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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Listen To The Urban @ O'Malley's Pub :D

Gyahahaha, updating after midnight again! :D
Just had the most fulfilling supper+dinner in my life omg. Can hardly walk now. So I'll sit still and blog and let the food slowly digest in my tummy. LOL.

Last week darling Xing Xing suddenly called me and asked whether I want to go to O'Malley's (an Irish Pub nearby) to grab some drink and listen to the Jazz band performance there. :)

After Kathy and Paulina went to NY, we girls seldom get together that often like before. :(((( So I was really happy and immediately agreed to go! :DDDD Nothing's better than a girly date which means fun + perfect time to play dress up! LOL! :D

A nice picture to start of the post. #vain pot 

Both our looks of the night! :D
The prettyyyyyy babe Xing Xing!!! Woohooo! :D

Me in my Forever 21 dress! :)

We were pretty surprised when we got there.......... because.......

We thought it was just some small jazz band performance at first. This was just too cool! :DDDDDDD

Besides there were free champagne too! :D *which we later found out it wasn't free =.=''' Only people who got some special bracelet thingy can get the free drinks, but when we went there too many people were taking the drinks and the bartender didn't check the bracelet, so we thought it was FOC. LOL LOL.*

Anyway I swear we didn't knowwwwww or else we won't take. T______T *We are good kids okay?* LOL.

Us with the champagne! :)

The photogenic baby muahmuahhhhh ;D

This picture is so cute! XD I was like "Don't move or the picture will get blurry!"
She was like "WHATTTT?"

The camera tended to take blurry pictures under yellow light so in the end we gave up and used flash instead.

Flash pictures are all over-exposed but after editing the effect is actually OKAY, well, better than the blurry ones at least. :D

Love my F21 dress! :D Should have taken the picture of the dress design at the back, it is pretty nice! :) 

A short video of the performance that night and my stupid face. XD
We were saying how the keyboard player kept on repeating the same "clawing on the keyboard" movement. :D

He was like that throughout the concert. O____O but we couldn't hear what he was playing. So what's the point? XDDDD

You can ignore my retarded face. LOL.

Okay going to sleep now! Byeeeee!


  1. yea, ur friend xing xing is sooo cute in the second pix!

  2. lmao joke, tats the funniest expression ever hahahha. Obviously u were drunk~~ Did u drink too much champagne?! :O

    1. LOLLLL no I just had half of the champagne and I never got drunk before in my life. Still wondering how does it feel? XDD