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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kah Win's 21st Birthday BBQ Party! :)

Such a crazy day!!! 

It was a memorable one, coz it was the day our beloved Big Head (Kah Win's nickname coz his head is big. KAKAKA!) celebrates his birthday and also the day when our dear Dato' Lee Chong Wei fights for his Olympic Final!

Kah Win's birthday was supposed to be on 6th August, but he decided to celebrate on 5th because lots of friends would be leaving for KL the next day. :)

Imma gonna start this post with a huge group pic! :D
The party took place at Beckson's house. :)

Most of us already got sprayed with water hence all the wet hair and shirts. Haha!
I kept hiding behind cars so I'm still very dry, muahaha!

Right, I'm going to start telling the story!

The party started around 7pm and I went there at 8.30pm. There were just a few people there, and the poor birthday boy was working so hard serving us with BBQ and not eating much himself!

We asked him to sit down to eat and we could BBQ for him, but he insisted to serve us. Aiyaaaaa... Poor birthday boy too gentleman already. Haha..

And then I asked him, "Is there birthday cake later?"
He replied me sullenly, "No.. I thought you'll bring one for me." (Coz I'm usually the one bringing the birthday cakes to parties since my aunt opens a cake shop.)

So I felt so super guilty!! T____T 
I thought they'll already store a cake in their fridge, but actually no birthday cake! T____T

Then I came up with an idea. Haha. Tell you guys later. Show you some pics first!

L to R: 
Birthday boy, me, Adeline, Carrmen, Sally and Qiao Yi! :)

Some yummy pictures of BBQ stuff!!

The guys working their ass off to ensure us a good flow of BBQ food. LOL.

Beckson in his helmet and a bottle of vodka in his hands! LOL!

We also have a lot of drinks to choose from. :)

Okay I'll continue my story. :D
I asked a few other girls - Adeline, Hui Ling and Carrmen to go buy a birthday cake with me at the Secret Recipe nearby.
At the same time, we told the birthday boy we had to go fetch our friend, Sze Yi, that he called me for help since he didn't have transport to get there.

So the birthday boy said okay, and we went to Secret Recipe in Hui Ling's car.

Then the funny thing happened.
The birthday boy called Carrmen like 5 minutes later, saying Sze Yi already reached. =.=
Carrmen stayed calm and said, "Oh he's there? Okay then, we'll turn back now."
Actually we idly continued our mission. Hahaha.

We got 12 different slices of cakes of different flavour and put them together to form a special cake. Only then we realised we were short of money. T_T
Such a disaster. zzz..

So Hui Ling and Carrmen went home to get some cash again, and when we finally got the cake, already 30 minutes gone.
And the birthday boy kept calling us asking where we were. LOL.
Carrmen told him Hui Ling went home to get some cards for them to play with, and that there's traffic jam.

HAHAHA. Like Kemaman ever got traffic jam! LOL!

Anywayssss, we went to the back door of Beckson's house and sneaked in the cake. Then we got into the car again and went in through the front door. Hehehe.

Mission accomplished! Hui Ling really got her cards there to prove herself. Hahaha!
Sze Yi was like, "waaa you guys use me as a pretext la?" LOL...

L to R:

Sze Yi, Hui Ling, Carrmen, Adeline (Me on top) LOL.

The pretties~~
Qiao Yi, Pei Cheng and Sally :)

Haha finally got pictures of Wen Siew! She doesn't like to take pictures so it's very precious if you manage to snap pic with her. :)

Sze Yi and Wen Siew!

My cousin and I! Love her tee, Little Miss Magic. :D

More people came later!!

Have to cover Han Sian's hand with the clip-art because 少儿不宜, lol lol~~

Vodkas for the 21st birthday! :D

Vodka! I wanna try too. LOL. I consider 21 yrs old also lah although my birthday is still a long way to go. LOL.

Vodka mixed with grape juice! :D

The birthday boy! :D

Around 12 am we got the cake out! :D It was funny they chose to stick the candles and the side of the cakes instead of the usual way. :D

Obviously birthday boy very happy loh. You see his face. LOL.

Then birthday boy suddenly attacked everyone with cakes. O_O
Everyone got some cream on their faces, show you guys some epic pictures of the birthday cake's victims. LOL.

Poor Sally got blueberry jam all over her face, looked like she was having a nosebleed. Haha!!

Ah Chern also got into a mess as well! LOL!
Censored his finger. *ehem*

And then we got a really good laugh when Beckson slipped and fell when he tried to attack Hui Ling with a huge chunk of cake. LOLLLL!!!!

He was moving fast speed towards Hui Ling, saying something. The floor was too slippery and he slipped. LOL. 

Look at everyone's laughing faces. XDDD

Alright, some pictures before the cake was destroyed. :D EVERYONE!
Thank you Zhen Wei for all the pictures!!!!!

All the party pictures in this post is taken from his FB album! My camera doesn't work well at night so I have decided not to take any. :(

After that, we wasted the whole cake attacking each other and they sprayed water at everyone. I managed to duck behind some cars so I managed to stay dry until the end. LOL.
Though the birthday boy did punished me buy throwing some ice into my shirt. T_____T SUPER COLD OKAY?! Hahaha!

Finally a group pic with everyone using self-timer!

We had a great time! Though at the same time I was very sad for Dato' Lee Chong Wei, not because he didn't manage to win the gold medal, but sad to see him cry.:( :( :(

He already tried his very best and he indeed managed to get a good head start, we could only said losing the last 3 points was a  matter of luck.

LCW already got a foot injury 2 months ago, and in such a short time he needed to prepare for Olympics, imagine that.
He told the press that he only got 2 weeks to practise for the game, because his leg was still swollen before that.

And for each of the game, he used painkillers to deal with the pain!!! :(
All he wanted was to make us proud, to bring back the first gold medal for Malaysia.
He worked so hard, even though he didn't win, he already won everyone's hearts!

LCW you're always the best!!! We Malaysians are so so so proud of you, in our hearts, you're already the winner of the game. :) So please don't be sad anymore!

I got teary-eyed looking at this picture. :(
He was so disappointed at himself.

T_T He even apologised to us via twitter after the game. T_T
Apology totally not accepted!!!

We, as Malaysians, have to thank you for winning the Silver Medal for us, for showing the world that Malaysia also has great amazing sportmans like you, for making Malaysia's flag rose in Olympics!


Something I got from Facebook to share with you guys! :x :x :x

Message from his opponent, Lin Dan. :)

They are actually good friends. :) 

Alright, let me lighten the mood. Now the mood too sad already. LOL.

A super cute comic someone did. HAHAHAHA!!!!

:) So yea,
We all love you so muchhhhhhhh!!!!! :) :) :)


  1. omg, ur captions about kah win's birthday was soooooo cute! How i wish I was there too, but very waste la, used SR cake to bump each other

    1. Haha it was super fun! Really hope you were here too!!! =)))) Can't wait for 22nd August already!