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Friday, August 3, 2012

Annual hang-out with my darling! :)

When all your friends are scattered all over the world, it isn't easy to have a get-together that can match everyone's time!
It's lucky that one of my besties, Yingz's summer holidays is the same as mine so we get to meet annually during this time! :D

It's the time when we chat non-stop, exchanging funny stories and also pressies for each other! It's the time that we observe how each other have changed in different aspect (mostly in good ways I think!) and reminiscing whole day. :D

This year, we decided to just spend the day baking in Yingz's house! :)
She already mastered a lot of yummy recipes, such as muffins, cookies, cake-in-a-mug and cupcakes!
So we decided to do something both of us never done before, fruit tarts!
*I'm a total newbie in baking btw. Haha!*

Yingz got the recipe from her mom's colleague and we started making it early in the morning!
We stopped by at the nearest bakery shop to get some whipped cream and canned fruits from the supermarket. :)
I wanted to get something colourful like Kiwi and Strawberry because their colours POP! Too bad we couldn't find any. T____T 
So in the end we got canned peach, pineapple, lychee and rambutan!

Our first 2 batch of tart bases melted in the oven. :( 
In the end we solved the problem and at the same time realised not all the procedures in the recipe should be heeded. LOL LOL.
We spent time cutting the peaches into heart-shape (because it is the POP-est colour among the 4 fruits we have. LOL) to use them to decorate the tarts!

So after like 2 hours of preparing, making the cream filling, cutting the fruits, baking the bases and in the end, we got these!!!

We put a layer of fruits inside the bases before putting in the cream filling, so we have all kinds of fruits inside the tarts and at the same time a generous piece of peach on the top! Absolutely FRUITY! :D :D :D

We didn't waste the first two batches too! Even though they have melted into cookie-flat shape, we topped them up with fruits and creams too!

Yingz's mom was like "Why some of them look so ugly one ar?" (Referring to those flat-based tarts. LOL) However after she took one up and tasted it, she looked amazed. She didn't expect them to actually taste so good! Haha!

We are so happy because Yingz's mom is really good at baking and making desserts herself, so it is a really high praise coming from her! :D

After hours of hardwork! Glad to get great comments from the "consumers" (literally speaking) Hahaha!

You guys can see the 3rd line of tarts are obviously larger than the rest, those are the cookie-flat based tarts. LOL. 

Pictures with my darling Yingz! :x :x :x

Best friends forever!!! :x :x :x

Btw, I wanna show you guys the amazing birthday gift she gives me in advanced!!!
She bought this Violin-shape choc during her last Europe trip in Vienna and she actually went through all the trouble to bring it back to Malaysia!!! 
Imagine, it's choc, it'll melt easily, I don't know how she has managed to do it, but I am really really really touched!!

Thank you darling!!!!
Really, I have to say this again, LOL, Where to find a friend like this? :) :) :)

The very interesting detail is the chocolate has a bronze layer! And it's shiny!! :DDD

Edited this pic with a lot of cute clip-arts to show how happy I am! Haha!!

And another pressie from her, she knows I love reading. :)

Legacy by Danielle Steel, one of my favourite authors!

And I had a great steamboat dinner at her house too! For the steamboat picture, see my instagram, lol!

Planning another day-of-outing with her again, this time we gonna do the braid we saw in FB! :DDDD

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