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Monday, October 29, 2012

They Say Wedding Day Is The Biggest Day Ever.

:D Hello peepo, this is going to be one of my gig posts. :D

Did I tell you I love going to gigs? It's not about earning money actually, I mean, yeah I can get money from that but mainly what I love about gigs is I get to go to so many beautiful places. Some places are so exclusive you can't get in without invitations/special occasions! :D

2 weeks ago, I got to go to this beautiful wedding place I forgot the name. T____T It has windows everywhere so the sun shone in and lighten up the place, it was such a gorgeous sight!

Happy me, still in my casual outfit. :D

Look at this! :DDDDDD

The magic of sunlight.

I'm like one happy tourist taking pictures everywhere! LOL!

And then the gig started. All of us were requested to wear the red gowns.
If you notice, all my quartet partners are totally different girls than last time. XD

Spot the photobomb guy at the back. XD

There were some bridegroom's friends, 4 guys kept coming to chat with us. LOL.
They were super funny and requested us to play this and that, we were very bad and didn't choi them. LOL.

Anyway they are still nice enough and they volunteered to take pictures for us. 

Okay I look so kiddy in my bangs. :P

End this post with selca. Haha!

Good night peepo! :D

Little Violet From Aussie!

I'm going to start the post with a BIG THANK YOU to Mr Frank/Frankenstein in Aussie for this cutest monkey with the most adorable violet eyes ever! :D

That day we were chatting on FB and Frank was like, "If I'm going to send you gift from Aussie what do you want?"
I thought he was just kidding so I said, "Uhm something pretty/cute laaaah."

And after like a few weeks, I got this parcel with this little monkey inside!

A note inside says:
WARNING: Once you awake him from the slumber, the first female he recognises will be his mother and will take full responsibility of his wellfare!

Daily nutrition intake:
1 serving of banana OR lots of love. XD


*Trying to open my eyes as big as possible to match my baby monkey's eyes. Btw I'm having violet contact lens on too! Haha!*

Besides the amazing eyes, it has the cutest smile too! :D

Mommy I want a hug!

The most awesome thing is no matter which way you're facing him, he seems like he's looking at you all the time. Hahaha! So attentive meh! :D

Fluffy back side with a whiff of violet dye at the tail end! :D

More pictures with Little Violet after I got my bangs. Hahaha!

Who is cuter? Muahahaha!

:D Thank you again Frank! :D 
The postcard and letter are lovely! ;P
I promise I'll take good care of Little Violet! ^ o ^

Korean Dinner with my Korean Babes. :)

Hello blog, sorry for abandoning you for so long.
I'll update at least 3 posts today I promise. LOL LOL.

Again I have to say my pictures are piling up like mad I'm having a hard time keeping track of which I've already blogged and which I haven't. =.='''

Seems like I'm always blogging things dated 2 weeks ago. :D So yea, let's start!
Today I'll write about a super sumptuous super authentic Korean dinner with my 3 new Korean friends! :D

I can already sense guys reading this post after seeing the word "Korean babes" Hahahahahaha. Perfect way to attract readers to my blog. Korean girls are just too cute! :D I know that because last time I updated a picture of my Korean girlfriends in my instagram and that picture got so many likes and comments from the guys. LOLLLLLL.

So yea this post is full of pictures of my beautiful Korean friends. :D And also the yummiest Korean food I've ever had.
After the dinner, I have to say restaurants like Pankoo or some other Korean restaurants I've been to last time are all FAKE. This restaurant, called 青鹤谷 is like 1000000000000x better than them! :DDDDDD My Korean friends told me this one is the most famous Korean restaurant in the Korean Town in Shanghai! :D YES, there's a Korean Town and a Japanese Town in Shanghai.:)

Pictures time!!!

Jin Soul and Christina. Okay I'm not totally sure whether her name is Christin or Christina.
To be frank, even herself hasn't decide her own name. LOL.
Her email says Christin, but she told us her name is Christina.
I was like, so is it Christin or Christina, this pretty girl just give me a shrug and smile, "I don't know either. Both is fine." LOL. So cincai one. XDD

Then I'll stick to Christina. :D


Waitress grilling the meat for us!

My favourite dish of the day!!!!
Steamed egg that is SO TASTY I DUN EVEN!!!!!! T_____T
Jin Soul says she knows how to cook it. Something about putting milk and egg and salt and......

Go google for the recipe. XD

Kimchi Tofu soup! We were saying why the pot looked so old and worn. Haha! Maybe the soup will taste better in old pots like this?

