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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Snowery: Designer Cakes by Joanna Foo! :)

Want something special for your loved ones?
Thinking about what to give them on their big days???

I have great news for all the Kemaman and Kuantan people!
I'm going to share with you an awesome finding yesterday:

Designer Cakes by Joanna Foo!

Orders available now! 
Joanna's Contact Number: 0129009484

Kindly order 5 days in advance because it's a lot of work to do! :)
(You'll understand later in the pictures below!)

I've gotten her permission to share these lovely pictures of her self-made cupcakes and fondant cakes here.
There are a lot of other designs (and more still coming up!) in her facebook album!

I'll start off with my fav!!! Super cute and adorable Hello Kitty's cupcakes!!!

The cupcakes' price is as below:

12 cupcakes per box,start from RM90

I think the price is very reasonable, you just need to keep scrolling down to see how many time and patience and skill needed to produce all these pretty + cute + beautiful + yummy cupcakes!!!

I'm absolutely sure anyone who receives them as a gift will be moved to tears because it's too cute!!! Lol lol, one example will be me. 
*Someone pls order this for my birthday!* :D :D :D

The cupcakes come in MANY designs, and you can request which design you want. You can have different design for each cupcake and arrange them anyway you want.

If you want to write anything on it, you can consult Joanna too and she'll think of a best way to present them beautifully on the cupcakes!

Here are some cupcakes with simple designs.
Ribbons and loves are just impossible to resist! :)

Hello Kitty + Patrick! The words can be put horizontally like this too!

3D Mashimaro cupcakes!

For the soccer lover! You can request for another team like MU or something if you're not a fan of Liverpool, as you wish. LOL.

For daddy! 

3D Keroppi cupcakes!

For mommy who have extravagant tastes. :) :) :)

You can mix and match any designs you want! :)
Depends on the person you want to give it to.
If you know that she loves cosmetic and roti bakar with coffee, and mahjong.
Just tell Joanna your idea and she'll do it for you! :)

Haha, even Magazine can be made in such meticulous way. O.O I love the rainbow cupcakes!!!

An example of cupcakes combo for mommy!

And of course, not to be missed......
Something special for your special someone!
Isn't this adorable!

Cosmetics cupcakes combo! So cute and creative!

A very sweet combo. *hearts max*

Cookies! Something for kid's birthday or wedding's cookies!

For the muscle guys who're into gym! :D

Besides cupcakes, Joanna also make fondant cakes!

For the kids.
This is a favourite toy for an eight yrs old boy. So Joanna made it into an edible one! :D 

If you want something special and thoughtful which can only be dedicated to a your friend/loved ones in a very special way, try THIS!

A pair of very thoughtful parents requested Joanna to decorate the fondant cakes for their 1 year-old baby with his/her favourite toys!

They showed her the pictures of the toy and Joanna made the same replica, but edible!

Look at the picture below!
The left ones are the real toys and the right ones are made by Joanna!

The end result! :D So sweet!

The very interesting tilt fondant cakes!

Something for the mahjong lover! :D Cakes don't always need to be common! :D It can be fun too!

Formula One fondant cake!

This one is sooo pretty I dun even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very adorable puppy cake!!! *though I'll hesitate to eat it coz feel so cruel to slice into it* T_____T

More cakes!

A giant cup of coffee for mommy/daddy who love coffee! :D

For the little girls, Barbie fondant cakes! They'll definitely squeal in delight!

The forever adorable Angry Birds!!!

Gucci cosmetic case and St.Ella cosmetics! So realistic!

I was totally amazed to see this. Sushi fondant cake! SO REAL OMG. :D

Elegant Gucci bag fondant cake!
I need to keep reminding myself these are cakes!!! So pretty and so real!

Another shocking sight. Haha! Heineken with ice and Marlboro FONDANT CAKE. :D

Another reminder of how cakes can get so fun and creative!
The cake Joanna made for her mom with all her mom's favourite "kuih"!!!

Cutie Spongebob!

Dreamy sweet fondant cake. I like this one.. so sweet! :)

Creative wedding cakes available too!

The making....

Badminton theme fondant cake! :D SO NICE!

I'll end this post with this, to show the extraordinary skill Joanna has! :)
This is a famous food market in Kemaman, evidently a place her dad loves going! :D

Look at all those veges and fishes!

We're lucky because Joanna are now receiving orders from Kemaman and Kuantan!

If you want to surprise your loved ones/friends on their big days!
Do not hesitate to order from Joanna!

Joanna's Contact Number: 0129009484

Kindly order 5 days in advance!!!

I'm soooo going to order mine too! 
Till then, peeps! :D


  1. Wow! This is so cute!
    They are too beautiful for me, if I got one, I might not dare to eat it :P haha, especially the puppy cake! it looks so real!
    Which one do you like the most? :)

    1. :) I like the cute merry-go-round cake the most! :DD it's so pretty!! :DD

  2. Wen xi , whre is the famous food market in Kemaman? and oh my godness, I was super impress by the fondant cake that a parents specially order for their one year old baby!

    1. Haha I think the famous food market is our 小贩中心, Joanna is so talented she makes everything so perfectly!