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Monday, September 2, 2013


I've finally bring my ass off to write a long-ass post. Hahahaha! There are a few days more and I'll leave Malaysia for Shanghai and guess what, I'm not ready to go back yet. :( I'm going to miss my parents so badly and my home, my grand piano, everything.

Well, I know what this title looks like, of course this whole post is not going to be JUST about comet, but trust me, that's like the highlight of the whole day, or probably for this month, because I've never seen a real comet before in my life and I'm like omg I'm soooo damn lucky to see one can you believe it!?!?!!

Okay wait, we'll get to that later. Now you just bear with me and get to know how I actually get to see a REAL comet. LOL.

My mom brought me on to this trip to Sungai Lembing a few days ago. It was like a bonding session since I rarely come back to Malaysia and she wanted to spend some fun quality time with me. We went together with a whole bunch of really fun and easy-going elders from Lion's Club and it took just like 1 and a half hour to get to that place from my hometown! :) I was expecting it to be further.

Anyway, we had our afternoon tea and tried out the famous Big Pao there. :)

I like the fillings, pork and eggs and sauce yummm, but I think the "skin" is too thick. LOL.

We stayed in this very cosy hostel/hotel place called Lembing Riverview Resort. You guys should really go and stay there when you guys visit Sungai Lembing! 

Ps: Ok, I admit I feel obliged to promote this place because the owner of that place is just so friendly and fun! And he makes the besttttt lamb chop I've ever eaten! :D

There's a swing there hanging on the tree! :DDDD Again this is my FIRST TIME seeing a swing hanging on a tree. LOL. I mean usually those I saw are hanging on metal frame bars, you know what I mean? And it's just not as romantic as this.

The dinner there is like all very very very kampung-style. The taste is so rich and they cooked all those traditional Hakka dishes omg I'm salivating right now thinking of it. It's not just a cosy place to stay but also a great place to dine at. Now it's like "hotel+restaurant" combo already!!!

In the evening, they organised a karaoke competition and I just wanted to sit there and listen. To mingle in the group and not being foreveralone like that hahahahaha. The uncles and aunties there really good at singing omg, plus the expressions and stuff I was having a great time laughing hahahahahhaah!!!!

There were like 10 prizes and there wasn't enough participants. I dunno who started it, suddenly an uncle pointed at me and said, "Hey little girl come and sing!!!!"

I was like, "Har? Uncle I sing very bad one!"
They all were like swagging their fingers and shaking their heads, saying "Noonooonoooo I don't believe you, come up here and sing! It's okayyyy!"

So I got beet red in my face and got hustled up the stage, ended up singing 月亮代表我的心. I sucks at singing because I can't sing high keys. Stupid baby voice lol. I sang like so bad and they still clap and cheer for me and I felt my cheeks burning like hell. LOL.

Guess what? I actually got a huge-ass present for singing so badly. Hahahahhahahaa!
Maybe it's the present for "The Worst Singer Of The Night". LOL LOL! :DDDD

There goes the night. I went to sleep earlier while the uncles and aunties counted down to Merdeka Day! :D It's so funny because I'm supposed to be the young crazy one who party throughout the night but I really don't have the energy. LOL!

We all gathered at 5.30am and started to climb the famous Panorama Hill! It was estimated that we would need 40 mins to get to the top. 

Btw, did I tell you guys I got acrophobia?! The fear of heights!
When I was a kid I always get this horrible nightmares of falling down from a very high building. I was standing at the top of it and suddenly the building just started to slant sideways and threatened to throw me off it. So I hang onto the side of it with my dear life but it just keep shaking and slanting. In the end I got thrown off and I woke up, traumatised.

So you'll understand how scared I am when I was climbing this mountain. My mom was telling like, don't worry it's not that high at all! But my mind keep imagining that I will slip and fall down like a ragdoll, breaking my neck..... And I'm trying my best to control that imagination by focusing on the steps and not looking backwards.

Reminder when you guys go to climb the Panorama Hill. They don't have decent railing there for you to hold onto while you climb. They only have like wood stakes lining up after a few staircases. That's actually pretty dangerous. So do watch your steps and don't take it too fast.

It was pitch dark when we started. And a lot of people brought torchlights. My mom and I didn't bring any and that added to my fears.
There was someone climbing the staircase behind us and he was trying to get pass us. He got the torchlight in his hand and he moved to the right so suddenly there was no light showing the way in front of me. I couldn't see the steps in front and I panicked. I clutched my mom and said, "MOM THERE'S NO LIGHT!!! I'M SCARED!"

