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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Never Miss Your Bus!

So basically, my Japan trip this time taught me a few painful lessons, and all involved BEING PUNCTUAL! Lol. T_____T

Will get to that story later at the end of the post! Btw, I'm trying to learn Japanese now. Got the whole set of Japanese tutorial text books from Taobao. (Taobao got everything!!) So far I'm confused because there is this one book that is COMPLETELY in Japanese. O.O So I totally 看没有, don't understand. LOL. But experience told me, if you want something bad enough, you can definitely do it. So I just need to want to bad enough. Hahahahah.

The same thing goes to working out, playing violin or whatsoever. If you want to be really good at something, you just need to WANT IT BAD ENOUGH. If you cannot do it and keep slacking, that means you don't really want it that bad. :)

So yeah, keep asking you self, do you really want this? If the answer is positive, just work hard on it and remind yourself how bad you want it! :) Hahaha it works every time it amazes me! :)

Oh, and as for why I want to learn Japanese? For the both times I'm in Tokyo, I realise it is impossible to communicate there if you can't speak Japanese, because there is not much people who can speak English or Chinese! Every time when I went out alone without kareshi, I will be quite scared and panicked because there is no ways of communication! I can only gesture with my hands hoping they can understand, and in turn the kind Japanese people will also gesture back, shooting me with a bunch of Japanese words that doesn't mean anything to me. LOL. So far it works okay, but I don't think it is good for long term. Hahahaha!

There was this one time that was extremely funny. I went to this Outlets Mall with kareshi. And he was busy checking out pots and kitchen utensils I got bored. (Yes, I know right, me and him is the direct opposite of other couples. He is the one always checking out the cooking stuff and likes to go to supermarket to buy veges and food to cook, and I can't stay long in those places because I will get so bored. Hahahahaha!) 

So I strolled along to another clothes shop. There was 2 really cute guys there. I was looking around and one of them came over and flashed me a cute smile and spoke a bunch of Japanese words with hand pointing to some shoes. So I looked around and realised this whole shop is for guys, and he was pointing to the only few pairs of female shoes in the corner. I nodded my head in comprehension and said, "Is there any women clothes here?" Then he just gave me a blank stare. I tried again.

I pointed at my face and said, "girl?" and then pulled at my shirt and said, "clothes?", and repeated the process again with slower motion and raised eyebrows. Hahahahaha! He finally understood me and pointed to some clothes in the corner too. 

So this kinda thing happened a lot and most often I was giving people or being given blank stares, but everyone is kind enough to be patient with me. Lol. Still, that makes me want to learn Japanese more because I don't like the feeling of being helpless in a new city!

Continuing the second half of the rainy day! :) We took monorail to Odaiba! :)

We get to check out the Tokyo view from the monorail and kareshi says he often take the monorail just to take pictures of the city! :)

Snow White and the Tanned Brown Girl. LOL.

Inside the shopping mall at Odaiba! :) There is this screen that can detect your face and put masks on it! :)

The masks will change in like 3 mins into something else, or you can keep twisting your head back and forth until it changes. Kareshi is not happy with his girly shades. 

So after turning his face back and forth a few times he finally got the shades he likes. :D

Underwater. :P

It is already mid January but Chrismassy feel is still around!

After shopping, we got to this game center called Joy Polis. Wasn't interested to go in at first because I'm not a huge fan of games, and Malaysia or Shanghai's game centers is just boring, with tons of kid machines.

Turns out Japanese game center is pretty interesting! It has stuff like roller coasters/haunted house/4D movies/Sniper games. Hahahaha pretty cool! :)

This game center consists of 3 floors!

Again another screen magic thing! Hahahaha! You just need to take a shot of your face, and it will automatically generate it onto a seal's body!

So that's how I look like if I turn into a seal. Hahahahha!

Kareshi as well! hahaha! Somehow the machine will automatically make the guys' seals bigger size than girls!

Kareshi's seal is dozing off. LOL.

And then a new seal came in. Bursting down from above.

Who is that??

A kissing seal! LOL LOL!

And then we played this interview game where it takes 2 person to carry out. We have to sit in front of a table where the table is a screen itself. Both of us will have our own electric cards. 2 cartoon characters will be interviewing us and asking us questions. We just need to put our cards on our answer. And in the end they will evaluate us and give us a job!

