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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Confession of A Taobao Shopaholic!

Peepo peepo peepo! I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screaming on the top of my lungs*

Hahaha, omg, it had been more than a month this time! I had completely, totally, absolutely abandoned my darling blog............... for school stuff. So don't scold me LOL!

I'll update you guys about what kept me so busy lately in another post. Now I'm too excited about something I need to share with you guys first! :DDDDDDDD

If you stay in China you will definitely know about the ONLINE SALES on Taobao on 11/11/2013! :DDDD Okay, actually every year also got. It's call the DOUBLE ELEVEN Day (direct translate 双十一), which is also Single's Day. I think maybe they want to console those single people out there or something so a lot of shopping malls and most of all, the online shopping heaven, TAOBAO, organised a crazy 50% sale on that day! ALMOST EVERYTHING 50% including branded items! :DDDDDDD

I didn't plan on buying anything last time, but I kept seeing the advertisements popping out everywhere, at the side of the shopping mall, on the tv screen in subway station, or at the tv machine thingy in the taxi. EVERYWHERE! LOL! So...... I kinda got hypnotized and felt like I had to check it out. Hahahaha!

Besides, I had been wanting to get a pair of boots for winter, because the one last time already worn out, and I wanted to buy a good quality one as well so it will last longer. Btw, there's a very very very weird phenomenon in China. SHOES ARE FREAKING EXPENSIVE. You can't find any shoes under RMB 200, I mean good branded shoes, not those sold at the roadside that were mad cheap la. Coz in Malaysia we got Padini, Vincci all those good quality and reasonable price shoes right? Here, the same quality you have to pay double or triple of the price in Malaysia! Crazy!

So you can imagine, if I want to buy boots, leather ones, it would be at least RMB 1000 here! Equivalent to RM 500 per pair. Hah! No money for that! =.= So I didn't get to buy any for a long long time even if I saw some designs that I love.

Therefore, I got a brilliant idea, to check out the boots on Taobao on Double Eleven Day and see if got any branded shoes on sales!!!!!!! And I'm proven to be a genius. :DDDDD CRAZY MAD LOTS OF BRANDED SHOES ON SALES! Tata, Steve Madden, Nine West blablabla all on sales! Buahahahaa! You should imagine my expression that time, eyes popping out love shapes okay?! Hahahahhahaa!

Anyway, the war started at 12am, so I chose all the things that I wanted to buy and waited patiently for the time to come. And the long boots that I wanted was targeted by 800 people! ONLY GOT 40 pairs wth! (ps: we can see how many ppl save it in their shopping cart) So I was mad nervous and kept complaining to Tuya and spamming on wechat, "PLEASE DON'T FIGHT WITH ME FOR THE BOOTS!!!!" Hahahahahahaha! Crazy, but seriously if I didn't buy it I think I'll cry! Really love it and the price is mad crazy cheap compared to the original price okay?!

In the end, I won the fight. Thanks to my divine internet speed and my luck. Mehehehehehee. I'm going to show you guys what I had bought! :DDDDDDD

Start with a totally irrelevant picture of my face just in case any of you miss it. ;P

I GOT A NEW LUGGAGE FROM ITO! :DDDD The famous Japanese brand! :)
My old luggage is super broken already. I bought it from some cheap market last time for RMB 150 only, but apparently 一分钱一分货, its quality is too bad the wheels sucks big time! 

I always have to use up a lot of energy to pull it because its wheels can only go in one direction and usually when I fly back to Malaysia I took a lot of things with me. Violin, handbag, laptop and the luggage. Hands totally full! And still need to use up energy to pull that luggage omgggg. I always feel really drained after the flight.

So I think this will be a good investment. To get a really good quality luggage with reasonable price! :)

Original price RMB 930, now only RMB 340!

Chose the pastel pink! :) Love it because it's sweet and not too pink "pink", you get what I mean?!

And together with the luggage, the taobao shop owner sent me some extra gifts!!!! :DDDD

Luggage stickers!!!
Though I don't think I'm going to put any of them on my luggage. Maybe only one? I dunno, it just feels too young for me! *old woman's mind* HAHAHAHAHAA!

