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Sunday, September 23, 2012

MuXiaoPai's Home Autumn Collection FOUR (LAST)

Decided to finish this last post before I crawl into my bed. :P

The last few clothes in the autumn collection!

Did I mention that the shoot lasted for a whole day? All because we were chased around by those stupid security guards so we wasted a lot of time moving here and there.:(((

When we finally settled down it was already 3pm something. The 3 of us were totally exhausted and pissed.

Anyway happy to find a white corridor to take picture at! Coz white light and white background is perfect to show the exact color of the clothes.

Btw I felt totally worn out after hours of shooting and I started to look pissed, sleepy and annoyed in the pictures.
I started hunching and giving those dead-fish stares into the camera.

The odd thing is Sister XiaoHu (the photographer) loves how "lazy" I look.
She was like, "你的状态越来越好了啊!继续继续~~"

LOL. So I guess next time I should make myself very very tired before I go to a photoshoot. Coz when my brain stops functioning, I can pose easier with that pissed off face that Sister XiaoHu thinks is hot. HAHAHAHA.

Zebra stripey top! :) Really love the fake "converse" shoes that I got from QiPu Road. Haha.
It only costed me RMB 30! (which is around RM 15) HAHAHAHAHA! Awesome thing about living in Shanghai! I can get lotsa amazing-looking stuff with super low prices!

It looks good with anything!
The only down side is it's not so comfortable, it gives me blisters. :(

Here goes my pissed off face. XD

Playing with my hair kekekekeke~~

The super awesomeeee jacket that I loveeeee!
Comes in 2 colours.
Green and indigo! :D I love the indigo one! You'll see it later!

Pissed-off + hunching look. LOL.

I look like a gangster here. B)

Zebra stripey top also come in navy blue!

Here's the indigo color! Pretty righttttt? ;D Love it max!

Colourful knitted top! I keep this for myself hehehe.
Love the patterns on the top! :D

Sleepy I'm-too-lazy-to-smile face. LOL.

I dunno why I look so pissed here. GRR.

Finally a slightly pleasant face HAHAHA.

I loveeee big loose knitted top like this!
I keep this for myself too! Can't wear it out yet though, have to wait for late autumn/winter. 

Especially in love with the pocket design because I love to keep my hands warm. :D

Buttons at the back! :D

Candid poses hahaha. :D

Another colour, blue! :D

Yiguo's wearing the sporty jacket! :) It comes in pink and beige!

Wheee finally finished blogging about this! Will talk about some other things tomorrow!

Till then,


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