My knees started to get wobbly and hey, the guy behind us was actually my ex-schoolmate, Eng Keat! :) I'll introduce him to you guys later. Now I just want to thank him for being a complete life-saver. He probably heard my cowardly screams and decided he would stay behind and helped us get all the way up. T_______T

Buddy, you just don't know how much I appreciated that. I was climbing so slowly and my mom and Eng Keat was like sandwiching me. My mom's leading the way and he's helping us to shine our way through using his torchlight. He even offered to help carry my backpack when we got to some really slippery, no-staircase-no-railing part. I seriously don't know what to do if he's not there.


Finally we got to the summit! The sun still hasn't come up yet so it's something like this.

The moon is still up in the sky!

I was like, "Oh... that's so boring the sun hasn't come up yet what should I do?" when I saw THE COMET.
It was something like this.

It has that shimmering tail like a firework but the difference is, it's not flying upwards, it's flying horizontally. It only fly through for 3 seconds and then it just disappear. There's no exploding sound or whatsoever. I guess it died before it had the chance to hit the earth. Amen.

I didn't know that I saw a comet until the crowd behind me was like, "HEY DID YOU JUST SEE THAT COMET?!"
I stood there in silence for another 5 seconds, and when I got back my senses, I immediately put my hands together and make a wish.

Well, that's the reasonable reaction that a normal human being always do when they see a comet right? So now let's hope that wish still come true. Not going to tell what wish that is just in case I jinx it. LOL.

Since we're already at the comet topic. Let's just get to know some scientific facts about it. 
Don't ask me to explain because I returned all my science to my secondary school teachers already. Hahahahaha!

The sun came out really soon! And everyone got crazy taking pictures of the sunrise. :)

Now I finally have clouds under my feet. Hah!!!!!!! It feels really good to see clouds beneath you. :) 

Again, I want to thank Eng Keat because he got this really good Canon DSLR and he helped me to take some nice pictures up there! My phone camera just refused to cooperate in that lighting. :( I guess it doesn't like dawn.

Sun is finally up!!!

Tadaa! here's the amazing life-saver I was mentioning about! The best person ever, Eng Keat! :))) He's just so genuinely kind and helpful I couldn't say thank you enough!

It's really interesting because we were in the same primary school but starting from secondary school he went somewhere else. So the last time I talked to him was probably 10 years ago! We were just like strangers on the first day of the trip but he was so easy to talk and warm-up to I felt really comfortable around him! :) 

See, we even selca together! Hahahhaa! Hard to find guys who're willing to selca with girls nowadays! 

Love this picture the most! :) Checkout the clouds beneath the sun. :)))) 

And one more picture before we went down!

We got down around 8am! And we went to have breakfast. :) There was a crazy queue since our trip had like 70 ppl joining. Everyone had a voucher in their hands and we would get our breakfast using that voucher. :) We had the famous Lembing noodles with tofu!

This is the landmark of Sungai Lembing. The super old tree. You'll be amazed when you see it in person. It's so crazily big. Just look at the people sitting below it and you can imagine its size. LOL.

We were waiting for everyone to gather together and head to the next destination. The lighting was really good and we selca together again! Hahahaha! It is so nice that he's so willing to pose and smile for the pictures!!! Yayyyyy! :DDDD Usually guys are all like no, I don't like to take pictures. No, I don't look good.
That's so boring!!!! Hahahaha!

Whee I like how long my hair looks here!

He's so fun! :DDDD 

Love morning sunlight!

And then I was saying, "Hey why are you hiding behind me? You make my face look big!"

So in return, he put his face in front HAHAHAHAA! See? 谁的脸在前面谁吃亏!LOL!

And of course don't forget my mommy!!! There are some pictures of the two of us on the top of the mountain too but she said she looked too fat so she forbid me to put. =.= hahahaha! My mom is a vainpot oso hahahahaha!

These 2 selcas she approved because she looked younger than me. Hah!!!

Look at this signboard!!!!! So scary! You go in I shoot. 

Our 2nd stop is the famous hanging bridge in Sungai Lembing! Now this is not that scary even for an acrophobic like me because the river is too shallow! Hahahah! Even if I really fall down I won't drown. Probably break a leg but won't drown or eaten by a crocodile. So it's okay I guess? XD

The scenery is sooooo beautiful!!!!!!

After crossing that bridge, we came to a row of shops that sell all the Lembing famous snacks and food! :D

There's even a noodle-making shop that is opened for exhibition! :) You guys can go check out how they make the noodles :))))

Our 3rd stop is the museum, but I had been here like 14 years ago, so I wasn't interested. Instead I took pictures outside the museum where there was this beautiful flower tree! The flowers fell down and the field is full of the lavender petals! So pretty!

Our last stop is the Lombong Bijih Timah, but frankly there's nothing interesting in there so I'm lazy to write about it. :)

Anyway I really enjoyed the trip and I had fun! :) Thank you mommy, thank you Eng Keat, and that you all the nice uncles and aunties! :))))))

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