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Monday, October 29, 2012

They Say Wedding Day Is The Biggest Day Ever.

:D Hello peepo, this is going to be one of my gig posts. :D

Did I tell you I love going to gigs? It's not about earning money actually, I mean, yeah I can get money from that but mainly what I love about gigs is I get to go to so many beautiful places. Some places are so exclusive you can't get in without invitations/special occasions! :D

2 weeks ago, I got to go to this beautiful wedding place I forgot the name. T____T It has windows everywhere so the sun shone in and lighten up the place, it was such a gorgeous sight!

Happy me, still in my casual outfit. :D

Look at this! :DDDDDD

The magic of sunlight.

I'm like one happy tourist taking pictures everywhere! LOL!

And then the gig started. All of us were requested to wear the red gowns.
If you notice, all my quartet partners are totally different girls than last time. XD

Spot the photobomb guy at the back. XD

There were some bridegroom's friends, 4 guys kept coming to chat with us. LOL.
They were super funny and requested us to play this and that, we were very bad and didn't choi them. LOL.

Anyway they are still nice enough and they volunteered to take pictures for us. 

Okay I look so kiddy in my bangs. :P

End this post with selca. Haha!

Good night peepo! :D

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