Of course, interview requires good interview photos too! Hahahahhaa!

Kareshi going all out for a good job! Hahahahaah!

The results is hilarious Hahahhahahaah! Kareshi was so upset hahahahhaaha!
He was offered a club boy job in Shinjuku (which is like the cheaper side of Tokyo) wahahhahahah! And I was offered a club lady job in Ginza (the expensive side of Tokyo!) Bahahahhaa you lose! :DDDDD

Played this really kiddy "shoot the ghost" thing, but it was fun because I was competing with kareshi and trying to get better scores. Anyway, he still won. :(((( I sucks at accuracy. :(

We got on a roller coaster too! But the roller coaster in a game center is NOT JUST an ordinary roller coaster. You are required to play games when you're on it. We would stop at several places and need to took out the gun to shoot the zombies/snipers/spiders, and in the end there will be scores too.

The kiasu kareshi very annoying lol lol. We were a team playing another really scary fast speed game  similar to roller coaster that requires both people to cooperate together to win. Before we get on to the machine, kareshi was saying, "Wen Xi, I want to win ar, but I have a feeling we gonna lose because you sucks at games." I was indignant and said, "Waitttt who says that? I will get the highest score you just wait!!!"

Turns out, I was very scared and in the end I just squeezed my eyes shut and froze my body because my mind is numbed with the speed and height. All I heard was kareshi yelling at me "Step your left feet down!!!!! Come on!!!!!" And I just didn't react. In the end we got the lowest score WAHAHAHAHAHAAA.

*face palm*

Kareshi just shook his head with the "I knew it" face. =,= Fine, I sucks at games. 

In the pictures I already got the blank face because too scared my mind went numbed ady hahahahaa I am such a loser.  :DDDD*sigh*

Oh yeah and the staff there are super professional!!! I didn't get to take pictures of the other games because too busy playing lol. The Sniper Game is especially funny because the staff is like bringing us (8 people in a group) in, just like a secret mission, everyone holding their own gun. And he was like totally into the game and made us really nervous too. He was telling us stories like it was so real, like there was really this bad guy trying to kill everyone on earth with biochemical weapons, and our job is to take him down. 

We were moving slowly ahead when suddenly there was this gas-leaking sound and he immediately yelled in such urgency, I understood it even if it was in Japanese. LOL LOL. He was saying that it was poisonous gas, run for your life! And all of us got affected by his enthusiasm in his character, we ran along screaming with him. Hahahahahahha wtf, so funny lol lol!

The other staff there were like that too! Totally into their characters making you feel like you are in their world too! :DDDDDDD 

We got our dinner at Akua Aina, the Hawaiian burger place, kareshi's favourite! :)
I loveeeee the chicken fingers there!

And the burger and fries are awesome too!!! :))))

Odaiba is famous for this mini Statue of Liberty! :) Feels like I'm in USA! And the bridge behind is called the Rainbow Bridge because at night the light will keep changing colors!

Before going home kareshi showed me this super huge Gundam thing nearby. Any Gundam fans around? :)

Back to the "being punctual" lesson. T____T It happens on my last day in Tokyo, the day I'm supposed to catch my flight.

I planned to take the latest bus at 3.50pm from Tokyo Station to Ibaraki Airport. And I decided to depart at 3pm so I will get there like right in time. I woke up early that day feeling like nothing will go wrong. 

Then after lunch we decided to watch "Lucy" together. (BAD IDEA!!!!) When we finished it was already almost 3pm! I didn't really notice the time!! So I immediately changed and dragged my luggage out, but when I got to Kichijoji Station, the clock showed 3:20pm. I'm 20 minutes later than originally planned. T____T

And Kareshi said it's kinda impossible to catch the bus since it needs 30 mins to get to Tokyo Station. We still tried our luck anyway. T___T When we got there it was 3:55pm! The bus was already full and departing. :'(

In the end kareshi had to help me to ask what is the other way of getting to Ibaraki airport. I was thinking to get a cab there straightaway but kareshi says getting a cab in Tokyo is like CRAZY EXPENSIVE, no kidding. So we had no choice but to take the train to a certain stop and then take a cab.