What I love most of the gifts!!! The U shape pillow omg!!! Totally need it for the flight! And the eye mask for sleeping in the cabin! also got sponge thingy to stuff your ears just in case the pressure in the cabin got unbearable. Name tag for your luggage and 2 dried compact towels!

Just in case you dunno, I love useful things than pretty but useless things. :D
That's why I don't like flowers as present, because pretty only, but useless. Hahahaa. Though I'll always feel happy when I get it la LOL.

Preferably PRETTY AND USEFUL. :D Perfect combo!

Inside! There were several parts to put lots of things!!!! Totally happy with it! One of my best buys on Taobao ever! :DDDDDD

The lock part also very high-tech. :DDDDD Super neat and easy to use!

Alright next buy!
Tata brown leather boots!!!

Original price RMB 1098, now RMB 400!

Super pretty right? but................. the size is smaller than usual. T______T

I was so happy when I received it, but when I tried it on, it was too small for my feet so I couldn't walk in it. :(

Anyway, I just shared it on my wechat to see if there's anyone who are interested to buy it from me and already 4 people replied! I had a feeling that it would be sold by tomorrow. Hahahahaa! Yayyyy get my money back! :DDDDD

I tried to change the size on Taobao, but it was totally sold out during the Double Eleven Day so no choice. :'( If I can change the size I'll definitely keep it!

Winter Tights!
Okay this buy totally failed. :'(
I just wanted to get some leggings for winter you know. And I saw that the comment on this is really good. A lot of people bought it.

Original price RMB 58, now RMB 26 per pair.

So I was like, okay cool, I need good quality leggings coz the bad quality one will easily worn out or tear.

When it arrived, I was like wowwwwwwwww look at the legs of the model!!!! (though it's a bit too scary kinda long, must have photoshopped =.=) And when I opened it I touched the material and was like ohhhhhhh good quality!!!!!!!

Then I tried it on and...... STUCK.


Then I realised. It's the COMPRESSION TIGHTS.

I didn't see the words when I bought it.

It's that kinda tights when girls bought it to make their legs look slimmer, but it's so super duper tight you'll feel your legs suffocate in it, like literally, your legs will die because lack of oxygen flow in it. LOL WTH AM I TALKING ABOUT, but that was what I felt.

I didn't want to give up because I thought like, shit, I paid for it, I'll at least try to wear it, maybe I can stand it. So I spent like 20 minutes slowly wearing it lil bit by bit up. OMG IT IS GOD DAMN PAINFUL because too tight! Every time I pulled it up an inch, it'll smack my legs when I let go. *pak! elastic smack* T______T 

In the end when I finished pulling it up, my legs look exactly like the model on the box (okay myb not that long, but that slim la). And I was like wuuuuuuu, but the funny thing is all the fats were pushed up to my butt so my butt is ridiculously big hahahahhahahaa it was a crazily funny sight. Though I like the legs' part. :D

In the end I took it off coz it was too suffocating. LOL. I think I watched on TV last time some celebrity actually wear this kinda thing when they sleep to make sure they have the perfect leg shape. I was like, omg they.... are..... amazing, how can anyone sleep in things like this?!??!?!

Anyway, any readers out there interested to buy? I have another one for summer/spring, thinner version, not open yet. If you're interested let me know ar. You can wear in your sleep to keep your leg shape if you can endure it muahahahhaha!

 Finally this is the boots that I was talking about earlier! The one that got 800 ppl targeting, and the one that if I didn't get I would cry that one! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Le Saunda Long boots! :DDDD

Original price RMB 2298, now RMB 699! 

I'll just show you guys the picture on Taobao page so you guys can see it more clearly! :)))) I bought the black one! I like how simple but elegant it is! :D I don't like anything too complicated looking. No bling blings no nothing. :)))

Somemore the shop owner gave me this key + card leather accessories bag! Amazing quality!!!

Before I tried it on I'm really really worried that the size wouldn't suit me! Luckily it fitted like a glove!!!!! So in love! Immediately asked Tuya to take a picture of me in it! Hahaha!!! Another of my best buys on Taobao!!! Really happy about it because original price is RMB 2298 one okay?!?!?!?!!!

