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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Our 21st Birthday Since 1991! :)

Updates for today before I go pack my luggage. 
T___T Summer holidays end so soon, I'm not really ready to start school again.

Btw thanks to all my friends who give me positive feedbacks on my video. LOL.
All thanks to Vimeo, before this, uploading video online seems to be an absolutely tiresome chore because it takes forever and in the end always turns out to be an ERROR.
So I already gave up totally until lately I discovered Vimeo! A super awesome site to upload and share videos!
The uploading time has shortened so much and guaranteed 100% successful upload, so I no longer find it a waste of my time! Haha!
Now I'm full of ideas on making some interesting videos! Especially the Oppa Gangnam Style parody! Though have to find ppl to do it with me. LOL.
Let me know if you want to join. HAHAHA!

Right back to the topic. :D
This was a birthday bash/91G gathering on 23rd August. Shuh Hong and Ehaun came up with the idea of making the party to celebrate their birthdays together, and mainly is to gather all the friends together! :) 
After everyone graduated from high school, we have pretty much scattered all over the country/overseas, so it's very hard to find time to have a good gathering.
Thank you Shuh Hong and Ehaun for the awesome idea! :D

The party was held at Steven's.
Here's the yummy Secret Recipe cake Shuh Hong bought! :)

The birthday girls! Ehaun and Shuh Hong. :)

All the girls! :)

21! Shuh Hong your hands terbalik ady. haha.

The guys! :)

Our new friend on the left, the pretty pretty Donn! :) She's Ehaun's housemate! 

L to R: Shuh Hong, Donn, Ehaun.

Shuh Hong and Zu Ning! :)
Love Shuh Hong's dress! 
Didn't see Zu Ning for such a long time! :D

The 2 birthday girls and me! :x


Zu Ning: Come come darling, let me feed you.
Shuh Hong: Don't want.

LOL drama queens! XD

With Shuh Hong! Hearts hearts~~

Ehaun's birthday wish is she wants all the girls there to give her a birthday kiss! :D
So yup everyone did except Yunn Li and Qi Qian! Haha!!
They are very against it, must be shy! LOL LOL.

I used to be shy about that too, but now I think it's fine, only kiss cheeks, not lips right? :D 
If lips then I'll say no-no too! XD

Some kissing shots. :D

We're 21 now!

With darling Ehaun! :)

Ended this post with 2 pictures I took with my dear dear Ying! :)
She looked so cute that day! :DDDD 

Alright, must go pack luggage now!