Time was running out. When I finally got to the stop and got a cab, I have only 45 mins to spare before the check in closes. And the worst thing is the taxi needs 1 hour to get there. So I was hoping that the taxi driver could drive faster so we could get there in time. By that time kareshi had to go back to work so I could only call him and ask him to tell the driver to speed up, but kareshi sadly told me it is impossible for them to speed up in Japan because it is very strict about traffic rules.

He still help me to mention it to the driver and the driver was like "Hait wakarimashita! (Yes I understand!!)" but he still drive in a very very very very normal/crawling speed. I knew I couldn't blame him because it was my own fault for being late, so I was already planning for the worst case scenario: I probably need to buy a new plane ticket which will cost me a few thousands and I need to cancel my gig the next day and ask someone to replace me etc.

At the same time, I kinda miss Shanghai and its recklessness lol. It was totally irrelevant, but Shanghai's taxi drivers are all like Formula One drivers. If you tell them you're late, you can always count on them to get you there in the shortest time possible, they will break all the traffic rules for you hahahahahhahahaha! just... hang on with your dear life. Hahahaha!

Anyway, the Japanese kind driver still tried his best to help me even if he's not speeding up. He avoided the traffic jam area and chose the quieter and shorter routes. In the end we got to the airport right in the last minutes of the check-in. I ran in, panting like crazy, and as if God played a joke on me, the flight delayed 1 hour! LOL! I was sooooo relieved, I thought I was going to miss the whole flight!

Btw the taxi IS super expensive!!!!! This one hour drive to airport costed me RMB 600!!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!!!! In Shanghai it is just less than RMB 200 for 1 hour drive, so in Japan it is like 3 times the price!!! T_____T So sad about it. The bus from Tokyo Station to Ibaraki just need RMB 30. I wasted sooooo much money all because I didn't check the time properly.

So yeah that was a really painful lesson and hope you guys will really depart earlier next time when you are in Japan! Coz you can't expect the taxi drivers to speed up for you!!! :) If you are in Shanghai you might still stand a chance hahahaha! :)

There goes the long post from today! Hope you guys actually have the patience to read it! LOL! Ciao!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Never be a Sleepyhead!

I have to thank my babe Fish Foo for being too awesome for words! I'm having internet problems these few days when I can't get onto Facebook/Blogger while other websites are accessible. Every time I try to get to FB it will says "SSL Error, cannot connect to the real facebook" and if I try to get to Blogger, it will direct me to some French or Russian website that look suspiciously like virus. :((

So I didn't get to update my blog even if I really wanted to. 

And then my babe came to my rescue! She's like a computer genius, I just told her the problem I'm having and she immediately knew what the problem is! And by teaching me a few steps the problem is now fixed!!!! *cue drums and tears of joy*

LOL LOL. Thank you so much babeeee you're my lifesaver!


Today's post is a painful lesson of NEVER BE A SLEEPYHEAD.

The second last day of my time in Tokyo, kareshi told me that I have to wake up like 5am the next day and we would be going to Tsukiji Fish Market, which is the world's largest wholesale fish and seafood market.

He said we would be able to eat the freshest fish ever if we got there early, before 9am. And I was like okayyyy I'll wake up! And he kept reminding me that if we got there late, we would miss all the great stuff. By that time I didn't know how cool that place is, and that it's the world's largest fish market. So I slept well past 9am. T___T When I woke up it was already 10am I think. T____T

I wasn't feeling regretful by that time. I was thinking, it's just a harbour anyway, my hometown Kemaman has lots of fishes and harbour too, nothing special. Anyway, we still go because kareshi wanted to show me how it is. He was kinda upset because it was already kinda late and told me that there was probably nothing to be seen there already.

I googled about it when I got back to Malaysia. AND NOW I KNEW WHAT I HAVE BEEN MISSING! T________T

These are sooooo crazy!

Alright, those amazing pictures are those I found on Google. T______T
And these below are what I actually seen.

Noted the clock above my head in this picture. 11:15am. Everyone already packing up their catch. T____T

Sleepyhead regretting being a sleepyhead. And tried to look cheerful looking at boxes and carts.