Okay lastly I got myself some new hair accessories! :) Since I didn't really do anything to my hair, too lazy, I think having some cute hair accessories thing can motivate me. :D

wig hair rubber band! :DDDDD
Got braided version and straight hair version!!!

Each for RMB 2 I think! :)

The effects are as follow. :) Cute right? :DDDDD If people doesn't look closely, they would think that it is my own hair hahahaha! :D

Another one is this Bun sponge thingy! :DDDD I have very thin hair so when I pull my hair into a bun, the size of the bun is pathetically small. So with the help of this sponge thingy......

The bun could be THIS BIG! Hahahaha!
Well, I think it's a lil too big for my taste, coz I bought the L size sponge. I should probably get the M or S. LOL. Anyway I'm really happy to try it out! :D Only RMB 1 each OMG! :D

I bought another pair of black wedges but it hadn't arrive yet. So maybe I'll update about it soon! :) 

Till then, I'll end this post with another pic of me wearing my fav boots! :) Night peeps! :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

In Fake France & Feeling Annoyed. :(

Hey babes, I've gone MIA for almost 3 weeks. :( Many things happened and I'm not really feeling like my old jolly self again. Probably not going to get her back for a long time. 

Anyway just a picture to remind myself I once smiled/laughed like this before. Hahaha.

Okay now that sounded too sad, I don't want to spread negative energy in my blog so I think I'll spread my anger instead. LOL LOL. At least anger is not depression right? :D

I want to rant about the worst gig I've been to this month! 

2 weeks ago I was asked to go to this gig at NanTong and since the pay was not so bad I happily went. There were 2 vans sending all the performers over to that place called The Louvre (copy the France's Louvre wtf make it sounds very high class like that).

The Louvre is a place selling villas, does sound pretty high-class isn't it? We were all like "Wow, this place is so beautiful!" when we got there. 

Then things went bad. Like a delicious-looking food actually turned out to taste stale and yucky. The people working there were seriously really....... I can't find the word...... stupid, uncivilised, brainless? Maybe a mixture of all.

We were brought inside an unfinished villa with no furnitures or whatsoever and the whole building smelled like dust and paint. We had to wait there for 4 hours until the event started and there was not A SINGLE CHAIR for anyone!!!!!!!! We talked to the manager there about it and he was like, "I'm sorry I'll go ask about it." After a while, he came back with some newspaper and said, "Uhm, everyone is busy so nobody can get chairs over here. You guys just spread these newspapers on the floor and sit on the floor yeah."

HE ACTUALLY SAID IT IN A MATTER-OF-FACT KINDA WAY. Like oh you guys just sit on the floor lah I don't have time to attend to you guys. WTH IS THAT?!?!?!?!!

We tried to complain but they just kept saying we couldn't do anything also and walked away. FYI, there was another Western jazz band that came with us and they were brought to another nicely furnished villa and rested comfortably. LOL. 

My friends were like, "They're so biased! They treated foreigners that way and Chinese this way!" And one of them said to me, "You should tell them you're a foreigner too, I bet they'll treat you really good." I was like, "That's not the point! They should treat everyone the same!!! Wth is this racist thing wtf?? And they think we're some kinda slaves or something?"

And the food they provided us was something really disgusting. A bowl of rice with half an egg, a few pieces of vege and a hotdog. That's it. 

Excuse me, it is a goddamn place that sells villa and they can't even provide a decent restroom/food for their performers can you imagine?!?!?!!!

I'm not expecting very luxurious things but at least a lil bit of respect? Now we just feel like we're a bunch of animals/clowns thrown inside a disgusting dusty place feeding on the pitiful pigfood. And their attitude was not anything better too. They had that "I'm a more high-class people than you bunch" expression on their face. WTF?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!! Just like what my friend said, "我们学艺术的,他当我们是卖笑的?"

We really just wanted to leave that stupid place and threw the money on their faces and said, "I QUIT! Nobody want your goddamn money!" but that place was like 2 and a half hours away from Shanghai, and nobody knew where was the train station and everything so we had no choice but stay put.

