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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Time to Go Back!

Packing my luggage for my flight tmr morning back to Shanghai! Time flies so soon school is reopening again! :((( I don't wanna leave Malaysia.

I didn't really go out with friends this time when I come back to Malaysia, I think not more than 10 times altogether lol. So untypical of me compared to last few times. I think when people grow up, they will somehow more appreciate the time spent with their family. Our parents are getting older and older and it's time for us to grow up and take care of them!

This holiday has been really productive for me. I basically stay at home practising everyday and in the evening go running with my mom, at least 4 to 5km everyday! I think I only slack like 2 days altogether. Now running has becoming a habit and if I don't do it I will feel like something is out of sort hahahaha! That's good! And I can see a bit of the result on my legs too, the thighs seem a bit more slim than the time I got back, yeay! Will keep hitting the gym when I'm in Shanghai, aiming for slim and fit legs in July for summer lol!

I didn't get to take a lot of pictures at first too because somehow I just don't really like taking pictures anymore omg. Hahahaha! What's going on with me? I'm feeling so old! Now I will only take pictures during occasions that require me to dress up, and I will just take like 1 or 2 snaps and that's it. No more multiple shots and choosing the best ones. Too lazy for that lol.

So thanks Wooi Lun, my photographer friend for asking me to join a photoshoot session, or else this holiday will pass without any nice pictures at all hahaha!

This first set is taken at a deserted old bus company which is so abandoned it is full of weeds and mosquitoes hahahaa! So I'm like swatting away mosquitoes and at the same time trying to look emo lol.

We did like two photoshoots in a row on the same day. And the second set of photoshoot is at a really big open field and Wooi Lun got a electric keyboard from a friend so we can have a music theme.

I was like, "Uhm, but it's supposed to be electric keyboard right, so we need to plug it somewhere so it will have sound lol." And Wooi Lun said, "Well, I can't afford to transport a real piano so I guess we will make do with this one!" hahahahah!

So yeah just imagine the keyboard is plugged in somewhere and I'm not faking playing it. Muahhahahahaa this is so awkward!

Pictures with my besties this time! Where are the other pictures with 91 geng?!!! T____T Please send them to me T____T Will post them up on FB soon! :)

With my darling Chia Ying. :) Hope you will soon find something that you're interested to further your studies in! I support you! :DDDD We are still young, so study while we can lol! We will need to work for the rest of our lives anyway, agree??

With my baes, Uzey and Sera!! :D Can't stop laughing when hanging out with them. So crazy hahahahahahahhaa! Uzey, next time I come back we go shopping for another baju kurung kay kay? I'm tired of wearing that green one hahaha!

And Sera wait for me in KL! I wanna go to that amazing gym with you hahahaa so much things need to be done!!! :))))) Stay gorgeous and happy love you mwahhhh!

CNY reunion dinner at uncle's house! :) The best time every year when everybody gathers together. Good food, great company! :) Everyone is all grown up now and doing well in different fields! Very happy for them!

CNY in Johor! Since my grandma passed away a few months ago. I think it's suitable that I shouldn't wear red on the first day of CNY. So black it is!

My mom! my friends said she looked more like my younger sister in this pic and she was completely over the moon lol!!! FINE, I am older, you happy? hahahaha!

Day 2, outfit still half black. Watched the most horrible movie ever: An Inspector's Call.
All the actors and actresses are like shouting on the top of their lungs and it was all just so shallow I was like wtf is this throughout the whole movie. Genuinely a waste of money. *sigh*

Starbucks time to make myself feel better lol lol. And of course a fake candid picture as well. Bahahaha.

All mine! Hahaha feeling like a boss!

Day 3, feeling demure in this cherry blossom print dress from Cotton On! :) Long time didn't wear anything so sweet I feel really pretty hahahahahaah! Maybe I should start wearing more pretty clothes rather than those boyish or simple ones? Hmm. I have this really odd impression on myself because I'm like taller than other girls, so it makes me feels kinda not so cute and girly like them, so in the end I think I'm better with jeans and boots and tees. 

So.... er, maybe more dresses? :D

Day 4, watched The Dragon Blade by Jackie Chan. Now that's a decent movie. Can't say it's like the best movies I've ever seen but definitely one of the good ones.

My 2nd bro helped me to take this fake candid shot while my eldest bro was getting a new phone screen protector for his ipad. He did asked me whether I wanted one for my phone, he gave me a new phone btw in exchange of the Samsung Galaxy S3 I had been using in Shanghai, because I broke the screen in Japan accidentally. :(

And it was a mistake when I told him, "Never mind gor! I won't drop it this time don't worry!"

Oh btw, this year, the goat year is my 本命年, and they say when you reach your own year you will usually have pretty bad lucks. I guess it has certain degree of truth in it. Right after CNY, my dad started to get sick, and me too. So we went to the hospital to check up, and after we got out to get our car, we realised the narrow road is full of cars parked by irresponsible drivers! Now we couldn't get out really smoothly. So my dad asked me to stand there and check if he might sratch any cars when he drive out. 

So I was really into my job and I was gesturing "To the left!!! Now stop!! To the right!!" and backing up slowly. AND I didn't see a pretty deep drain right behind me with half of it not covered. So "BANG" I fell when one of my leg stepped inside and my whole body was thrown forward, including my brand new phone in my hand.

I got bloody scratches on my arms, finger, knees and waist. And also bruises here and there. But I didn't really worry about that, especially when I picked up my phone and realised how terribly cracked my phone screen was!!! And when I tried to press on the start button, nothing show on the screen. T___T The whole screen is ruined.

I immediately thought of how I told my brother that I didn't need that screen protector because I wouldn't drop it again. And just within 3 days I cracked the whole phone screen into pieces. T______T Really felt like crying and didn't dare to tell my brother about it. However, my brother is the best, he volunteered to give me the phone he is now using and paid for my phone's fixing fee T_______T Where to find such a good brother like that??? T______T I told him I'll return the money to him next time I come back. T______T It is not a small sum of money either, he is using his salary to pay for my stupid mistake. :((( I'm sorry brother.

Bad luck is not over yet lol. 2 days after I fell down, I started to have eye infection where these yellow sticky mucus keeps flowing out of my left eye. It was so scary. It's like my left eye is a yellow sticky mucus factory, no matter how many times I wash them away, more and more will come. :( So finally I went to the doctor and after putting on eye ointment it took like 4 days to clear, and then it is my right eye's turn to get infected. *sigh* The beauty of life.

 Anyway, I guess without the downs in the life, the ups wouldn't be so exciting right? So I'm happily embracing whatever that is coming! :))))

Oh yeah, and I want to my babe Fion for the sweet presents!!!!!!!! She just sent me these a few days ago together with some super cute earrings! I was thinking of sticking one of the pair of earrings onto the kangaroo ears for pictures but worried that anyone might accused me of animal cruelty so yeah. LOL. Jk.

 Finally own a Kangaroo! yeay! And that violin rubber omg! Wouldn't want to use it forever! Will stay as a collection!!! :) So cute!!!! Thanks babe love you lots!!! Will wear the earrings in Shanghai hahahaha!

So basically that sums up my holiday this time! Going back to Shanghai tomorrow means hectic schedule and restricted access to blogger or facebook. :( So I'll probably go MIA for a few months here. Anyway, my blog is still one of my favourite place to rant so I will never stop blogging! :)))

Ciao and cheers! XOXO!