Anyway, we still can eat the freshest fish there no worries!! :) There are a few rows of super awesome sushi shops! :)))

All you need is...... queue up and wait. :)

Some pics I found on Google again. :) The food they serve there! :) ALL FRESH CATCH OF THE DAY! :)))))

This is what I ordered! :)))) The fish is really juicyyyyy and doesn't have any kind of fishy smell that I dislike! :)))) love it!

We were eating and there were a few people coming into the restaurant. Then I heard the most familiar accent, "Eh, this one you can finish meh?" "Can lah, if cannot just give to your dad lah!" "Eh, you think this one sedap or not ar?" "Must be hojiak lah, this place famous what!"

HAHAHAHA OMG LMAO!!! I actually met fellow Malaysian in this small restaurant in Tsukiji! Sitting right next to me!!!! Speaking of the odds! So happy!!!!!

I was whispering to kareshi asking him whether I should talk to them or not. He said go ahead, so I turned around to talk to the uncle.

*Malaysian accent mode on*

Me: Hey Uncle, you guys oso Malaysian izzit?
Uncle: *a bit surprised* Eh, ya lor, you are.... from?
Me: I oso Malaysian lah! I recognised your accent ahahahahaa!
Uncle's son: Hahaha ya lah with all the "lahs" and "lors" hard to mistaken ma.

Ahahahaa so much fun! :) I miss Malaysia slang so much! :DDDDD Really happy to bump into fellow Malaysian in other countries lol lol. Like found long lost family like that. :DDD

After that we strolled around that area and kareshi brought me to this amazing garden: Hamarikyu Garden!

As if punishing me for being a sleepyhead, the weather was pretty bad that day, super rainy and gloomy. So everything looked pretty dreary, but still pretty in a sense! :)

Hamarikyu Garden is a Japanese traditional garden that consists of all sorts of Bonsai trees! I know my dad is going to loveeee this place because he is a huge bonsai fan.

Kareshi was saying how nice it would be if we went there on a perfect sunny day. So I decided to google and see what I'm missing again. T______T

And......... well......... 

On rainy days:

On Sunny Days:

On Rainy Days:

On Sunny Days: T_______T Omg.

Night view

Snowing view

So yeah, anything is better than going there on a rainy day. :'(

In Hamarikyu Garden, there is this super famous tea house called Nakajima-no-Ochaya, which is famous for its tea ceremony. That little "house" in all the pictures above is the tea house! :)

We were served a traditional sweet and a bowl of matcha. There are some rules that you have to follow when you drink it.

You can read the rules HERE.

It was a pretty fun experience. Hahahaa! :) Kareshi said usually young Japanese people wouldn't bother to come. Instead it is more of an old people thing. LOL! Imagine following so many rules when you are drinking a bowl of tea! Hahaha!

I would suggest you to try out at least once! :)))))

And another really famous thing about Hamarikyu Garden is this 300-years-old grandpa pine tree! :)))) Super impressive! :))))

We had our lunch in the "best yakiniku place" according to kareshi! hahahaha! 
He forbade me to share the name of the restaurant on my blog because he wanna keep the place for himself lol lol. What logic is that? :D 
He says he likes that nobody knows that place so he can enjoy his food quietly. O.O

It is located on the 49th or 46th floor. I forgot. T_T I am someone with super short memory span. LOL. I can memorise things super fast. Like one day before exam, I will stuff everything into my head, and right after the exam I'll forget everything. Hahahaha!

Is that good or bad? At least I know I don't hold grudges! :D

The restaurant overlooks the whole Shinbashi area!!! :))))

View On Rainy Days
Can see the Ginza area and also Hamarikyu Garden! :)

And this is from Google T______T
View On Sunny Days

Kareshi, mwah! :)

*cough* I will act like I posted this "accidentally". hahahahhahaa! *coughcough* It is located at Caretta Shiodome *cough I didn't say that cough*

The other restaurants in the building! All look amazinggg! :)))

So always check the weather forecast before you decide to go to a garden or anything! :) Hahahaaa! The view is so sad compared to sunny days! 

Anyway, I'm already very happy with everything! :)))))) Thanks kareshi you know you're the best! :))) mwahhhh! :))))