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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One Night in Taipei.

I don't know how many times I have to start my blog post like this. SORRY FOR THE HIATUS. LOL. I counted how many days in between the previous post and this one, gee, a whole month and 3 days.

I probably will postpone this post longer if not for the Masterclass today. I joined the Masterclass of Ning Feng (the super cool Chinese violinist) today and it went pretty well. Last year, I attended the same one too and it was horrible, probably he was in a bad mood or something, and also probably because I didn't prepare well enough. This time, it was really fun, and I learnt so much from it. :) Have to work harder on my techniques! The funniest thing is he asks me to gain more fat because he says I'm too thin so the sound isn't rich enough. Well, he's right, it's scientifically proven that fat people play better sound on string instruments. LOL. BUT no, I'm not ready to become a fat girl yet. NO.

Anyway, since the masterclass was over, I think it's time for a short break and update my blog. Hahaha.

Remember I promised to update about my Taipei trip? The best gig that I've had for this year, free flights, free 5-stars hotel and good pay! :D So without further ado, please scroll down and see pictures!!!

I got this whole crazy big room for myself! I was jumping up and down in excitement! 

The sparkly washroom, the place which I most hyped about. XD The mirror is summore got those diva-make-up lights!!!!!! Awesome max! Hahaha!

All these for myself, ridiculous! Hahahaha! #likeaboss

And I have fun playing with the mirror in the washroom, the one you can use to check the pores on your face. I can even see the hair on my skin wtf hahahahaa!

Can't get enough of this room. Hahahahah! #vain

Regent Hotel is not just about good amazing room, you have to check out the buffet place OMG.
I left my phone charging in my room, so I used my friend's Iphone to take these pic. Inside you can find all kinds of food, something like the Suzhou gig kinda buffet, but better. :DDDDD

Okay, I have to stop hyping about the hotel. Hahahaha! Si Le, Yi Ying and I went out to check out one of the night markets there. I only stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. Can't waste the precious time!!!

Btw, we could actually stay there longer, but we would have to pay for the hotels ourselves. Seeing that I didn't have enough savings by that time, I sadly decided to stick to the 3-days-2-nights plan, while the others all happily stay for a whole week!!! T______T

Anyway...... I can always go back. Hahahahahaa. So it's okay. I have a plan to travel to all the nearby countries within these 2 years. Have to save a lot of money!!!!!

We chose Rao He Street Night Market for the night because it's very close to our hotel.

Yi Ying the flutist in yellow, and Si Le the violinist on the right! :)

Taipei street vendors are all really good at advertising themselves!!!! You can find all kinds of slogan and newspaper cutting on the stalls, and they'll keep calling out for you to come to try out their "MUST-TRY-THIS!!!" food! Hahahaha! :) They can make you feel like you're missing a lot of things if you don't try it!

No idea what is this. But the uncle was really funny he even asked me to take a picture of himself. Hahahahaha!

This one totally amazed me. Cactus juice???? First time heard about it, we tried it and OMG taste REALLY GOOD. It is something like cranberry juice, but somehow a lil bit different, nontheless, very thirst-quenching and refreshing!!!!

We were all afraid of this pig. Kinda scary. And the guy cut some of the meat to let us try, but we didn't dare to eat because who knows how many days he already put it there???? T_____T

How can you not eat the street food when you're in Taipei?? It's famous for it! :D So we tried out this bowl of spicy goodness.

麻辣肠旺, it has duck blood, pig intestines, tofu and mushroom inside with extremely spicy soup which gave me a runny nose but I'm enjoying it. :D


What are girls without selfie? :D

The boisterous night market.

No these are not real bricks. They are brown sugar bricks. Hahaha.

This lil stall's business is soooo good it even support shipping to other countries. The aunty says, all you need to do is fill up the form, and you can pay online. Hahahaha! Interesting!!!

We went crazy when we saw this. Grilled mushroom!!!! Fat juicy mushroommmmmm.

The only complain was he put too much spice powder on it. :((((( Other wise it was so fat and juicyyyy yummmm.

Check out the FACE BIG BIG chicken chop. HAHAHAHA! Only people with big face eat it hahahahaha!

The masks there are really cheap btw!!!

I will blog soon about the rest of the trip. HAHAHAHA! I guess nowadays you guys don't believe me already when I say I'll blog "SOON". How soon I can't promise you, but eventually it'll comeeee. 

LOL, till then I love you guyssss! Night!