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Sunday, August 26, 2012

3 Out of 4. :)

Best thing about holidays, you get to meet up with the ppl you awfully missed. :)

I have 3 besties in Malaysia since highschool. It's interesting that no matter how we have changed, we will always turn into the little teenagers when we hang out. :)

I'm a very lazy person, as in very lazy to keep in touch with ppl when I get overseas, but that doesn't mean I'm a heartless person. No. I love them all the same, time doesn't wash away all the memories and things that we've been through together. It's just how I am. 

*okay now I sound like a bad person already. Sob.*

Nyways, back to the topic. As you can see in the above title, 3 out of 4. Why so?
All to blame the heartless schooling system in Russia. LOL, coz didn't give my dear Yingz enough holidays to spend with us.
She was already not in Kemaman when the 3 of us finally gathered together. 

Sad as it is, we tried our best to make the best out of the situation, and make Yingz feel guilty for not being there by tagging her in all our outing pics in FB. HAHAHAHAHA! *evil*

This post is going to be about the outing of the 3 of us, Yue, Ying and me! :D
At Pantai Kemasik.
It was horribly hot that day. We just wished to hide under tree shades but we wouldn't want to waste the petrol and time travelling up there so we had to risk getting super tanned and stepped into the sun.

HELLO SEA. (Haha, my summer holidays is ALL ABOUT SEA/BEACH.)

Yue's snapping us with her Ipad. :)

My camera's real annoying. It turned the baby blue sky into dark blue like this. :(

Ying and Yue!

I want her hair can?? :D Ying looks so cute here! Haha!!!

And then we climbed up the rocky mountain thingy and were satisfied to find that it wasn't windy there coz we looked ridiculous in pictures with our hair flying around LOL!

Start with a decent normal picture. BEWARE OF UGLY PICTURES AHEAD.

Don't say I didn't warn you. This is not the worst yet. HAHA.

Pic to show you guys our cavity!


And below is the lovingly edited pictures of our version of 喜怒哀乐!
I spent a long time searching for cute cliparts. T___T

1st pic: 喜

I look like a female version of Mister potato here! Hahaha!

Yue looks like she's going to eat a person now. LOL.

Hahahaha sad as it looks, I find this hilarious! XDDDDD Frank said we looked like ghosts HAHAHA!

The happiest picture! :D

Picture with my lovelies. Hearts them muchhh! :D

Couldn't wait for the next holidays so can get to meet them again! :D

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