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Monday, August 27, 2012

Full Record of Raya! :D

Be warned, this post is full of pictures! LOL!

This is my 2nd year celebrating Hari Raya with my friends! Last year was pretty funny because I wore my graduation Kebaya since I didn't have any other traditional Malay attire. *sad*

So this year, I decided to buy a set of baju kurung, my very first, for raya and also for my own collection.
Thanks to Mr Uzair for showing me where to buy, and only I realise Baju Kurung is actually pretty expensive!
My peach Baju Kurung costed RM 200. T___T

Alright, I'll start my Raya post with my selca pic. Hahaha.
I really love the "sweety" effect of Camera360!

I recycled my baju kurung for 2 days. Haha. The first day I went raya with Chia Ying and Uzair! Will talk about that later. I'm now sharing the pics in my phone! :D

With my darling Ying! :D I love her hair!!!

And this is a picture of my 2nd time of house-visiting, which is 2 days after my first visit. :D Recycled my baju kurung coz nothing else to wear. T___T

With my gorgeous babe, sera! :) Super love her red polka dot kurung! So cute one!!

Didn't see her for a year, she just get prettier and prettier every time! :D

Full-body pic. :)

With pretty Aisha! :) 

I'm so happy to see Hafiz again! The last time I saw him I was 15 years old I guess. He's Aisha's brother and they lived just behind my house. Though now they moved already. *still very near to my house actually* hehehe.

He's super cute right???

3 shots because my phone camera was not reacting normally. When Aisha tapped on my phone screen, we waited for a long time and it didn't react.
And it was so funny posing there without moving, so in the end we were laughing and then only the phone reacted. "SNAP!" 


And say hello to my super funny buddy, Uzair!
He's really nice chauffeuring me and Ying around during Raya! Thank you so much buddy, and sorry for all the troubles caused!

Some funny self-snaps in the car! :D

With lovely Kim! I love Indian costumes so much! Super pretty okay! *next time gonna get one* Hehe. :D

Right, now it's the turn for my camera pics to show themselves. :)
I'm going to tell the story now chronologically!

The first day of house-visiting on 23rd August. :)
The first house we visited was Thuraiya's house! :D

^.^ Thuraiya long time no see! :D

I'm interested to find a lot of lovely decos in my Malay friends' houses! 
They have these super pretty Langsir Pin in all sorts of shape!

Kuih raya! :)

Thuraiya made this! Jackfruit tarts! Pretty interesting, it's my first time eating a jackfruit tart and it tastes pretty good! :D

Pink pudding, super love coz it matches my peach baju kurung! Haha!

The next house we went was Puti's house!
She got Open House so there were a lot of yummy food!
My serve of nasi dagang!

Yummy sate!

Pictures. :D

And then I spotted this bizarre-looking thing wrapped in leaves like this. O.O

Inside it was some kind of fermented rice.
When I tasted it I HATED IT. 
T____T It tasted awful!!!

Okay it tastes just like a very strong alcohol. T___T
Except that this is not something you drink, but something you eat, and it's very mushy kind, I guess you can imagine. T____T

Its name is Tapai btw. *not sure if it's the right spelling.* LOL.

Interior of Puti's house! SUPER NICEEEEEEEEE!

Found another shape of Langsir Pin! :D

Mushroom-shaped cookie!

Love this pudding!

The 3rd house we went was Aiffah's house. :)
Met Aisha there so we took pictures together! :D

Aisha got this awesome Fujifilm instant camera! Ying said she wanna get one too! :D


With Aiffah (in coral pink) and her friend! ;D

The last house we went was Ainaa's!
Nobody will ever think she's our age because she looks so cute! She told us somebody even asked if whether she's 13 yrs old. LOL.

Very green cookies!

This was the 2nd day of my Raya house-visiting. Chia Ying got something to do so she couldn't join us. T___T

First stop at Uzair's house!
It was really nice that our classmates got together! :D We really ought to make 5 Ibn Sina reunion party again! :D

Yummy blueberry tarts!

2nd stop at Sera's house!

Her mom made these amazing Ketupat Rendang. 
I crave for it now!!!
Best served while it's still hot! :D

Love this picture taken outside Sera's house! :D
L to R:
Sera, me, Najwa and Wanie!

The last house we went was Aisha's house, I already put the pictures at the very start of the post. Didn't take any pics with my camera coz too busy eating! LOL!

So yea, this year's raya was super fun!!! I got to meet up with a lot of my old friends and it felt really good! 

Going to upload a video later, stay tuned!

Till then, XOXO! :D

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