Finally after putting up with the disgustingly oily food and sitting on the dusty floor, the dinner started and we went and played our parts. The dinner was grand and everything but we were in really foul mood.

There was this really bitchy woman that we called "The Witch", because she was wearing all black and got this frowning expression on her face all the time. She wanted us to stand on the stage in our high-heels and played for 1 hour. And then we told her it was impossible because one of us were having her period and she wasn't feeling well. So she was like snorted and walked away. 

Then we asked someone else to get us 4 chairs to sit down but the chairs took like crazy long time to reach. During the time waiting for the chair, we just stand like that on the stage, and it was kinda hard to stand in heels so we wobbled a lil bit.

The Witch came again, this time she said in a really bitchy manner, "麻烦你们在台上注意一下你们的仪态!"

That did it, she managed to piss me off. I seldom get pissed off and this bitchy woman won. We didn't do anything stupid on the stage at all, we just wobbled a lil bit in heels!!
I looked at her and said, "你什么意思? 我们的仪态怎么了?? 不如我请你穿着高跟鞋站在台上一个小时, 然后你注意一下你的仪态? 我们一般表演都是坐着的, 没有站着, 而且你要我们踩着高跟鞋站一个小时很累的好不好?"

She got that really angry expression on her face, and I can literally see smoke coming out from her nostrils! Hahahahahaa! But she didn't have anything to say so she just walked away. I think she felt like she's the boss so she can go around yelling at people for no reason LOL. Excuse me, go buy yourself a personality, duh.

In the end we played for 2 hours rather than the promised 1 hour. They used all kinds of excuses and asked us to play until the event started. Stupid!!! And when we finished, we were brought back to that dusty dirty place and served with the SAME FOOD (Rice, egg, vege, hotdog) for dinner. Hahahahahaha amazing.

We were told that we could depart for Shanghai at 8pm and in the end we started to leave at 10pm because the manager was arguing with someone about the payment. O_____O SERIOUSLY?!??!?!! WE ALL WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was only when the Western Jazz Band's members got mad and talked to the manager only we got to go home. Racist again! LOL. 崇洋媚外wtf!!!!! And to compensate them, he summore gave them more money, but he didn't gave us any bonus at all! Hah!!!!

By far that's like the worst gig I had ever been to! 

Anyway despite all the unpleasant things, I did managed to get some good pictures lol. The weather that day was great and I love the dress provided for us. :)

And why that day wasn't a total disaster was because I had a few nice girls with me! They were all really sweet and fun to hang out with, and we were all really angry about the whole thing so we ended up bitching about it hahahahaha!

Posers alert. XD

Love this picture because the sunlight is right on my head! :DDDD Though to make my face visible I have to edit the contrast and my legs look so dark LOL.

This is better LOL.

They don't have money to get us decent food but they have enough money for this half-an-hour firework show. LOLx10000000

So yeap that's basically it. Now I'm feeling all grumpy and hungry thinking about this stupid gig and I shall go get some DECENT food. Ciao!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013


I've finally bring my ass off to write a long-ass post. Hahahaha! There are a few days more and I'll leave Malaysia for Shanghai and guess what, I'm not ready to go back yet. :( I'm going to miss my parents so badly and my home, my grand piano, everything.

Well, I know what this title looks like, of course this whole post is not going to be JUST about comet, but trust me, that's like the highlight of the whole day, or probably for this month, because I've never seen a real comet before in my life and I'm like omg I'm soooo damn lucky to see one can you believe it!?!?!!

Okay wait, we'll get to that later. Now you just bear with me and get to know how I actually get to see a REAL comet. LOL.

My mom brought me on to this trip to Sungai Lembing a few days ago. It was like a bonding session since I rarely come back to Malaysia and she wanted to spend some fun quality time with me. We went together with a whole bunch of really fun and easy-going elders from Lion's Club and it took just like 1 and a half hour to get to that place from my hometown! :) I was expecting it to be further.

Anyway, we had our afternoon tea and tried out the famous Big Pao there. :)

I like the fillings, pork and eggs and sauce yummm, but I think the "skin" is too thick. LOL.

We stayed in this very cosy hostel/hotel place called Lembing Riverview Resort. You guys should really go and stay there when you guys visit Sungai Lembing! 

