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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time to Go Back!

Already done packing my luggage, and the last thing I'll pack will be my lappy, coz I'll keep onlining until the very last minute! LOL!

Decided to update before I leave for Shanghai.
With all the FB/Blogger/Youtube banning, it'll be harder for me to update so frequently already. :(
I'm thinking of getting the monthly package of VPN, see how it goes! Coz the free version of freegate allows me to surf FB/Blogger/Youtube but the speed is really horrible. :(

Going to blog about some of the pics in my phone that I haven't put up here! :D Pretty much a summary of my week.

The 2nd time of house-visiting, self-snapping using the car mirror. Hahaha.

This was on Friday, I went to Kuantan and met up with Yong Wei! So happy to see him again, was trying to meet him up like weeks ago but he was travelling all the time! To KL, Penang, Vietnam etc. :D
Makes me wanna travel too! LOL!

This picture really looks like a Colgate ad! XD

Tadanggggg, this is one of my "beloved" ex-violin-students last time, Poh Hung Sheng.

Another monster, Xing Zhao, was studying in Singapore so didn't get to meet him up. LOL.

Hung Sheng is actually a very hardworking and dedicated student, he always practised and showed me good result whenever he came to class.
He is super shy and guess what, he has a twin brother who look EXACTLY like him.
I mean like, some twins don't look so alike what, but he and his brother look exactly alike I can't see the difference. LOL.

He usually came to class with Xing Zhao.
Xing Zhao on the other hand, wasn't so shy. LOL.
He liked to call me NOOB, and used the bow to hit my head or poke my waist.
In the end, Hung Sheng oso got influenced and bullied me too. T____T

What a nightmare! LOL!
Anyway they're super cute and funny la, despite the bullying, I'm very happy to teach them. XD

Even though I'm considered their ex-teacher now, we still meet up once a year whenever I get back from Shanghai. :)

The hardest thing every year is to get them to take picture with me.
I dunno why they so phobia to camera one. =.='''
Need to coax them like they're kids only they'll agree reluctantly. LOL.

This year is better. When I asked Hung Sheng to take a picture.
He was like, "Oh no, I can see it coming. Haih." but he very nice leh, he let me take. :D

I'm so happy! HAHAHAHA!
And what surprised me more....

When I asked him to take a selca(self-captured) pic with me, he actually volunteered to be the one holding the camera! O_O!!!

I stared at him in disbelief.

"Are you sure?"

He just took my phone and then we posed, "SNAP!"

Here's the outcome below.

I felt so amazed OMG, even better than my usual self-snap pics okay? You see, we're exactly in the center of the pic.


I'm thinking whether he actually got practised self-snapping at home one. LOL.

^__^ Anyway it's good to see him again! Hopefully will meet both of them again during CNY!

The coming-up pictures were taken at Pappardelle on the day Sera, Wanie and I went to watch movies at Mesra Mall. :D

It was Wanie's birthday that day so after watching the movies we decided to have dinner together before heading home!

Sera told me about this place that has awesome Carbonara. Haha.

The menu!

Here's my cutiepie, Sera. :D
I love her smile so much!
This girl kept complaining to us that we laughed too loud in the cinema. LOL.
She said she had to pretend not knowing us coz we embarrassed her! MUAHAHAHA!

She had Carbonara! 

I was feeling extremely sleepy that time because I didn't sleep well last night. LOL.
Hence the super puffy eyes. 

I chose Carbonara too!
I think it tastes really good but not enough mushroom and bacon!!!!!!!!
I love Carbonara with a lot of mushroom and bacon on top!

Hellooooo birthday girl, Wanie! :D
Wanie is a super adorable girl who has super cute laughs. :D
Her laugh is contagious, I tend to get hysterical when she starts to laugh. HAHAHAHAHA!

She had BBQ Chicken chop I think! :)

Happy Birthday darling!!! :D I'm so happy to see you guys again!!! Sera, Wanie and all my darling friends, I wish you guys all the best in everything you do, and can't wait to see you all again soon! XOXO!

After the dinner with Sera and Wanie, I headed home to grab my lappy and straightaway go to another tea session with my dear Ying and Qi Qian!

They want to brain wash me with all the nice Korean dramas and a program called Running Man.
I'm bringing my lappy there so they can transfer all the goodies to me. LOL.

Still dunno what's so awesome about Running Man, but they have been urging me to watch.
Mind you, not just them, even Sera and Najwa are like crazy about Running Man too. That makes me very curious.

Sob, and stupid me forgot to bring my lappy charger along so my lappy died in the middle of the tranferring process.
Guess I can only watch Running Man online when I go back to Shanghai. T_____T

Some pics!

Qiqian and Chia Ying!

Forgot what we were laughing about, but I love the randomness of this pic LOL!

Do Re Mi, Qian don't hide your face! Haha!
Credits to Lin Wei for the pic! 
Opposite us were Lin Wei, Wei Han and another form 6 friend (I forgot her name sorry T_T).
Didn't have nice pictures of them, all pretty blurry so I didn't put here. :(

Boon Peng was there too! :D So the 3 of us took a picture together.

He requested to take this picture like a month ago on FB, we had a similar picture dated back to 4 years ago, so he wanted to take it again, same people, same pose, but 4 years later! :D

We didn't have the original picture to check that day, so we just pose according to our memory.
Boon Peng couldn't remember which girl on which side so to be safe, we took 2 pictures, changing sides. LOL.

Found the old picture!
Realised my hand position is WRONG. T___T So sad.
Have to take again next year. LOL.

So yeap, 4 years ago and now!

28/8/2012 was my mom's birthday!
I guess what my mom really wants is to have the whole family gathering, but too bad my brothers are working in Kuantan so can't ask them to come back. :(

I don't have any present to give to my mom, so I volunteered to take over all her tuition classes on the day, to slightly relieve her burden. :)
She gives tuition classes to the kindergarten kids you see, it's actually quite a tiring job because the kids can be quite naughty sometimes and you have to pay a lot of attention on them to make sure they do their works before their parents come to pick them up. Which includes coaxing, chiding, and tricking them with goodies like sweets and presents. LOL LOL.

That's how all my little soft toys in my room went missing. My mom gave them to the kids as presents so they'll do their homeworks. T___T Oh...

My mom was pretty happy with my idea of the birthday present. Hehe.

And here's my mom's birthday cake. :)

Mommy, please please please take extra good care of yourself, and promise me to stay healthy and happy alright?
I still want to bring you and dad to travel around the world so wait for me!

Happy Birthday and I LOVE YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!! 

The rest of the pics are taken just a few hours ago, on my cousin's birthday party!
So many birthdays lately! Haha!

There are a lot of yummy food there all cooked by my cousins!!! They're really amazingggg!
I wanna cook like this too! :D

I eat until my tummy got so round it's gonna burst LOL.
And then it was cake-cutting time!
Happy Birthday Hui!! :D

Happy Hui with uncle and auntie! :D
Wish you all the best in Taiwan! :) And see you all again in January! XOXO!

Thank you for the sumptuous dinner! :)

So till then peepo, you guys will know I'm back in Shanghai when I post up pictures of my darling bunny, TUTU. HAHAHA!



  1. 四眼妹 looks awesome with specs! This makes every gal ditch contact lens. LOOOL =D

    1. haha got it Frank! :DDDDD Thanks for the comment! :DDD