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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Never be a Sleepyhead!

I have to thank my babe Fish Foo for being too awesome for words! I'm having internet problems these few days when I can't get onto Facebook/Blogger while other websites are accessible. Every time I try to get to FB it will says "SSL Error, cannot connect to the real facebook" and if I try to get to Blogger, it will direct me to some French or Russian website that look suspiciously like virus. :((

So I didn't get to update my blog even if I really wanted to. 

And then my babe came to my rescue! She's like a computer genius, I just told her the problem I'm having and she immediately knew what the problem is! And by teaching me a few steps the problem is now fixed!!!! *cue drums and tears of joy*

LOL LOL. Thank you so much babeeee you're my lifesaver!


Today's post is a painful lesson of NEVER BE A SLEEPYHEAD.

The second last day of my time in Tokyo, kareshi told me that I have to wake up like 5am the next day and we would be going to Tsukiji Fish Market, which is the world's largest wholesale fish and seafood market.

He said we would be able to eat the freshest fish ever if we got there early, before 9am. And I was like okayyyy I'll wake up! And he kept reminding me that if we got there late, we would miss all the great stuff. By that time I didn't know how cool that place is, and that it's the world's largest fish market. So I slept well past 9am. T___T When I woke up it was already 10am I think. T____T

I wasn't feeling regretful by that time. I was thinking, it's just a harbour anyway, my hometown Kemaman has lots of fishes and harbour too, nothing special. Anyway, we still go because kareshi wanted to show me how it is. He was kinda upset because it was already kinda late and told me that there was probably nothing to be seen there already.

I googled about it when I got back to Malaysia. AND NOW I KNEW WHAT I HAVE BEEN MISSING! T________T

These are sooooo crazy!

Alright, those amazing pictures are those I found on Google. T______T
And these below are what I actually seen.

Noted the clock above my head in this picture. 11:15am. Everyone already packing up their catch. T____T

Sleepyhead regretting being a sleepyhead. And tried to look cheerful looking at boxes and carts.

Anyway, we still can eat the freshest fish there no worries!! :) There are a few rows of super awesome sushi shops! :)))

All you need is...... queue up and wait. :)

Some pics I found on Google again. :) The food they serve there! :) ALL FRESH CATCH OF THE DAY! :)))))

This is what I ordered! :)))) The fish is really juicyyyyy and doesn't have any kind of fishy smell that I dislike! :)))) love it!

We were eating and there were a few people coming into the restaurant. Then I heard the most familiar accent, "Eh, this one you can finish meh?" "Can lah, if cannot just give to your dad lah!" "Eh, you think this one sedap or not ar?" "Must be hojiak lah, this place famous what!"

HAHAHAHA OMG LMAO!!! I actually met fellow Malaysian in this small restaurant in Tsukiji! Sitting right next to me!!!! Speaking of the odds! So happy!!!!!

I was whispering to kareshi asking him whether I should talk to them or not. He said go ahead, so I turned around to talk to the uncle.

*Malaysian accent mode on*

Me: Hey Uncle, you guys oso Malaysian izzit?
Uncle: *a bit surprised* Eh, ya lor, you are.... from?
Me: I oso Malaysian lah! I recognised your accent ahahahahaa!
Uncle's son: Hahaha ya lah with all the "lahs" and "lors" hard to mistaken ma.

Ahahahaa so much fun! :) I miss Malaysia slang so much! :DDDDD Really happy to bump into fellow Malaysian in other countries lol lol. Like found long lost family like that. :DDD

After that we strolled around that area and kareshi brought me to this amazing garden: Hamarikyu Garden!

As if punishing me for being a sleepyhead, the weather was pretty bad that day, super rainy and gloomy. So everything looked pretty dreary, but still pretty in a sense! :)

Hamarikyu Garden is a Japanese traditional garden that consists of all sorts of Bonsai trees! I know my dad is going to loveeee this place because he is a huge bonsai fan.

Kareshi was saying how nice it would be if we went there on a perfect sunny day. So I decided to google and see what I'm missing again. T______T

And......... well......... 

On rainy days:

On Sunny Days:

On Rainy Days:

On Sunny Days: T_______T Omg.

Night view

Snowing view

So yeah, anything is better than going there on a rainy day. :'(

In Hamarikyu Garden, there is this super famous tea house called Nakajima-no-Ochaya, which is famous for its tea ceremony. That little "house" in all the pictures above is the tea house! :)

We were served a traditional sweet and a bowl of matcha. There are some rules that you have to follow when you drink it.

You can read the rules HERE.

It was a pretty fun experience. Hahahaa! :) Kareshi said usually young Japanese people wouldn't bother to come. Instead it is more of an old people thing. LOL! Imagine following so many rules when you are drinking a bowl of tea! Hahaha!

I would suggest you to try out at least once! :)))))

And another really famous thing about Hamarikyu Garden is this 300-years-old grandpa pine tree! :)))) Super impressive! :))))

We had our lunch in the "best yakiniku place" according to kareshi! hahahaha! 
He forbade me to share the name of the restaurant on my blog because he wanna keep the place for himself lol lol. What logic is that? :D 
He says he likes that nobody knows that place so he can enjoy his food quietly. O.O

It is located on the 49th or 46th floor. I forgot. T_T I am someone with super short memory span. LOL. I can memorise things super fast. Like one day before exam, I will stuff everything into my head, and right after the exam I'll forget everything. Hahahaha!

Is that good or bad? At least I know I don't hold grudges! :D

The restaurant overlooks the whole Shinbashi area!!! :))))

View On Rainy Days
Can see the Ginza area and also Hamarikyu Garden! :)

And this is from Google T______T
View On Sunny Days

Kareshi, mwah! :)

*cough* I will act like I posted this "accidentally". hahahahhahaa! *coughcough* It is located at Caretta Shiodome *cough I didn't say that cough*

The other restaurants in the building! All look amazinggg! :)))

So always check the weather forecast before you decide to go to a garden or anything! :) Hahahaaa! The view is so sad compared to sunny days! 

Anyway, I'm already very happy with everything! :)))))) Thanks kareshi you know you're the best! :))) mwahhhh! :))))

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