Ps: Ok, I admit I feel obliged to promote this place because the owner of that place is just so friendly and fun! And he makes the besttttt lamb chop I've ever eaten! :D

There's a swing there hanging on the tree! :DDDD Again this is my FIRST TIME seeing a swing hanging on a tree. LOL. I mean usually those I saw are hanging on metal frame bars, you know what I mean? And it's just not as romantic as this.

The dinner there is like all very very very kampung-style. The taste is so rich and they cooked all those traditional Hakka dishes omg I'm salivating right now thinking of it. It's not just a cosy place to stay but also a great place to dine at. Now it's like "hotel+restaurant" combo already!!!

In the evening, they organised a karaoke competition and I just wanted to sit there and listen. To mingle in the group and not being foreveralone like that hahahahaha. The uncles and aunties there really good at singing omg, plus the expressions and stuff I was having a great time laughing hahahahahhaah!!!!

There were like 10 prizes and there wasn't enough participants. I dunno who started it, suddenly an uncle pointed at me and said, "Hey little girl come and sing!!!!"

I was like, "Har? Uncle I sing very bad one!"
They all were like swagging their fingers and shaking their heads, saying "Noonooonoooo I don't believe you, come up here and sing! It's okayyyy!"

So I got beet red in my face and got hustled up the stage, ended up singing 月亮代表我的心. I sucks at singing because I can't sing high keys. Stupid baby voice lol. I sang like so bad and they still clap and cheer for me and I felt my cheeks burning like hell. LOL.

Guess what? I actually got a huge-ass present for singing so badly. Hahahahhahahaa!
Maybe it's the present for "The Worst Singer Of The Night". LOL LOL! :DDDD

There goes the night. I went to sleep earlier while the uncles and aunties counted down to Merdeka Day! :D It's so funny because I'm supposed to be the young crazy one who party throughout the night but I really don't have the energy. LOL!

We all gathered at 5.30am and started to climb the famous Panorama Hill! It was estimated that we would need 40 mins to get to the top. 

Btw, did I tell you guys I got acrophobia?! The fear of heights!
When I was a kid I always get this horrible nightmares of falling down from a very high building. I was standing at the top of it and suddenly the building just started to slant sideways and threatened to throw me off it. So I hang onto the side of it with my dear life but it just keep shaking and slanting. In the end I got thrown off and I woke up, traumatised.

So you'll understand how scared I am when I was climbing this mountain. My mom was telling like, don't worry it's not that high at all! But my mind keep imagining that I will slip and fall down like a ragdoll, breaking my neck..... And I'm trying my best to control that imagination by focusing on the steps and not looking backwards.

Reminder when you guys go to climb the Panorama Hill. They don't have decent railing there for you to hold onto while you climb. They only have like wood stakes lining up after a few staircases. That's actually pretty dangerous. So do watch your steps and don't take it too fast.

It was pitch dark when we started. And a lot of people brought torchlights. My mom and I didn't bring any and that added to my fears.
There was someone climbing the staircase behind us and he was trying to get pass us. He got the torchlight in his hand and he moved to the right so suddenly there was no light showing the way in front of me. I couldn't see the steps in front and I panicked. I clutched my mom and said, "MOM THERE'S NO LIGHT!!! I'M SCARED!"

My knees started to get wobbly and hey, the guy behind us was actually my ex-schoolmate, Eng Keat! :) I'll introduce him to you guys later. Now I just want to thank him for being a complete life-saver. He probably heard my cowardly screams and decided he would stay behind and helped us get all the way up. T_______T

Buddy, you just don't know how much I appreciated that. I was climbing so slowly and my mom and Eng Keat was like sandwiching me. My mom's leading the way and he's helping us to shine our way through using his torchlight. He even offered to help carry my backpack when we got to some really slippery, no-staircase-no-railing part. I seriously don't know what to do if he's not there.


Finally we got to the summit! The sun still hasn't come up yet so it's something like this.

The moon is still up in the sky!

I was like, "Oh... that's so boring the sun hasn't come up yet what should I do?" when I saw THE COMET.
It was something like this.

