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Monday, January 20, 2014

Preloved Items Sale! :D

Hello babehs I'm back in blogsphere! :D Sorry for the crazily long hiatus! Was really busy with studies and exams. :((( Will talk about all those stuff in another blog post! :D

Now I'm back in Malaysia for summer holidays, and when I was packing my luggage and rummaging through my wardrobe in Shanghai, I realised I had tons of nice clothes that I don't really wear at all! Some are brand new LOL. So I stuffed them into my luggage to bring back to Malaysia and share them with you guys! Actually there were more but my luggage allowance that I got for my flight was only 25kg. :( So I couldn't bring it back. Never mind, I'll come back in July again and will bring them back if you guys support this sale! :D Hahaha!

I'm going to list out clearly how many times I've worn the clothes, and how much is the original price for it. My height is 174cm, so you guys can have an idea whether the dress will look longer on you or shorter hahaha! :) Usually I wear S or M for dresses. :)

The 1st Item: Studded Blue Dress with Sexy Back

I got it in a boutique when there was sales, I fell instantly in love with the back detail but the shop worker didn't allow the customers to try on the dress because it was already a huge discount, they didn't want us to waste the changing room space or creating a long queue. So I got it without trying and when I got home I realised it's too short for me!!

It just cover my butt exactly, no longer! It's that type of sexy clubbing dress length you see. Hahaha. Or maybe because of my height it looks super short on me, so girls with more petite height will definitely suit this dress yeah. :) If it's longer I'll definitely keep it. It accentuates our curves. :)

So basically I've never worn it out before, except for shooting these pictures below LOL.

Original Price: RM40
Selling: RM30

2nd Item: edc by Esprit Sweet Buttoned-up & Ribboned-up top 

I bought it from edc by Esprit. It was love at first sight, okay, that time I love sweet outfits lah. This piece is super versatile, you can wear it like how I do in the pictures below, or you can match it with some simple dress, eg: a sleeveless white dress, or you can wear it outside some simple tee! :D 

It's still in perfect condition and I remembered last time when I bought it 我有一点下不了手,有点贵... lol lol, basically everything in Shanghai is not cheap unless bad quality stuff la. And I hate bad quality stuff so don't worry you won't find any in this blog post. :D 

Anyway really love it that time so bought it ady, and now I don't really wear sweet outfits ady so have to find a better owner for it instead of letting it gather dust in my wardrobe, 对不起那个价格啊。。

I'm wearing XS yeah, so this size can suit slim girls out there :DDDD *for me i'm flat chested that's why, sigh* I only wear it like twice, that's all.

Original Price: RM 150
Selling: RM 40

3rd Item: Topshop Blue Dress

This is the dress I bought last time in Topshop during last year's CNY! :) It's really simple and elegant. Got it since there was sales. 

I only wear it out once, which is in this picture below, and another time was when I recorded a video. Why am I selling it? Coz my butt grew too big ady I felt sad wearing this body-hugging dress. T_T Reminds me that I'm fat. LOL.

Oh and I love the length of the dress! It is not too long and not too short, very decent, and you can wear it for family gathering or formal events. :) Still in super good condition! (only wear once ma) hahahah!

Original Price: RM100
Selling: RM50

I'm wearing S or M I forgot :S I think girls around my height suit this dress better than cute petite girls yeah!

4th Item: Remind Me & Forever Sweet Sleeveless Top with Ribbon 
(2 colours available: Beige Brown and Tiffany Blue)

Again, another good quality expensive item LOL. I bought it from the OPA mall, that sold exclusively all Japanese brands. So you can imagine the price. =.= And that time I was looking for some tops for summer and came across these two cute singlet top with the ribbon details! And I got mad excited about it and even though they were pretty pricey, I bought them.

现在想想有点脑残。。。1 top RM70 wtf, spent RM 140 for both. And now I think it's too sweet for me ady and basically only wear each for 1 or 2 times out. =.=

Original Price: RM70
Selling: RM30

5th Item: Sequined Criss-crossed Dress from Forever 21

This dress had been my fav for a long time. :) Coz it's super elegant, I love girly and elegant outfits. :D So I got it when I first set my eyes on it. Another dress that I love because of its decent length for my height. Girl of height 165cm and above will look gorgeous in this dress yeah!

