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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Miki's In Shanghai! (Day 1)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival peepo! Guess you all are enjoying the full moon and eating yummy mooncakes right now!

I, sadly, didn't have the mood to celebrate this happy day with you guys because I have just dealt with the funeral of Tuya's hamster, Tommy. :'(

Tuya and Telmuun bought 2 hamsters like 2 weeks ago, which were named Teddy and Tommy. They were great friends at first, but no idea what happened, Teddy(grey colour one) started attacking Tommy (brown colour). :'(
It forbid Tommy to eat the food and started biting it.

Sayuri searched on the internet and told me it's pretty common things like that happening among hamsters because the stronger ones wanted to claim the whole cage as its own territory, so it'll kill the weaker one by attacking it. :'(

We went down to separate both of the hamsters, but by that time Tommy was already very very weak. It was breathing really slowly and painfully and it couldn't move. We didn't know what to do. Then it stopped breathing altogether and closed its eyes. :'(

At the same time, that big fat evil Teddy was eating vigorously in its cage, looking extremely evil and aggressive. Or maybe it was just me, coz I hate bullies. :( It chewed the food like some possessed mouse, like it had got brain-controlled or something. KILLER HAMSTER, it really has that look. :((((((((( I didn't even want to look at it. :'(

Tuya, Sayuri and I dug a hole at the lil garden outside our dorm and buried the lil hamster. R.I.P lil thing, I hope you'll go to heaven and live happily up there. :'(

Anyway... enough of sad topics. I'll blog about a super belated post now! Miki, one of my best friends in life + ex-roomie came to Shanghai to visit us 2 weeks ago! :D
Sooooooooo happy to see her again, I missed her dreadfully.

We spent 2 years being roommates, and we had been through a lot together. There's basically NOTHING that we wouldn't share with each other.
We cried together, laughed together, we are just like sisters!

Hello Miki! :D Her hair is so much longer now! :DDDDD

She was in India before she came to Shanghai, and she's wearing this Indian style top! :D

In the subway LOL. :D

Jimmy and the wig AHAHAHA!

Btw did I mention Miki's the real owner of Tutu? :D
She was so shocked to see Tutu grown into this huge fatty bunny hahahaha! It was still very tiny when she left last time.

She was even afraid to hold it at first.
I demonstrated to her how to take it up and here's a video of her trying hahahahaha!

After the bunny-meeting, we went to People's Square because Miki wanted to get some books to bring back to Japan.

Met Teacher Xiao Bao coincidentally on the way! :D

Some pictures of NanJing Road. :)

Super cute donut shop with this extremely real Donut doorknob! :D

I was pondering what birthday present should I give to Miki, because she loves Japanese fashion, but she can get all of them in Japan already. I wanted to give her something that she needs and at the same time she can't find in Japan. 

So it was a great chance when she said she wanted to go to La'vinne to buy a new purse since her old one was broken.

I was like, "There's no La'vinne store in Japan?" 
Miki: Nope! 

So I immediately decided that would be the perfect present! :D

Burberry style purse! :D

And stupid me only found out I forgot to take out my bank card from the ATM machine when I cashed out that afternoon. T___T Hence it was eaten up and I had to get it back tomorrow at the bank with my passport. :'(
So I only had enough money to get the purse for Miki, but not enough to pay for my own dinner wth. T______T

I'm so sorry Miki, and thank you so much for treating me dinner! T_____T

Dinner at Ajisen Ramen. :D
Miki's tired of Indian curry after 1 week staying in India. LOL.

My fried rice!

Miki's beef rice. :D

Epic face. XD

After the dinner we rushed back to Huaihai Road to watch the Tourism Festival parade!

Jiun Hui would be standing on the Malaysia's 花车, wearing baju kurung, and wave to the crowd.
She asked for my help to take some pictures. :) So I got the camera ready and the moment I stepped out of the subway station...........

I saw THIS. O___O

Gosh, so many ppl. 

And I couldn't even see what was happening out there because the parents carried the children on their shoulders, forming a really tall "wall" that even tall freak like me cannot see anything. T____T

A super adorable baby looking bored and unimpressed by the scene. Haha.