It has that shimmering tail like a firework but the difference is, it's not flying upwards, it's flying horizontally. It only fly through for 3 seconds and then it just disappear. There's no exploding sound or whatsoever. I guess it died before it had the chance to hit the earth. Amen.

I didn't know that I saw a comet until the crowd behind me was like, "HEY DID YOU JUST SEE THAT COMET?!"
I stood there in silence for another 5 seconds, and when I got back my senses, I immediately put my hands together and make a wish.

Well, that's the reasonable reaction that a normal human being always do when they see a comet right? So now let's hope that wish still come true. Not going to tell what wish that is just in case I jinx it. LOL.

Since we're already at the comet topic. Let's just get to know some scientific facts about it. 
Don't ask me to explain because I returned all my science to my secondary school teachers already. Hahahahaha!

The sun came out really soon! And everyone got crazy taking pictures of the sunrise. :)

Now I finally have clouds under my feet. Hah!!!!!!! It feels really good to see clouds beneath you. :) 

Again, I want to thank Eng Keat because he got this really good Canon DSLR and he helped me to take some nice pictures up there! My phone camera just refused to cooperate in that lighting. :( I guess it doesn't like dawn.

Sun is finally up!!!

Tadaa! here's the amazing life-saver I was mentioning about! The best person ever, Eng Keat! :))) He's just so genuinely kind and helpful I couldn't say thank you enough!

It's really interesting because we were in the same primary school but starting from secondary school he went somewhere else. So the last time I talked to him was probably 10 years ago! We were just like strangers on the first day of the trip but he was so easy to talk and warm-up to I felt really comfortable around him! :) 

See, we even selca together! Hahahhaa! Hard to find guys who're willing to selca with girls nowadays! 

Love this picture the most! :) Checkout the clouds beneath the sun. :)))) 

And one more picture before we went down!

We got down around 8am! And we went to have breakfast. :) There was a crazy queue since our trip had like 70 ppl joining. Everyone had a voucher in their hands and we would get our breakfast using that voucher. :) We had the famous Lembing noodles with tofu!

This is the landmark of Sungai Lembing. The super old tree. You'll be amazed when you see it in person. It's so crazily big. Just look at the people sitting below it and you can imagine its size. LOL.

We were waiting for everyone to gather together and head to the next destination. The lighting was really good and we selca together again! Hahahaha! It is so nice that he's so willing to pose and smile for the pictures!!! Yayyyyy! :DDDD Usually guys are all like no, I don't like to take pictures. No, I don't look good.
That's so boring!!!! Hahahaha!

Whee I like how long my hair looks here!

He's so fun! :DDDD 

Love morning sunlight!

And then I was saying, "Hey why are you hiding behind me? You make my face look big!"

So in return, he put his face in front HAHAHAHAA! See? 谁的脸在前面谁吃亏!LOL!

And of course don't forget my mommy!!! There are some pictures of the two of us on the top of the mountain too but she said she looked too fat so she forbid me to put. =.= hahahaha! My mom is a vainpot oso hahahahaha!

These 2 selcas she approved because she looked younger than me. Hah!!!

Look at this signboard!!!!! So scary! You go in I shoot. 

Our 2nd stop is the famous hanging bridge in Sungai Lembing! Now this is not that scary even for an acrophobic like me because the river is too shallow! Hahahah! Even if I really fall down I won't drown. Probably break a leg but won't drown or eaten by a crocodile. So it's okay I guess? XD

The scenery is sooooo beautiful!!!!!!

After crossing that bridge, we came to a row of shops that sell all the Lembing famous snacks and food! :D

There's even a noodle-making shop that is opened for exhibition! :) You guys can go check out how they make the noodles :))))

Our 3rd stop is the museum, but I had been here like 14 years ago, so I wasn't interested. Instead I took pictures outside the museum where there was this beautiful flower tree! The flowers fell down and the field is full of the lavender petals! So pretty!

Our last stop is the Lombong Bijih Timah, but frankly there's nothing interesting in there so I'm lazy to write about it. :)

Anyway I really enjoyed the trip and I had fun! :) Thank you mommy, thank you Eng Keat, and that you all the nice uncles and aunties! :))))))