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Monday, October 15, 2012

How I Spent My Mooncake Festival This Year.

As what the title says, this is about my mooncake festival this year, haha!
No familiar family dinners, no tanglung parade, no mooncakes, but WORK.

Yes, I went for a gig that day. LOL, but I was really happy that I did, because I got to go to this fabulous rooftop place of a software company!
They organised a mooncake festival buffet party there!

The weather that day was gorgeous. The sun, the clouds. Totally stunning! It was so breezy and comfortable!!!

Love the sunlight!


Beautiful sight. :)

Sister Liu Jia, first violinist of the day. :)

With the friendly girls who worked as ushers there! :)

Changed into black dress! There were only 3 of us that day! No violist LOL.

With the pretties!

The sky turned darker.Self snap during rest session. :)

Beautiful lights! With pretty pretty cellist! Sorry forgot her name. XD 
You see, we perform with different people at different gigs. There are no SET partners if you get what I mean.
So I get to know a lot of people from gigs! ;D The downside is I usually see them once, so I'll forget their names pretty quickly. T_T

After the buffet dinner, the M.C announced that there would be a breathtaking fireworks presentation which they had prepared for 2 months.

And it started........... like this.

I was like, =.=''' this thing you need to prepare for 2 months?!?!?!?!

Then suddenly........

Now this is more like it. :D

The fireworks lasted for so long! I snapped so many pictures. It was such a sight! Too bad a lot of the pictures are blurred or smoky so I only pick the best ones out. 

Spot the moon!

Quite an interesting Mooncake Festival huh! :D

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