All I could do was just raise up my hand as high as possible and take pictures.

We waited for about an hour, finally Malaysia's 花车 appeared. I recorded a video of Jiun Hui and Alex waving! Hahaha! So cute!!!

Back to the dorm afterwards!
Pictures of Miki and our beloved friends! :D

Pretty Jiun Hui! ^o^ She was back from the parade!

Darling Minh Trang! ;D

Cuteeee Meier with bangs! :DDDDD She just got a new haircut that day! :D

So yeah that's all for today! :D

Ps: Tommy's death makes me appreciate Tutu more. Tutu, please live a longer life. I love you very much. :'(

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Cherry Brown Hair. :)

Lemme see, it had already been 4 days since my last update. O_O
Doesn't SOUND long, but it FEELS long enough. Haha.

So a short update for today, some pictures of my cherry brown hair! :D

Why CHERRY brown hair?
Well, that's the name written on the bubble hair dye thing I got from Watson. LOL. The expected dream result is supposed to be a pinkish brown that looks amazing, so I was really looking forward to myself turning into a pinky brown hair creature........

The end result is like THIS.

Side shot.

Well....... I guess it does have some pink in it, huh? it's actually just mostly brown. 

T____T I want something pinker! T______T

LOL, but actually I'm happy enough with the colour because it just costed me RMB 89 for the bottle of hair dye. If I go to hair saloon, it'll be at least RMB 400! :D

It had been like a few weeks already since I dyed, and so far I like it. Haha.
Maybe if I really want real PINK cherry brown hair I'll have to go to the saloon and pay big bucks for it. Haha!

See you guys soon! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

MuXiaoPai's Home Autumn Collection FOUR (LAST)

Decided to finish this last post before I crawl into my bed. :P

The last few clothes in the autumn collection!

Did I mention that the shoot lasted for a whole day? All because we were chased around by those stupid security guards so we wasted a lot of time moving here and there.:(((

When we finally settled down it was already 3pm something. The 3 of us were totally exhausted and pissed.

Anyway happy to find a white corridor to take picture at! Coz white light and white background is perfect to show the exact color of the clothes.

Btw I felt totally worn out after hours of shooting and I started to look pissed, sleepy and annoyed in the pictures.
I started hunching and giving those dead-fish stares into the camera.

The odd thing is Sister XiaoHu (the photographer) loves how "lazy" I look.
She was like, "你的状态越来越好了啊!继续继续~~"

LOL. So I guess next time I should make myself very very tired before I go to a photoshoot. Coz when my brain stops functioning, I can pose easier with that pissed off face that Sister XiaoHu thinks is hot. HAHAHAHA.

Zebra stripey top! :) Really love the fake "converse" shoes that I got from QiPu Road. Haha.
It only costed me RMB 30! (which is around RM 15) HAHAHAHAHA! Awesome thing about living in Shanghai! I can get lotsa amazing-looking stuff with super low prices!

It looks good with anything!
The only down side is it's not so comfortable, it gives me blisters. :(

Here goes my pissed off face. XD

Playing with my hair kekekekeke~~

The super awesomeeee jacket that I loveeeee!
Comes in 2 colours.
Green and indigo! :D I love the indigo one! You'll see it later!

Pissed-off + hunching look. LOL.

I look like a gangster here. B)

Zebra stripey top also come in navy blue!

Here's the indigo color! Pretty righttttt? ;D Love it max!

Colourful knitted top! I keep this for myself hehehe.
Love the patterns on the top! :D

Sleepy I'm-too-lazy-to-smile face. LOL.

I dunno why I look so pissed here. GRR.

Finally a slightly pleasant face HAHAHA.

I loveeee big loose knitted top like this!
I keep this for myself too! Can't wear it out yet though, have to wait for late autumn/winter. 

Especially in love with the pocket design because I love to keep my hands warm. :D

Buttons at the back! :D

Candid poses hahaha. :D

Another colour, blue! :D

Yiguo's wearing the sporty jacket! :) It comes in pink and beige!

Wheee finally finished blogging about this! Will talk about some other things tomorrow!

Till then,