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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Our First Couple Tee! ;)

Evening babehs!! :) I'm really excited to share with you guys my first couple tee with my babe Fion! :DDDDDD *jumping up and down in excitement* :DDDD

Btw, I'm very into GIF lately :D Hahaha!

I guess all of you already know who's Fion right? If you read my blog, you must have read about her! :) She's the first blogger friend that I know and get really close with! :) We pretty much chat on wechat EVERYDAY! Hahahaha! 

Since she got a hashtag name with the beautiful blogger Daphne, (ps: their hashtag name is #addiction) so Fion thought that it would be nice if we have our own hashtag too! :D 

To be honest, I'm not really a hashtag kind of person, if you follow me on my instagram, I barely put any hashtags in my picture caption. LOL. I just don't really understand what's hashtag for? Why you have to put crazy lots of hashtag behind the caption that pretty much sounds the same, ex: #beautifulgirls #beauty #hotgirlsinmalaysia #gorgeousgirls etc. LOL LOL LOL. No offence, but I just don't get it.

Anyway, this is totally another different matter, it's a way of me addressing my friend in a special way like only both of us know. :D It feels nice! I can hashtag her in everything that reminds me about her and it is just like a special way of bonding. Haha. Finally I've come to terms with the usage of hashtag! :DDDD

This creative girl suggested that I'll be #trebleclef and she'll be #bassclef! Why??? Well, because I play the violin which is usually the melody line, and she plays the guitar with is usually accompaniment! :DDD Something really easy to remember! :DDD

Then one day, she sent me a link from Taobao which were some super cute cropped tees! :D And she said she wanted to have couple tee with me, music theme one! :D Hahahaha! I was like, YAY LET'S GET IT! :D But we didn't decide the colours and which one we wanted. It was my fault because I didn't online that much. 2 weeks before I came back to Malaysia, she asked me to get her the dreamcatcher in the Korean Drama "The Heirs", which both of us got pretty crazy about. I decided to give it to her as a gift and I wanted to get her the cropped tee as a gift too but this silly girl said she didn't want me to use so much money and in the end only wanted the dreamcatcher.

Come on, these are just small gifts, 不要和我客气啦! I want to give her a surprise and make her happy, and I know her birthday is coming soon in February so it'll be a good birthday present as well! :D Hahaha! So I got her the dreamcatcher and 2 cropped tees in bright colours! :) To know more, you guys can go read her post HERE. Hahahaha!!! :D I was "bombed" with lots of tags on FB the morning she got the present LOL! I'm so happy to see her so excited! hahahahahaha!!! :DDDD

I told her to wear the tee and take a picture, and I'll make a collage of both of us in our Music Couple Tee! Hohoo!!!! :D So here goes! :DDDDD

We look like twins hahahaa! Almost the same pose and same hair length and same hair parting hahahahhaaaa omg! :DDD

Hopefully we'll meet up in person very soon and we can wear this tee together!!!!! ;DDDDDDDD

Since I bothered to put on make up and changed into a total new outfit I decided to blog about it as an OOTD post hahahaaha! :)

Music Heals The Soul! :D

Loving the YSL sling bag. :) It goes perfectly with everything. :)

I love wearing pencil skirt lately because it is super convenient and hides my fats completely :D Bahaha! :) And very fashionable too! :) Btw that's the Aldo flats that I got. :D Mad love. Next time I'll take a closer pic of it.

Drew a trebleclef on my face, to match with the hashtag! ^0^ Though it's like reversed horizontally since I'm drawing it facing the mirror. In my defence, It looks right in the mirror! Hahaha!


Till then! :DD Ciao!

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