Check out the back details too, super love it, why I'm selling it because I have this bad habit of not wearing my previous clothes after I got new ones. =.= Unless it is those really simple outfits like t-shirts and jeans. If it's some pretty fancy dresses, I usually stop wearing them after a while because "over-exposed" in pictures. LOL.  Anybody else out there that have the same problem with me??

I'm wearing M size and I worn it for 3 times. :)

Original Price: RM 95
Selling Price: RM40

6th Item: Olive Braided Top from Bugis

I got this when I went to Singapore's Bugis Street last year! :) Was totally in love with the olive colour andddddd the braided straps! :D Worn it twice out, as you can see in the pictures. I'm selling it because I'm lazy to wear nu-bra just for the sake of wearing this top. Hahahahaha!

The real colour you guys can check out the 2nd and 3rd pic. There's some lighting problem that's why the real colour doesn't come out. It's a short top so you guys can match it with high waisted shorts or skirts yeah! :) Suitable for girls of any height. :D 

Original Price: RM 50
Selling Price: RM 30

7th Item: Coral Top from Forever 21

Bought this coral top last year at Forever 21, totally in love with the coral colour. It's much more brighter than the picture, stupid phone camera cannot get the real colour. T_T The colour makes our skin looks fairer! Selling it because I have a lot of summer tops already! :) And this one is in really good condition! 

Worn it for 2 times only! I'm wearing S.

Original Price: RM70
Selling Price: RM 30

8th Item: Adorable Ribboned-up Aztez Print Top from Forever 21

Very summer-ish top! The backside is longer than the front and you can make a ribbon at the front just like the edc top! :) I worn it for 3 or 4 times yeah! And I'm wearing S size.

I  really love the pink grey white colour combi, extremely fun and cute! :) 

Original price: RM 70
Selling Price: RM 30

9th Item: Benefit "They're Real!" Mascara (Smaller version)

I bought the mascara from Benefit last month and it comes together with this mini size adorable mascara too! :D Exactly the same thing but the mini size one is supposed to be more convenient when you go travel or something. :) 

I'm selling it because I think I'll spend a longggg time to finish the bigger one, and I'm afraid that the smaller one might dry up until that time, and it'll be a huge waste, coz Benefit's stuff are pretty expensive. So I think you guys might love to get it! 

It's basically one of the best mascara I had ever had. It doesn't smudge easily and best yet the effect is good! :) Now I don't need to put on fake lashes anymore. :D 

Here's the comparison of the size between the bigger one and the smaller one. :) 

Original Price: (Both together) RM 120
Selling Price: (Smaller one) RM 30

10th Item: Vence Exchange's Leopard Print Low Waisted Shorts

Another piece bought from OPA mall! Was mad excited that time because there was a sale, usually couldn't really afford to get the items from this brand. Usually one pair of shorts is around RMB 400 plus, which is like RM 200. CRAZY. And at the sales, I spotted this pair of cute shorts selling at RMB 150!!!! 

Anyway, I wasn't allow to try on, and they only have S size left. I just feel like I have to get it, 不买待会就没有了! LOL LOL. So I got it, and..... when I got home and tried it on... It's too small for my big butt. T_____T Usually I wear M size. SOB.

So girls out there who wear S for shorts usually can get this pair of shorts yeah! Still got that tag on it, brand new, never wear it out before. It's that kinda hot pants for pretty hot girls out there :D Don't miss it! :DDDDD If got M size, I'll be wearing it out everyday now already!

Original Price: RM 75
Selling: RM 30

Size: S 

Girls who are interested please email me at or pm me in facebook! :) I really hope you all can be the new owner for my clothes because they're all in extremely good quality! :)


I'm sending it with GD express so you guys can get the items fast and safe. :D And with every buy I'll include some small gifts. :)

First come first serve okay! :DDDDD

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