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Monday, August 13, 2012

Kids Dressed as Famous Movie Characters For Brazilian Cineplex Ads! :D

CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x

In a 2012 ad poster campaign for Praia de Belas cineplex in Brazil, children were costumed up as famous movie characters like Cruella De VilJack SparrowEdward Scissorhands, and more. The campaign was developed by ad agency Globalcomm with Marcelo Nunes as the campaign’s creative director.

Let's start up with my fav character of all.
The story of an uncommonly gentle man, Edward Scissorhands (starring Johnny Depp, the first ever movie that made me fell madly in love with him).

It was such a quirky bizarre story, which at the very first time, it scared me a bit, especially with Edward's scar-filled pale chalky face, dark circles around his eyes, incredibly messy hair and most of all, his scissorhands.

He looks.. dangerous, like a murder machine.
However, he has a heart as pure as a kid, and he will never hurt a soul.
His "dad", a scientist created him but died before he could give him proper human hands.

He was taken in by a suburban family and falls in love with their teenage daughter, Kim (starring Winona Ryder).

The story was so sweet and utterly sad it made me cried. :'(

The kid's version poster!

And the real version. :)
Here's the beautiful Kim and the lovely lovely Edward. I love it when he smiles. He's just so so pure and gentle.

His whole look. Looks kinda scary right? Wait till you watch the movie. :)

Next up is Indiana Jones! Hahaha!
I never watch this movie before but it is very famous! :)
I'll compare the 2 versions together, so here goes kid's version! Haha!

The real version! All muscle, woots!! :D :D :D

And here's Forest Gump!
I didn't watch before too, but I heard it's super touching and inspiring.
*Make a mental note to watch it soon. LOL.*

Kid's version!

The real version! :) Very much the same huh? :D

And I bet everyone know this.
Here we have Cruella De Vil... the horrible womam who is obsessed of skinning animals to get their skin/fur to make into clothes... and her latest obsession was Dalmatians' skins! :(

Hate her to the max!!! Anyway good thing she didn't succeed! The good always wins! Hehehe!

Though I must say the kid's version is very cute. :D :D :D

The real version. She looks like a really nice lady in this pic playing with the puppies...

The reality is she's this crazy mad old lady. Hmph. :(

One of my fav movies too!

The kid's version! Spot the weird bushy tail. LOL.

The real version. Hohoho! The real tail is not bushy at the end at all. :D

Lastly! A movie starring my dearest Jonny Depp again!
Pirates of the Carribean, CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!

Cute kid's version!


End this post with the sexy hot looks of Captain Jack! *drools*

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