! The first time I saw her, I immediately thought of her as a super adorable kid, she has a very pure heart and she thinks about others the whole time. She never spoken ill about anyone and always try her best to make everyone happy. :) It sadden me to see her leave, but still, I wish her all the best in her future undertakings! :) Way to go, Rena! :))))

We had a farewell dinner and ladies' night party on 9th January! :D Most of our friends could only make it after 8pm, so only 3 of us (Rena, Jesslyn and I) had the Japanese buffet dinner together! :) Jesslyn also had to leave around 7.30pm, therefore only Rena and I ordered the RMB 158 buffet. 

Pictures of the 3 of us! LOL!

Food pictures. Hehe. 

Sea urchin! Rena ordered like tons of them until the waitress told us there were no more sea urchins available. LOL.
They were super yum! Rena told me in Japan, sea urchins were sooooo expensive they couldn't really afford to eat so much there. XD So it's kinda like a miracle to see how cheap it is in China. :D

Then I almost got a heart attack when Rena ordered the beef sashimi. O.O
I only know the fish sashimi, I didn't know there's beef sashimi too. T____T
I know they should be pretty much the same, but the beef looks so bloody, I cannot imagine anyone eating it. T______T 

Rena kept telling me it's very Oishii, Totemo Oishii desu. LOL. I just keep shaking my head. Nonononononono!

So in the end, she finished up the whole plate. O.O
I was all the time staring and thinking "omg god bless me". LOL.

Jesslyn ordered the Kimchi beef rice! :D Looks awesomely yum!

This is beef tongue sashimi. Looks better without all those bloody stuff. Phew.

Happy girls!

Finally, the type of sashimi that I loveeeee! :DDDDDD Salmon!!! I can eat all kinds of fish sashimi. Hehehe, but I can't accept the beef/chicken/pork whatsoever. T_____T


This is the restaurant we went! :) Super cheap and the taste is really authentic! :) All the waitresses there speak good Japanese!

Hi there. :P

Eating my beloved Salmon Sashimi. *hearts*

Jesslyn was going to leave around 7.30pm, so I quickly took some pictures with her! :)

Pictures with Rena afterwards! ;D

We ate until 9pm and went straight to Brown Sugar for the ladies night! :) Met the other girls there! :)
Meet the beautiful French girl in our dorm! She just came this semester! Her name is Zoe! :)
Super modelish, and only 18 years old! :D

L to R: Xing Xing, Rena, Xiao Bao Laoshi, and Zoe!

It was Meachie again! :)

Tracy, Xiao Bao Laoshi and Xing Xing! ;)

Ai ai was there too! :)

The roommates! :D

Rena got to take pictures with Meachie! :) Awesomeness! :DDDDD

Till the next post! XOXO!

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