Huge piece of beef! The waitress cut it into smaller pieces using scissors afterwards. :)

Yummy noodles!!!!

The pretties. :D

Ellen, Chae Won and me. ;D

As usual, you'll have to give me credits for my awesome self-snapping skill. Muahahaha.

These two girls are the funniest. They love taking pictures but...........

When they checked the pictures afterwards, their faces will definitely be like really SOUR. 
"WHY SO UGLY???????"
Hahahaha then they'll fight to delete the pictures. LOL.

Thank you for the friendly waitress there for taking pictures for us!
Look at the table full of food. Haha!

Leaving. The interior of the place. 

The name of the resto!

If you're wondering, Chae Won (the one in the middle) is making a peace sign, but no idea why it looks like she only stick out one finger. XDDDDD

The fridge specialises in storing Kimchi. ;D

This place is so famous all these Korean stars came here to eat when they came to Shanghai! 
See if you know them! :D

The girls wanted to let us try Korean ice creams! :D So we went to the Korean supermarket nearby and shop for ice creams! Wheeee!

In the end all of us got the same ice cream. 
No, not exactly ice cream, it's like... ice cream milk shake! :D It's the first time I see something like this and it's very interesting!

Group shot at the front door of the mart. Hahaha! Okay shit I look like a giant beside them. T____T

This is the milk shake ice cream thingy! :D
You'll have to press very hard to squeeze the ice cream out! :D And it's superrrrrr tasty! :D

Chae Won's face tells you how tasty it is. Hahaha!

I asked them to put on the "OMG THIS IS SO YUMMY!" face.
And they gimme this. O_O

Chae Won looking sicked, Christina looking pissed, and Jin Soul looking like a happy kid. HAHAHAHA!

I was like, "NO, GIRLS. Nobody will want to eat that after looking at the picture. One more shot!"

So finally we have this. :D
Much better hahahaa!

The Malaysians version! Hahahahahahaa!
Coincidentally, we got the same expression! XDDDDDDDD
Ellen and me! LOL!

We missed the last subway, and luckily we managed to catch the last bus back to dorm! Korean Town is very faraway from our school, and we were too busy chatting, taking pictures and having fun. :DDD

Anyway it was such a great evening!!!!!! Love my girls! :DDDDD

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Listen To The Urban @ O'Malley's Pub :D

Gyahahaha, updating after midnight again! :D
Just had the most fulfilling supper+dinner in my life omg. Can hardly walk now. So I'll sit still and blog and let the food slowly digest in my tummy. LOL.

Last week darling Xing Xing suddenly called me and asked whether I want to go to O'Malley's (an Irish Pub nearby) to grab some drink and listen to the Jazz band performance there. :)

After Kathy and Paulina went to NY, we girls seldom get together that often like before. :(((( So I was really happy and immediately agreed to go! :DDDD Nothing's better than a girly date which means fun + perfect time to play dress up! LOL! :D

A nice picture to start of the post. #vain pot 

Both our looks of the night! :D
The prettyyyyyy babe Xing Xing!!! Woohooo! :D

Me in my Forever 21 dress! :)

We were pretty surprised when we got there.......... because.......

We thought it was just some small jazz band performance at first. This was just too cool! :DDDDDDD

Besides there were free champagne too! :D *which we later found out it wasn't free =.=''' Only people who got some special bracelet thingy can get the free drinks, but when we went there too many people were taking the drinks and the bartender didn't check the bracelet, so we thought it was FOC. LOL LOL.*

Anyway I swear we didn't knowwwwww or else we won't take. T______T *We are good kids okay?* LOL.

Us with the champagne! :)

The photogenic baby muahmuahhhhh ;D

This picture is so cute! XD I was like "Don't move or the picture will get blurry!"
She was like "WHATTTT?"

The camera tended to take blurry pictures under yellow light so in the end we gave up and used flash instead.

Flash pictures are all over-exposed but after editing the effect is actually OKAY, well, better than the blurry ones at least. :D

Love my F21 dress! :D Should have taken the picture of the dress design at the back, it is pretty nice! :) 

A short video of the performance that night and my stupid face. XD
We were saying how the keyboard player kept on repeating the same "clawing on the keyboard" movement. :D

He was like that throughout the concert. O____O but we couldn't hear what he was playing. So what's the point? XDDDD

You can ignore my retarded face. LOL.

Okay going to sleep now! Byeeeee!